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1016 Do You Still Hate Me?

 The children's crying came from all directions, making it impossible to locate the source.

"Brother Peng, don't you think this crying is a bit familiar?"

With his Ghost Ear, Chen Ge held his breath and listened closely. After a while, he discovered with some shock that one of the children's crying was similar to Wu Sheng.

But isn't he hiding back in the small house?

Chen Ge did not get it. He turned to Wu Jinpeng. The large man's body was shaking. He was pushed by the monsters to his limit. Be it physically or mentally, he was about to collapse. His chest rising and falling violently, Wu Jinpeng leaned against the hospital wall. His eyes were bloodshot, and they were horribly swollen.

"Are you okay?" When they were running earlier, Chen Ge did not notice this. He subconsciously thought that Wu Jinpeng was as fit as he was in reality, but that was of course not the case.

"Come, we'll go to the backdoor."

Scared of staying any longer, after entering the hospital, Wu Jinpeng acted rather strangely. It was as if something had happened to him the last time he was there, and he was seriously traumatized by it. If not for the lack of choice, he probably would not have returned there.

The crying grew louder, and the voice that sounded like Wu Sheng's was slowly overwhelmed by other voices. Chen Ge noted that as he followed behind Wu Jinpeng silently. The hospital was small, but it had all the necessary medical rooms. From the appearance, the place looked normal. It was a common small city hospital. There was nothing scary about it. Walking down the deserted corridor, Wu Jinpeng led Chen Ge to the corner of the stair. By then, the crying had reached a level that was uncomfortable to one's ears.

"Do you see the window at the corner up the stairs? If you jump through it, you'll end up on the western street. That way, we can shake the monsters loose."

However, Wu Jinpeng did not move. His eyes were filled with terror. This made Chen Ge realize that things were not that simple.

"Brother, pay attention to me. When we go up the stairs, no matter what you hear or see, do not stop. Rush all the way to the window, understood?" Wu Jinpeng warned. "If the backpack is weighing you down, I can carry it for you. After we get to the stairs, we have to run as fast as we can to the window!"

"It's alright. I've been known as a fast runner since I was small." Wu Jinpeng and Chen Ge stood before the stairs. They were ready. After exchanging a look, they moved together toward the window. Footsteps echoed on the stairs. When he took the first step, Chen Ge still had not felt anything, but as he continued to move forward, the children's crying was like a waterfall crashing into his eyes. His brain was swamped by the crying, dazing him in the process.

"Do not stop!" Obviously, Wu Jinpeng had experienced this before. At this crucial moment, the man still cared about Chen Ge and shouted to warn him. The crying grew louder, and the ground under his feet wobbled like he was not stepping on concrete steps. Chen Ge lowered his head to look and saw many small hands reaching out from the ground to grab his feet. The empty stairwell was suddenly crawling with faceless babies.

As experienced as Chen Ge was with the supernatural, he hesitated for a moment. He instinctually avoided the babies and chose the empty spaces to place his feet. The sound of a door opening came from the second floor. When Chen Ge looked up, a red wave rushed out from the second floor, rushing at Chen Ge and Wu Jinpeng.

"Jump out the window! Do not stop!"

Chen Ge was the first to reach the window. By the time he pushed the window open, the blood wave had reached them. At that moment, he could jump out, but if he did, Wu Jinpeng would definitely be swept away by the wave.

"Grab my hand!" When Chen Ge said that, the wave was cresting. Soon, it swallowed both Chen Ge and Wu Jinpeng. The blood rushed into this nose and blocked his breathing. Pain erupted all over his body.

Chen Ge forced his eyes open, and at the last moment, Wu Jinpeng grabbed at Chen Ge's backpack. The blood surged endlessly from the second floor. Other than the sound of children crying, there was a second voice that appeared. It was the whispering of a woman.

"Run while you can! Don't mind me!" Wu Jinpeng was swept by the wave until he could barely stand. He knew that this was probably his end.

"There is still chance. Think of your son!"

When Chen Ge turned around to speak, a woman with a red hairclip appeared at the corner of the second floor. She wore a loose-fitted pregnancy gown, and her faceless face was staring at Wu Jinpeng. The woman's whispers became clearer. Like a curse or a venomous snake, they crawled into the two men's heads.

"Jin Peng, don't you recognize me anymore?"

"Am I a bad mother?"

"Do you hate me?"

"The boy didn't even know how to cry when he was born, but is that my fault?"

"If he was a normal child, I would never do that, but you heard the doctor. The boy was too special. We won't be able to take care of him. If he is given the chance to grow, he will only become a monster that everyone hates."

"If he was a normal child, I would really stay to take care of him with you."

"But he is not a normal child. I can't do this anymore. My life has just started. I do not want such a baggage to ruin my life."

"Wu Jinpeng, why don't you come with me? We should run away together."

"Don't think I'm being selfish. We have been through so much. Is what I am asking too much?"

"Even if he grows up, do you think he will really find happiness?"

"Do you want him to end up like your little brother?"

"You know that you will one day grow old, and then who will take care of your brother? Who will take care of this child?"

"Instead of trapping yourself with all these responsibilities, why not come with me and live for yourself for once?"

"The man in my eyes is a bird that flies freely in the air, so... come fly with me."

The woman's empty face was slowly changing. She waded through the blood and suddenly appeared before Wu Jinpeng. The pale hands broke through the blood as they moved to caress Wu Jinpeng's face.

"Bliss, happiness, desire, freedom, I am everything you seek, so why do you refuse to give me your hand?"

The woman leaned lightly next to Wu Jinpeng and had Wu Jinpeng lean his head on her. "I have never asked for anything from you. This is the first time. Promise me that we will leave together."

Wu Jinpeng turned to the woman, and the featureless face became blurrier and blurrier. His eyes slowly lost their shine, and he stopped struggling as if he was being hypnotized by the woman's words. The hands that grabbed Chen Ge's backpack slowly loosened. Wu Jinpeng's body was slowly swallowed by the blood. Just as Chen Ge thought that Wu Jinpeng was a lost cause, the father who was almost two meters tall in Wu Sheng's eyes reached out to grab the faceless woman's shoulders.

"Quick, go get Wu Sheng and run!"