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996 Door Beside the Bed

 The third sick hall was a turning point for Chen Ge. Before this mission, he had been on the defensive. It was at this place that he started to resist and realized that the 'bad guys' could also feel afraid.

Returning to where it all began, Chen Ge jumped over the wall and found the door. Since it was already past midnight, Chen Ge could only try another method to open the door. Actually, he had been meaning to try this, but he had not had the chance.

There were still many puzzles around the 'door'. Many door-pushers knew so little about the doors that they pushed open, much less a normal person like Chen Ge. Summoning Xu Yin and the red high hells, Chen Ge used the blood vessels and curse, but it did not affect the door. He then summoned the stench and the headless woman. The number of Red Specters increased, and the hellish winds blew. Many blood vessels crawled on the wall as if they were trying to dye the whole corridor red.

Each Red Specter used their own power, but they could not make the door budge. Chen Ge held the comic and was about to summon the other Red Specters when the door suddenly shuddered. Fresh blood leaked from the gap, and footsteps echoed in the empty room.

"Finally, there's a reaction. Could it be Men Nan?"

The footsteps approached. When the blood covered the door, the door was opened. A boy slightly taller than Chen Ge's knees leaned against the door and peeked out.

"Men Nan, long time no..."


The door was closed instantly; Chen Ge did not even have the chance to react. Several seconds later, the door opened again. Men Nan's eyes scanned the lineup of Red Specters, and he raised his little hand to slap himself. The door opened, and more than a handful of Red Specters were eyeing him like he was some candy. There was no realer nightmares than this.


The door was closed again, and the blood on the door quickly faded away.

"Men Nan, Brother Nan, I'm here on important business. The ghost fetus separated from the shadow is coming back. He is mad and extremely vengeful." Chen Ge knocked on the door. "It's very dangerous now. I need you to open the door."

Several seconds later, the door creaked open a sliver. Men Nan leaned against the door and peeked out. "You're not here to kill me?"

"Why would you think that? We've been through so much, and we've survived many dangerous incidents. I would never harm you." The door slowly opened, and Men Nan's eyes wandered around the surrounding Red Specters. He was afraid. It felt like he was a primary school student being surrounded by a group of tattooed gangsters.

"I know about the ghost fetus. I've heard about him from the people of the Ghost Stories Society. The thing is very scary, and I'll be vanquished with one glance." Men Nan raised his hand toward Chen Ge. "I really can't help. See you around. I have to go fix the window. Who knows what happened in that red city? Recently, the amount of red fog has increased drastically, and I have to fix the window before tragedy strikes."

"Men Nan, there is no need to be so humble. Yes, you are not as powerful as other Red Specters, but perhaps because you are too weak, you have retained human rationality, and that is the most important thing." Chen Ge squatted before Men Nan. "You can communicate freely with me, and your intelligence is incredibly high. If something happens to me, you can come to your own decision with your own analysis."

Men Nan was the weakest among all the Red Specters, but he had something that the other Red Specters did not. He had retained his sanity and was not consumed by negative emotions.

"How come your praise doesn't make me feel any happiness? If anything, I feel offended." Men Nan scratched his neck as his small brows creased together. "Let me think about it."

"No door pusher will be able to survive this. If we can't stop the ghost fetus, he will eventually come to you. Have you forgotten the days when you were trapped by the Ghost Stories Society? The ghost fetus will be crueler than them."

After a few minutes of conflict, Men Nan promised, "Fine, I'll help you one last time."

"After we deal with the ghost fetus, I'll bring you back here immediately." Chen Ge flipped open the comic. He valued Men Nan so much because of a plan that he needed to complete. The plan would work without a hitch even if he had lost his consciousness and was dying.

"Okay, that's a promise. If you dare lie to me, I will haunt you forever." Closing the door to Third Sick Hall, Men Nan was sucked into the comic.

"The child has a sharp tongue but a soft heart." Chen Ge summoned the Red Specters back one by one. Finally, only Xu Yin was left. The two stayed on the empty corridor. Chen Ge took out the recorder. "Xu Yin, one night, if you can't find me anymore, do not do anything rash. You can come and consult Men Nan. He is a very clever ghost. He will help you make the correct choice. Do you understand me?"

With an unresolvable melancholy in his eyes, Xu Yin nodded lightly.

"Come, let's head to the next location." Chen Ge left the third sick Hall. He did not go to rest but took a cab to the place where Jiang Ming lived. "After tonight, I will only have seven nights left. Time flies."

Jiang Ming lived in a high-end residential area at the center of Jiujiang. According to the employee from the futuristic theme park, this house belonged to Jiang Ming. Only Jiang Ming and the boy lived there. The cab stopped at the gate of the area. The gate was closed, and the guard was playing on his phone. Walking in from the front door was going to be difficult. After getting out of the car, Chen Ge carried the backpack and came to the other side of the gated residential area. He sat by the road and summoned Men Nan.

"The fourth floor of the third block in Area A, I need you to scout ahead for me. The target is a child about your size. He is deaf in both ears. His name is Jiang Ming. He should be one of the nine candidates chosen by the ghost fetus."

Men Nan was the only choice to do something with such a high difficulty. His intelligence was sharp, and he was a Red Specter. He could move freely at night, and he was powerful enough to deal with any normal threats.

"You want me to go alone? If the ghost fetus is really in him, wouldn't I be dead?" Men Nan shook his head rapidly.

"The ghost fetus will only wake up in eight nights' times. I just need you to confirm this for me and observe if there's anything weird about this boy and his home." Chen Ge pointed at the surveillance camera. "There is a blind spot at the left side. If you make any discoveries, I will hurry over to join you."

"How come I feel like you're trying to scam me?" Men Nan grumbled as he headed into the residential area. Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision to follow his movement. Ten minutes later, Men Nan suddenly reappeared in Chen Ge's gaze. His hands were cold, and the blood vessels on his shirt were dancing.

"Have you fought with them? Are there other Specters in the room?"

"It's not that." The shock in Men Nan's eyes was still evident as he turned his head up to Chen Ge. "There is a semi-visible door in the room. It is right next to the child's bed."

"There's a door by the child's bed?"

"Yes, and something was coming out from the door!" Men Nan was confused. "When I tried to get close, the door vibrated like crazy, and then something weirder happened. The boy who was sleeping opened his eyes! Didn't you say that he was deaf?"

"Wait a minute. Even if he had normal hearing, do you think a living human could hear the door to the other world open?" Chen Ge was surprised, too.