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1009 Wu Jinpeng

 If it was Chen Ge who asked for more details, Fang Zhiming might clam up due to certain reasons, but if the person was Doctor Wei's friend, the situation might be different. Fang Zhiming had true respect for Doctor Wei. When he was truly cornered, he would choose to believe in Doctor Wei's friend. From what Chen Ge heard, Fang Zhiming had probably gotten tied up with that cursed hospital. The appearance of a non-smiler was an obvious clue. But he had no ability and no time to help, so he could only use this kind of method.

Chen Ge gave Fang Zhiming his other social account information, and Fang Zhiming introduced Chen Ge to another doctor and gave him the contact number. Hanging up the phone, Chen Ge looked at Jiang Ming's mother and tried to explain the situation. Jiang Ming's mother wrote many things down on the paper. Other than showing her appreciation, she told Chen Ge that she had been saving up. Currently, she had about 30,000. She planned to use all of that to help Jiang Ming with his surgery. Chen Ge would pay the rest for now, but she promised to return the money.

"You need to take care of Jiang Ming, and you will need that money to survive. Let's not argue on that for now." Chen Ge knew that Jiang Jiu would not let the boy go so easily, and they would not agree to help Jiang Ming with his surgery because once Jiang Ming recovered his hearing, it might ruin the ghost fetus' plan. Thus, they had to stop it the best they could. Chen Ge did not plan to the get into that. If Jiang Jiu refused, he would ask for help from the police and the women's association.

"In seven days' time, we will go to Xin Hai City together. If you can't contact me, go straight to the haunted house at New Century Park. Someone will hand you the money." Chen Ge had already set up his plan. He would first deal with the ghost fetus and then focus all of his energy on the cursed hospital. Of course, the premise was that he had to be able to kill the ghost fetus.

The traces of the cursed hospital can be seen everywhere. I feel like if I don't go to them, they will come for me. After all, I have received the invitation to join the cursed game.

After dealing with the issue on this side, Chen Ge left after leaving behind his contact number.

"Later tonight, I will go to Fang Yu's home and see if a door appears after she falls asleep. If everything is successful, I can eliminate three people from the roster, and six children will be left."

Six nights, six children-Chen Ge was not as worried as before. This probably had to do with his personality. After the initial panic, he became unusually calm. Walking out of the dirty alley, Chen Ge took out his phone and looked through his contact list to find the number of Wu Sheng's father.

After the teacher at Pei Zhi Academy gave Chen Ge his number, he had not called it yet. The call rang for a long time, and just as Chen Ge was about to hang up, the call was connected.

"Hello, who is this?" There were many different sounds in the background. Wu Sheng's father appeared to be on some busy street, and there was a lot of bustle around him.

"My name is Chen Ge. My relative's child is in the same situation as your son. We plan to send our child to your son's school, but the tuition is very expensive, so I wanted to ask for your opinion to get your perspective on this."

"No problem! I am at work now. We will meet up at the gate of Pei Zhi Academy around 5 pm!" The man's voice was hoarse and stood out.

"Thank you."


At 5 pm, school was over at Pei Zhi Academy. The children walked out from their classrooms accompanied by their teachers. After a while, Chen Ge spotted Wu Sheng. The boy who seemed to lack interest in everything kept turning his head around with anxiety on his face like he was looking for someone.

"Don't wander about. I'm sure your father will be here soon."

Before the teacher finished, a man's voice came from the distance. "Wu Sheng!"

Unlike the other parents who came in cars or motorcycles, the man was riding a rather old-looking bicycle. A bag was slung over his shoulder, and he had a short ponytail. The unkempt beard did not make him appear disheveled but strangely enough gave him a sense of maturity.

"Son! I'm here! I'm sorry, coming through." Even though he was riding a bicycle whose paint was peeling, the man was very confident and made it feel like he had come in a lavish car. When the man came over, the anxiety in Wu Sheng's eyes decreased significantly, and he returned to his usual self.

"Teacher, has my son improved today?"

"He did well today. Be careful on the road." Her job completed, the teacher turned back into the school.

"That's not bad! The teacher said you have improved today. We should celebrate. How does two dishes for dinner sound?" The man carried Wu Sheng in his arm and then placed the boy on the back of the bicycle. Then he looked around. "Son, wait for daddy a moment. I promised to meet with a friend today."

He took out his phone and was about to call when Chen Ge walked over. "You are Wu Sheng's father, right?"

When he got closer, Chen Ge realized that even though the man before him was a bit carefree with his appearance, he had a good presence and was quite handsome.

"Chen Ge?"

"Yes, that's me. I have some questions that I hope to ask you."

"We're blocking up the traffic. Let's chat while we move." The man pushed his bicycle and continued to move forward. Chen Ge pushed the bicycle that he had rented from the public service and followed along. If they walked, it would take too long, and they might finish the chat on the journey, but Chen Ge's real purpose was to get to Wu Sheng's room and stay until midnight.

"Brother, how should I address you?"

"My name is Wu Jinpeng[1], but you can call me Brother Peng." The man had a good personality and was kind to others. He was another extreme from Wu Sheng and formed a great contrast. "You mentioned earlier that your family's child has the same condition as Wu Sheng, right? Where is he now? Am I right in assuming it's a boy? Perhaps we should introduce him to Wu Sheng. They might have a shared language."

"Brother Peng, my boy's situation is worse than Wu Sheng's. Not only does he refuse to speak, he has this tendency to paint pictures that scares adults." Chen Ge pulled down his face.

"Little brother, listen to me. When Wu Sheng was younger, his condition was worse than now. He did not know how to speak, and he had nightmares every night. He would throw things about like he was possessed."

"Possessed?" Chen Ge showed the appropriate shocked look. "That is the same as the child of my relative! This is such a coincidence!"

"What the... Really‽"

"Yes, and it is very serious, and that's why I wish to transfer him here. Even though the tuition is a bit expensive, I saw how professional the staff are, and the environment is better than most places." Chen Ge sighed. "I come from a normal family, but for the children, it does not matter if life becomes a bit more difficult for us adults."

"Little Brother, it's not easy on you either, huh?" Wu Jinpeng looked at Chen Ge and felt like he had found a kindred spirit. "Don't worry about it too much, I am sure the boys will get better with time."

"Brother Peng, I really have many things that I wish to ask you. If it's not too much trouble, do you mind if we go to your place so that we can talk about this further?"

"Why not? That's no problem at all!" Wu Jinpeng agreed easily. The three rode the bicycles and came to the area near a small apartment in Western Jiujiang.

[1] Wu Jinpeng can also mean Golden Roc.