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986 Shes Forgotten Her Name, But She Hasnt Forgotten You

 The most dangerous thing in the room was the mud statuette. Now that it was in the headless woman's clutches, there was no victory chance for the man. The faceless monster had almost killed Chen Ge even though he was under the protection of four Red Specters. Yes, the altar and statuette had played a big factor, but it also proved how powerful the faceless man's own power was. He could wipe away certain memory, and if used wisely, it could come in handy for Chen Ge.

Specters with such power are very rare, and the crucial point is that he's not a Red Specter. Should he become one, his power will only get scarier.

From how Chen Ge saw it, if Yan Danian was the most powerful Specter under Red Specters, the faceless man would be the second most powerful.

The Specters that I draw from the wheel are getting better in quality.

After consuming the remaining curse, the red high heels and the stench worked together to pull the man out from the faceless monster's shell. There were cursed threads stuck to his body like he had been stuck inside a cocoon of curses earlier. When all the threads disappeared, the man collapsed to the ground. He was thin and did not look too old. In fact, he looked like he had just reached puberty.

"Can you understand me?" Chen Ge squatted next to the man. After the man was cleansed of the curse, his body faded like he could disappear at any moment. "I did not come to save you out of pure sympathy; I'm here on someone's behalf."

The man kept his eyes closed like he had head this speech before. He used to being made a fool, and he had given up hope.

"It's Fang Yu who told me to come find you. She tattooed your name all over her body, and she visits the city park every night, sitting on the bench to wait for you." Chen Ge's voice became louder. "Now that the park is getting demolished, last night should be the last time she could go there to wait for you."

The man's expression did not change too much, but his eyelids fluttered.

"Fang Yu's condition is getting worse. Perhaps before she dies, her biggest wish is to see you one last time. She has many things she wants to tell you. You are her best and only friend."

Chen Ge did not know which sentence finally cut through the man. Perhaps it was the mention of Fang Yu potentially dying. The eyelids twitched before the man finally opened his eyes. His pupils were incredibly unique; they were like a cat's. There were two vertical lines in the middle of his pupils. Look at them too long, and he might be sucked into them.

"Fang Yu, Fang Yu..." Repeating that name, the man slowly returned to normal. After so many years, perhaps it was this name that had kept his spirit lingering. After a long time, the man lifted his head to look at Chen Ge, with his lips moving. "She has not forgotten me? Once she remembers me, the person will go find her. That is the curse that person left on me."

"Her memory is horrible, but even if she has forgotten her own name, she hasn't forgotten you."

It was a simple statement without any embellishment. After Chen Ge said that, the man lowered his head slowly and closed his eyes again.

"For this past ten years, she has been reliving the day that you left, she experiences the same pain every day. Even if you don't do this for yourself, at least do it for you. Do you really think your choice is best for her?" Chen Ge sat next to the man. He kept the man alive because he believed that the man's power was very unique. However, he also wanted to take him to meet Fang Yu.

"I am protecting her. A dangerous Specter has his eyes on Fang Yu! You don't understand how scary he is. You don't get it..."

"Is that Specter a shapeless shadow?" Chen Ge paid attention because the man was giving information about the altar.

"He is like a person's shadow, but he can grow, and he has a physical body. The crucial thing is that he's despairingly strong." The man lay on the ground, and tiredness laced through his voice. "The man is looking for a suitable candidate to possess their body. When I was playing with Fang Yu, Fang Yu often heard someone calling her name. The voice came from the eastern side. Initially, I didn't mind it until the day we went to play at the Eastern Jiujiang Dam. Fang Yu heard the voice again. She seemed to have lost herself. She kept walking into the jungle, and I followed behind her.

"Then we saw this house. The door opened, and there were many children inside staring at us with scary smiles. I felt that something was wrong, so I dragged Fang Yu away, but she seemed frozen to the spot, and both of us were pulled into the house. At the time, I didn't think too much of it. At the last moment, I pushed Fang Yu out and slammed the door shut."