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1006 Someones Been to My House

 "There is no need to prove yourself. A cochlear implant surgery will cost quite a lot for anyone." The old lady smiled genially. She did not seem to believe Chen Ge. From his appearance, Chen Ge definitely did not look like an entrepreneur. An old backpack, normal clothes, and clothes that came from the night market at that. The most valuable thing that he had on him was probably the Doctor Skull Cracker's Hammer that had the blood red groove.

"Don't worry." Chen Ge flipped through the comic. "Granny, why don't you come with me for now? If you wish to see Jiang Ming in the future, I will bring you to come see him. Even though the boy still has the hearing impairment, he seems to be able to hear the voices from the other world. I cannot guarantee that he will retain that ability after the surgery, so before that, I'd prefer if you come to accompany him more often."

"Okay, thank you, young man." The old lady entered the comic. At the same time, the black phone in Chen Ge's pocket vibrated. Chen Ge took out the phone, and there were two unread messages.

"You have completed 1/9 of the four-star trial mission, Ghost Fetus. The ghost fetus' hearing is seriously impaired. Red Specters' Favored, you do not have much time left!

"Congratulations Red Specters' Favored for collecting the blessings of one hundred different Specters and spirits! You gained the special title 'Votive Master'!

"Votive Master (Real salvation is not victory after a massacre but being able to offer peace in the heart and the energy of life within the torrents of despair): When one has this title, completing a Specter's or spirit's wishes will tremendously increase their affection toward you. At that same time, it will shear away part of their resentment."

"I've gained a new title? Since when did I collect so many blessings? Could it be the students from the School of the Afterlife and Mu Yang High School?"

Titles were permanent, and their effects were constant. Sometimes, Chen Ge suspected that his constant encounters with the supernatural were due to his initial title of Specters' Favored. Putting the black phone away, Chen Ge waited until Jiang Ming had fallen asleep, then he slipped out from the room.

"I still need to find the mud statuette with Jiang Ming's name. It is probably on Jiang Jiu. The thing is useful to Zhang Ya, so I must get it somehow."

After leaving Jiang Ming's home, Chen Ge removed the gloves and plastic wrap from his feet. He ran down the stairs, avoided all the camera, and retraced his steps back to the streets. After he hopped over the wall, he turned back to look.

"I was not seen on the cameras, and I didn't leave behind any fingerprints or footprints. Even if Jiang Ming accidentally brings me up, they will not find any proof."

Taking out his phone, Chen Ge very openly video-called Jiang Ming, who had not returned home. The call was answered. In the video, Jiang Ming was driving, and he looked pissed. "Chen Ge? I don't think our relationship is close enough for you to call me so late at night."

"I am just outside your house. I have something that I need to discuss with you."

"Why are you at my place at 1 am? Have you lost your mind?" Jiang Ming appeared to be in a bad mood.

"He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. As I told you this morning, by placing the altar at the haunted house, you've attracted too many evil spirits and Specters. The first person they will harm is the one who set up the altar," Chen Ge said. "You have already been targeted. There is something hiding in your shadow, and it has been following you around."

"Stop trying to scare me."

"I am trying to save you."

The call was ended. Jiang Ming had hung up with impatience. Seeing the black screen, Chen Ge was not agitated. He stood at the gate, waiting for Jiang Ming. There was one last opening in this set up that he made, and that was Tong Tong, who was still in Jiang Ming's phone.

"Tong Tong has done a great job. I'll have to reward him." Chen Ge set up a new social account on his phone with a smile on his face. Half an hour later, Jiang Ming drove back to his residential area. Seeing him, Chen Ge carried his backpack and walked to the middle of the road to block his path.

"Are you seeking for death?" Jiang Ming honked several times, deeply annoyed. That night, he had driven from the city to Eastern Jiujiang, then to Western Jiujiang, but for nothing, and in the end, he was scolded unreasonably by Jiang Jiu.

"Remember how you are acting now. After some time, you will come and beg me." Chen Ge took out his phone. "The altar at your haunted house is deeply haunted. It is not housing any good spirits. I will warn you one last time. Remove it now, or you and your family will be drowned in misfortune."

"Move away!" Jiang Ming had had enough.

"I can't just stand here and watch you die. I will give you one last chance." Chen Ge opened his newly created account. The ID was Votive Master. "One night, if something strange happens at your house, contact this person immediately. He will come help you."

Chen Ge refused to budge until Jiang Ming added this account as a friend so that the latter had no choice but to take out his phone.

"Now, are you satisfied?"

Narrowing his gaze, Chen Ge saw Tong Tong crawl back into his own phone and then nodded. "Karma is always watching, take care of yourself."

Putting away the phone, Chen Ge carried the backpack and jogged away because he was afraid that he might start laughing if he stayed there.

"Jiang Ming can be removed from the list, and the ghost fetus's power has been greatly reduced. This is a good night." Chen Ge walked on the quiet street for a few minutes. It was as if he was the only person in the whole city. The feeling was relaxing. "After tonight, I still have six nights left. That should be enough time."

After leaving Jiang Ming's world, Chen Ge was not that worried. He reached into his backpack and took out the wooden toy that he had lost years prior.

"I still remember this toy, so the shadow probably remembers it as well." An image appeared in his mind of the shadow standing behind him, watching while he was playing with the toy. "Has he wanted to kill me since way back then?"

Chen Ge put the toy away. He had a feeling that he might have a use for it later. He had just zipped up his backpack when his phone rang. He saw the caller ID and noticed that it was from Jiang Ming.