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997 I Am Normally a Very Reasonable Person

 "After the boy woke up, the door disappeared. He couldn't see me, but he seemed to know that there was someone else in the room. He used a very low whisper and called out, 'Daddy'." Men Nan sat next to Chen Ge. The boy and the man stared at each other. "He seemed to want to express something else, but that appeared to be the only word he knew."

"Can you describe the door beside the boy's bed in more detail? How is that door different from your own door?"

"It was very unreal, like it would disappear at any moment. The blood vessels on the door were very faded, and they were all focused at one location like they were pieced there." This was the first time that Men Nan had seen a door like that. "It's hard to explain. I suggest you go and see it in person."

"Upscale apartments like these have password locks in their stairwell, and there are cameras everywhere in the courtyard. If I do anything, I'll be discovered, and that will only expose our tracks and tip off the enemy." After observing for some time, Chen Ge had noticed that the surveillance effort of the upscale residential area was very good. He had no chance of slipping into the child's home without notice.

"A change of plan." Chen Ge looked at the phone. When he left the Third Sick Hall, it had been 12:50 am; it was now 1:30 am.

"Are you going to barge in?"

"Not necessary. We'll return when Jiang Ming leaves for work tomorrow morning." Chen Ge stood up and went to the nearby stall to buy something to eat. "Would you like some?"

"Thanks, but it's fine. Call me when you return tomorrow. I am quite interested in that boy." Men Nan returned to the comic. After Chen Ge had his fill, he took another cab to Jiang Yuan Apartments.

Originally, Chen Ge planned to leave for Coffin Village, but if he entered the mountains then, he would reach the village around dawn. "There'll still be time to go in the future. I should be qualified to know more things about that village now."

At 2 am, Chen Ge arrived at Jiang Yuan Apartments, he carried the loaded backpack and entered the corridor. He had returned to the same place with the same people, but his emotions were different. Chen Ge did not forget about the things that happened that night during his nightmare mission. This time, he purposely stuck to the scary corners. But probably due to the warning of the Red Specter in the building, nothing came out to scare Chen Ge.

"I remember, on this floor, that someone tried to drag me into a room." Chen Ge took out the hammer and politely knocked on the respective door at 2:30 am. He waited for a long time, but no one answered the door. Just as he was about to use the hammer to knock down the lock, a child's laughter came from the stairwell.

"The person who lived there moved the night you came." A boy, around eight years old, sat on the banister. His red shirt was soaked, and it dripped blood. His eyes were bulging and filled with whiteness. If anyone ran into a child like this in their own apartment, they would be scared witness.

"I am a water ghost. I was drowned. I drifted around for a long time before I found this door, and it was lucky that I managed to become a Red Specter." The boy jumped down from the banister. He had long hair, and his white eyes stared at Chen Ge. "The promise we made that day was that you would bring the real door pusher here at 2 am in three days. This isn't the third day. Why have you returned earlier than promised?"

"I have found the clues about the real door pusher!" Chen Ge put down the hammer and picked up his bag. "It was not me who pushed open the door here but my shadow. At the time, I told him all my negative thoughts. He couldn't take them anymore, so he pushed open the door, but since he was just a shadow, the door wasn't pushed open completely." Chen Ge was just speculating left and right. He did not know the truth, but he knew how to push the blame onto the shadow.

"You said your shadow pushed open the door?" The water ghost took one step and appeared before Chen Ge in an instant. His face was leaning in to Chen Ge. "Only a person at their deepest despair can push open the door! Are you trying to trick me?"

"It's all real. The shadow has now separated himself from the ghost fetus. He wants to be reborn as a human!" Chen Ge told him everything he knew about the ghost fetus. The boy did not believe him initially, but the more he listened to Chen Ge, the more he was persuaded. Finally, when he heard Chen Ge mention the names Jia Ming and Bei Ye, his expression changed, and that did not escape Chen Ge's attention.

"Do you know Jia Ming and Bei Ye?" Chen Ge knew from Captain Yan that Jia Ming and Bei Ye were indeed once spotted at Jiang Yuan Apartments. Chen Ge felt like it was normal for the boy as the owner of this place to have heard their names before.

"I don't know them, but..." The boy pointed at the door next to Chen Ge. "They were the former tenants of that room. The night you came, it was Jia Ming who tried to drag you into the room to kill you."

"That was him‽ Impossible! I remember that the person who dragged me had zero warmth; it was not a living person."

"There is a very wicked spirit living in Jia Ming. It was the spirit who made the move that night. I have no idea why it was so determined to kill you." The boy did not have the need to lie, so he should be telling the truth. Chen Ge did not expect this coincidence! Now he regretted not opening his eyes, but the person with the biggest regret should be Jia Ming. If the man knew that Chen Ge did not carry any employees with him that night and Zhang Ya was still in hibernation, he would not have passed up the chance to murder Chen Ge!

Thinking back, with how close he had escaped from death, Chen Ge shivered in fear.

"I suspected that there was history between you two. They failed to kill you, and as if afraid of you taking revenge on them, they ran away that night."

"You should have stopped them. The ghost fetus might be inside the child with Jia Ming. After killing the ghost fetus, you'll be the real door pusher." Chen Ge sighed.

"How do I know you're not lying to me?" The boy felt like Chen Ge sounded more confident this time, and his tone had become pushier.

"The door here has no use for me. I just want to live a normal life." Chen Ge calculated the time and felt like there was still a chance to salvage this. "You are the owner here. You even know about their names and the spirit hiding in Jia Ming, so you should have eavesdropped on other information as well, right? Why did they come here?"

"They came here searching for an altar, and there indeed is an altar here." The boy's white eyes turned twice. As if reminded of something, he hurried to leave.

"Where is that altar?" Chen Ge reached his hand into his backpack.

"That is not a question you should ask. Leave. I've already told you many things." The boy was about to escape when the sound of static and a heavy stench filled up the corridor.

"Don't be such a hurry to leave. I believe you have more things you can tell me." Chen Ge flipped through the comic, and blood red shadows appeared behind him. "Now you understand why Jia Ming was so desperate to leave after he failed to kill me, don't you? But don't worry. Most of the time, I am a very reasonable person."