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1013 Faceless Woman with a Red Hairclip

 A cute girl using blood to wash her hair-Chen Ge did not expect to see something like that inside Wu Sheng's world.

"Even though Wu Jinpeng has been trying his best to protect Wu Sheng, it looks like the boy has still seen many things that he shouldn't. The pressure on them was far greater than described by Wu Jinpeng."

The girl's body was slowly recovering. Chen Ge knew that it would be difficult for him to kill her. He took away the girl's needle and thread. He closed the door and used things to block the door. He did not know whether that was useful or not, but it was worth a try. After leaving the first house, Chen Ge knew that he could not let his guard down inside Wu Sheng's world. This boy had been through a lot more than Jiang Ming; the world in his eyes was bigger and more complicated. Chen Ge had a feeling that every building on this street hid a secret. Once he entered them, he would see other secrets, and then he would be chased by others to have his lips sewn together. He did not want to enter them, but if he did not, how was he going to find Wu Sheng?

"Calm yourself. When Xu Yin can appear, I can explore the place further. For now, I should keep a low profile." Chen Ge was very careful, and he was not going to take unnecessary risk. This was his experience showing after completing so many Trial Missions. Hugging the hammer, Chen Ge hid in the next alley. That way, if there was an accident, he had two exits to escape from. The plan was good, but he did not need to wait for too long for a tragedy to happen.

A woman wearing a red hairpin appeared on the other side of the street. She wandered along the street aimlessly. Occasionally, she would slip into one of the buildings, as if looking for something. Before the woman got close, Chen Ge got the warning from Xu Yin; this woman was very dangerous. She was not a Red Specter, but she gave off a dangerous presence that threatened Xu Yin, so Chen Ge had to be careful. He moved away from the woman, but the woman seemed to have targeted him because she soon appeared again.

This repeated several times until Chen Ge had no choice but to hide in one of the buildings. He rushed up to the second floor. Chen Ge leaned against the window and looked down; he was finally given a closer view of the woman. Her long, luscious black hair hid a faceless face. The woman wandered the streets for a while before leaving. She appeared to have trouble harming anyone inside the 'houses'.

Chen Ge's attention was pulled by the faceless woman when a noise grew in his ears. It was hard to describe. It sounded like a couple kissing wetly. Footsteps then came from inside the house. It was too late for Chen Ge to leave. The door was opened, and a monster with two heads appeared at the door. The monster was impeccably dressed in a western suit. It looked normal below the neck, but above the shoulders, it had two heads, one male and one female. The two heads were stuck together like they were unwilling to part.

Chen Ge glanced into the room and saw a large wedding picture placed on the headboard. The man in the picture had the same face as the monster, but the monster's female head was different from the bride in the picture.

"An extra-marital affair?" The monster's lips were also sewn tight by black thread. After they saw Chen Ge, they reacted the same way as the girl washing her hair. They took out a needle and thread from their suit pockets and charged at Chen Ge to sew his lips.

"Sewing the lips mean to keep a secret-are they afraid that I might expose them?"

The sound of wet kisses grew in his ears, and it aggravated Chen Ge. He did not mind the expression of love, but people should mind themselves when they were in public.

"Seeing how clingingly sweet you two are, for some reason, I feel the urge to smash the cr*p out of you." Chen Ge did not waste time and charged at them with the hammer.

At that moment, the door from the opposite side opened. A large man who was at least a head taller than Chen Ge ran out and grabbed Chen Ge. "Come with me!"

"Who are you?" The large man did not explain. He grabbed Chen Ge's arm and started to run downstairs. They ran down the street and hid inside another old building. The man looked buff but had strangely low stamina. They did not run for that long, but he was already dying from lack of oxygen. While the man held the wall to catch his breath, Chen Ge studied the man.

"You are... Wu Jinpeng?" When Chen Ge saw the man's face, he was shocked. "Why are you here?"

"Do you know me?" When the man heard Chen Ge call him by his name, he was also baffled. "Have we met each other before?"

Seeing the man's reaction, it slowly dawned on Chen Ge. This Wu Jinpeng was not the Wu Jinpeng in real life; it was one from Wu Sheng's memory. That explained why this Wu Jinpeng was much larger and taller than the real Wu Jinpeng. In Wu Sheng's eyes, his father was large, protective, kind, and wonderful. Jiang Ming's father had also made an appearance in his world, but in comparison, while they were both first-time fathers, in the eyes of their children, the character of a father could not have been more different.

"Brother, what is going on in this world? Why does everyone want to sew up my lips?" Chen Ge had been in the world behind Wu Sheng's door for some time already, and Wu Jinpeng was the first normal person that he had met and probably the only normal person that he would meet.

"I don't know what happened to them. I went to sleep very early last night, and when I woke up, the sky was dark, and the monsters were everywhere!" Wu Jinpeng looked afraid.

"Other than monsters, have you seen anyone else?"

"No, only monsters! If you stay anywhere too long, they will come after you to sew your lips, bite your body, suck your blood, and crush you." Wu Jinpeng's large body was filled with wounds, and the fear in his eyes could not be hidden.

"Only monsters? Has even your family turned into monsters?" Chen Ge was confused. This was Wu Sheng's world, but he still had not seen Wu Sheng.

When Chen Ge said that, Wu Jinpeng was stunned slightly. His mouth was hanging half open. He paused for a moment before nodding. "Yes."

"Brother, don't lie to me. We only have a chance of escaping this place if we are being honest with each other." Chen Ge could see that Wu Jinpeng was lying; he definitely knew where Wu Sheng was.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. We can't stay here for too long." Wu Jinpeng looked out the window. "Not good, she's after me again!"

Chen Ge followed Wu Jinpeng's gaze, and the faceless woman with the red hairclip had materialized out of nowhere again.