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992 I Know What He Looked Like as a Baby

 There has to be something special about the child. But what could it be that would cause Jia Ming and Bei Ye to willingly risk their lives to help him?

Chen Ge slowly narrowed his eyes, and only one possibility came to mind.

The child is one of the candidates for the ghost fetus. The ghost fetus is possibly in possession of that child.

Based on all the known information, Chen Ge came to a conclusion that was very close to the truth.

"Chen Ge, what are you thinking about?" Captain Yan prompted Chen Ge seeing how silent he was.

"It was nothing. I was just thinking how weird it was that the family of three would end up together with two wanted individuals." Chen Ge looked at Captain Yan. "And the strange thing is that it does not feel like the family of three are being taken hostage, but they are being protected by the two."

"We have considered this. Our top priority is to capture Jia Ming and Bei Ye." Captain Yan took out another document. "They have been moving around different hiding places over this period of time, but strangely enough, they did not leave Jiujiang, like there was something very important to them in this city. Even with the risk of being captured, they refused to leave this city."

The more Captain Yan said, the more unusual Chen Ge felt the child was. The boy had to have some kind of connection with the ghost fetus.

"Captain Yan, we mustn't give them any more time to escape from the judgement of the law anymore. I have a very bad feeling about this. We have to bring them in as soon as possible." Chen Ge was really running out of time. He currently had so little information that it was practically impossible to find the ghost fetus within eight nights.

"We have already started to triangulate their location, and the range is slowly being drawn closer and closer. We will have them in custody within the next three days." Captain Yan was personally handling Jia Ming's case. This proved how serious he treated the case. After all, Jia Ming was wanted for very serious crimes. He had murdered his wife, attacked the police, and taunted the law enforcement more than several times.

"Within three day?" Chen Ge nodded lightly. "Captain Yan, can you bring me along on that operation?"

There was an evil spirit hiding in Jia Ming, and the boy could be related to the ghost fetus; Chen Ge was worried about possible injuries on the police's side.

"You'd better stay quietly at your theme park. I heard that your theme park has recently gotten in serious competition with the futuristic theme park, so you should focus on that and stop running around aimlessly."

"Fine." Chen Ge gave him promise verbally but used his Yin Yang Vision to scan the documents that had been left open on the table. He realized with some shock that of the three locations that the police had been watching closely, he was very familiar with two of them. One was Li Wan City, and the other was Jiang Yuan Apartments.

"If there is nothing else, you can go for now." Captain Yan seemed to notice that Chen Ge was stealing looks at the documents on his table, but he did not stop him. Perhaps he was using this method to help Chen Ge. It did not technically violate the law, and it did not go against his own principles.

"Actually, there is one other thing." Chen Ge did not hide the information from Captain Yan. "I wish to look for a person at Jiujiang."

"What kind of person?"

"He should be younger than me..."

"Is that the only clue you have? There are so many people who are younger than you-how do you expect we help you with that?"

Chen Ge felt helpless, hearing Captain Yan's reply. The information that he had was limited, and part of what he knew could not even be shared with the police.

"I know what the person looked like when he was a baby. With a photo comparison, you should be able to find that person!" Chen Ge revealed yet another piece of information. Back on the rooftop of the building at the edge of Li Wan City, the shadow had been surrounded by Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao. In the end, he had needed to borrow strength from the ghost fetus, and during the final phase of the battle, there had been the skull of a baby that appeared on the chest of the shadow. The baby's face had been twisted in a horrible grimace, consumed by curses and anger. The baby was supposed to represent the birth of new life, but its eyes were filled with venom and the wish for destruction.

Chen Ge had a deep impression of that baby's face. At the time, he had considered that he might run into the situation like this, so he had memorized the baby's face as best as he could. This was the most direct clue that he possessed regarding the ghost fetus; he knew how the ghost fetus looked like when he was still an infant.

"Chen Ge, these two clues that you have are too general. Just looking through the database will exhaust a lot of manpower and time, and it might not even give us any real results." Captain Yan tapped the surface of the table lightly. "I can help you, but you have to give me a reasonable reason that will be able to persuade me to do so."

"Someone wants to kill me, and the killer left behind three clues. He is younger or of the same age as me, I know what he looked like when he was very young, and he leaves behind altars that contain mud statuettes inside them."

Since he was there to seek help from the law enforcement, Chen Ge would not hide too much information from them. He had seen many horror movies in the past, and he did not approve of the actions of the many main characters where they only thought about finding help from the police when the danger was right before the eyes. The ending would be that the phone could not be connected because the telephone line had been severed or something along those lines.

But Chen Ge was different. The mission that he had only lasted for nine nights. On the first day, he went to the police for help. He would leave no chance for any accidents to occur.