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1017 Let the World Hear Your Voice

 Wu Jinpeng ignored the blood that might choke him. He screamed loudly like this was his last chance. Realizing that Wu Jinpeng had not been influenced by her words, the faceless woman was incensed. Black blood capillaries bulged on the woman's pale arms as she reached out to strangle Wu Jinpeng.

"Why? Why do you still wish to protect him? I have given you everything you could ask for! Why do you volunteer to stay with despair!"

A face slowly appeared on the woman. It was not a woman's face but the face of a baby boy.

"The ghost fetus?"

"Why can't I kill you! I am the only one who really wants to help you! Why do you all insist on lying to yourselves! Why do you all believe those things that do not exist!"

The woman snapped Wu Jinpeng's neck, but she could not kill him. Wu Jinpeng, who was dying, waved anxiously at Chen Ge. He could not make a voice, but he tried to open his lips, attempting to speak. The woman's face had taken on the form of a baby. Her mouth was wide open, but her eyes were closed, like it was a ginormous effort to open them. Her dress was dyed red by blood. This monster was obviously more powerful than the snail behind Jiang Ming's door.

Chen Ge finally understood everything.

"Wu Sheng was born with a disability. He was abandoned by his mother because of it. That was the hurdle that the boy couldn't get over. The ghost fetus used this to his advantage to spread his malice, trying to trap the boy within the abyss of despair.

"However, the ghost fetus miscalculated. Wu Sheng has a very good father. No matter what happens, Wu Sheng will be protected by his father. From Wu Jinpeng, Wu Sheng understood that the world was not as despairing as depicted by the ghost fetus. The ghost fetus couldn't kill Wu Sheng's father because he was unable to change Wu Sheng's impression of Wu Jinpeng."

Chen Ge did not run. He looked at the crazed woman.

"It's rather surprising that a demon god has been pushed to such lengths by a normal human father."

After understanding everything, Chen Ge understood the knot in Wu Sheng's heart and the key was he had found the ghost that the ghost fetus chose to possess.

"There is no need for this world to exist anymore. After killing this woman, I should be able to decrease the ghost fetus' power further."

Clicking on the recorder, Chen Ge took several steps back.

"Compared to the snail, this woman is much scarier. Wu Sheng's world behind the world was also more stable than Jiang Ming's. Looks like there are differences between the nine doors."

Standing in the pool of blood, Chen Ge took out the comic. The crying and whispering gradually weakened, replaced by shrill screams and heart-breaking wails.

Red cracks spread through the walls and floor. The woman standing in the blood finally noticed Chen Ge. She put down the mangled Wu Jinpeng, the poor man who had been tortured but still had a breath in him, and walked toward Chen Ge. An adult woman with a baby's face, it was quite scary, but Chen Ge felt no fear. As more Red Specters appeared, the woman stopped.

"Brother Peng! Wake up, this place is going to the dumps. The sun will rise soon!"

Xu Yin, Ol' Bai, and the Stench had appeared first and jumped at the woman. The woman fought evenly with the three Red Specters. To Chen Ge's surprise, the woman had an exception control over the blood. She seemed to be able to multitask very well.

"Get her!" More and more Red Specters appeared. After the red high heels joined the fray, the woman finally reached her limits. She kept cursing, but the battle was decided. The blood under her control was spread thin, and the baby's eyes opened a slit at the last moment. "I will kill you! No matter who you are, I will kill you!"

The woman dissolved into blood mist. The blood disappeared, and what remained was a child's tooth covered in black blood.

"Killing is illegal. To stop you from straying from the good path, I could only try my best to stop you." Chen Ge walked over to the tooth and realized that the tooth had words carved into it-'Is this my tooth?'

He was about to pick it up when the tooth suddenly disappeared into his shadow. His hand hung in the air, leaving Chen Ge startled. "Zhang Ya?"

The world behind Wu Sheng's door was about to collapse. Chen Ge could not stay for long. Carrying the backpack and Wu Jinpeng, they ran to the small house where Wu Sheng was hiding.

"Brother, put me down, I was just reminded of many things."

"We'll talk after we leave this place."

They rushed to the small house, and Chen Ge and Wu Jinpeng entered the room.

"Wu Sheng?" Wu Jinpeng smoothed down his clothes and opened the wooden box. Wu Sheng was still inside, covering his mouth with his hands. "The game is over. You don't need to be afraid of your voice attracting the monsters or bad people anymore. From now on, you can say anything you want. I want the world to hear your voice, okay?"

He picked up Wu Sheng from the box. "Today, we're finally moving."

With the protection of the Red Specters, the group reached the end of the western streets. Many cracks appeared on the sealed iron door.

"It's time for us to leave." Chen Ge looked at Wu Jinpeng. The large and muscular man put Wu Sheng down and then bent down to pull Wu Sheng into a tight hug. "The thing I am proudest of in my life is having you as my son. Go now. You do not belong here. This place shouldn't hold you back."

The broken iron door was pushed open. Wu Jinpeng nudged Wu Sheng toward Chen Ge. As the world started to collapse, so did Wu Jinpeng's body. Summoning back the Red Specters, Chen Ge held Wu Sheng's hand and stepped through the black door.


His knees knocked against the side of the bed. Chen Ge, who carried the backpack, tripped over, and he collapsed onto the single bed. The flickering door disappeared, and a familiar voice came from the darkness.

"Brother? You, huh? Where did you come from?"

The lamp was turned around. Feeling the light on him, Wu Jinpeng was staring at Chen Ge in bed with his mouth open. Wu Sheng, who had been sound asleep, also opened his eyes. Perhaps because he was being pressed down by Chen Ge or he was reminded of something, when he saw Wu Jinpeng, he started to cry. The crying was loud, so loud that the neighbors could hear him clearly.

"Oh, don't cry. The uncle did not mean to collapse on you..." Wu Jinpeng was confounded. Wu Sheng had been born with problematic voice chords. He would not cry when he was born. His face was often green, supposedly from all the words that he held in. Wu Jinpeng did not expect the child that could not cry since he was young, the child who was declared abnormal by the doctors, would suddenly cry that day, and he was crying so loudly.

"Go give your boy a hug. He has seen too many things, and those things have been corroding his heart." Chen Ge hugged his knees and sat at the corner. He did not interrupt Wu Jinpeng and Wu Sheng.