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985 The Second Mud Statuette

 The reason Chen Ge could think of that was due to Fang Yu. As Fang Yu grew older, her memory became worse.

"The monster's power should be related to memory. With the aid from the altar and the curse, his power gained some sort of improvement." Chen Ge found the key immediately. "All the curses in the room rushed toward the red high heels. So, it's clear that he knew his power is weakest on the red high heels, but why would the red high heels be immune to his power? Does this mean his power is a kind of curse itself?"

Regardless of the reason, Chen Ge knew that he could not allow this to drag on any longer. The man gave everything to protect the altar, so if Chen Ge wanted to turn this around, he had to target the altar.

"Xu Yin! Remove the altar from the man!"

Hearing Chen Ge's voice, the pain in Xu Yin's eyes intensified. He forced himself to grab at the edge of the altar, but once his hand landed on the altar, something unexpected happened. The mud statuette inside the altar suddenly opened its eyes. The death characters inside the altar started to bleed, and the statuette's chest area where the name Fang Yu was carved started to crack.

When the statuette opened its eyes, other than the red high heels, all the other Red Specters became more crazed. They seemed to be reliving their despair, reexperiencing that painful memory. Wounds appeared on Xu Yin's clothes like a blade was trying to split him in half. The headless woman held her neck like there was an invisible gash around her neck. The worst was the boy with the stench. His body kept growing, and his eyes were filled with black blood. The conditions of the three Red Specters became more serious. This was out of Chen Ge's expectations.

"Only a Demon God should be able to wipe away the memory of three Red Specters at the same time. This monster's ability affects memories, and with the aid of the mud statuette inside the altar, he is able to wipe away Red Specters' memory temporarily."

Even at this moment, Chen Ge kept his composure.

"This effect should be temporary. When he stops using his power or when the mud statuette inside the altar is destroyed, the Red Specters will recover their memories."

The memory wipe was temporary, but even so, it placed Chen Ge in a dangerous situation. Red Specters who were reliving their hatred and despair might kill Chen Ge directly!

"The monster's power is getting stronger, and the condition of Xu Yin and the rest is getting worse."

Chen Ge had two choices. The first was to wait. The statuette had started to crack. This power was placing a lot of burden on the statuette. When the statuette crumbled, the monster's power would be neutralized, but this choice was basically handing his life over to others. Chen Ge did not like that, so he chose the second option, which was to find way to remove the mud statuette from the altar himself.

"I regret not bringing the hammer with me. After a few days' peace, I've become too careless. I must learn from this." The second choice was dangerous, but Chen Ge decided to take this risk. Be it Xu Yin, the Stench, or the headless woman, they were Chen Ge's family. Seeing them in such pain, Chen Ge felt like he had to do something.

"I have gone through so much to help them see the light in this world, and you wish for them to forget that?"

Chen Ge did not want the Red Specters to relive the worst periods of their lives. He used his Yin Yang Vision to follow the trace of the black threads.

"All the curses are going after the red high heels. There is no curse between the stench and Xu Yin, and the monster is pressed to the ground, so he shouldn't be able to attack me. The inside of the altar is filled with the word 'death'. The statuette is stained with some black blood. I must stay away from these two things." Chen Ge looked into the altar that was open. "If I knock into the altar from the side, perhaps I can knock it off the monster or knock the statuette out from inside the altar."

If this continued, even if one Red Specter went on a rampage, Chen Ge might be injured in the process. He had to take this risk before the Red Specters' memory was completely removed.

Taking one step forward, Chen Ge suddenly picked up speed to rush toward the altar. Before he made the next move, the monster pressed onto the ground suddenly raised his wounded face. Seeing that faceless face, Chen Ge was confounded for a moment, but he snapped out of it. He rammed heavily into the altar. The statuette inside the altar teetered. The altar was much heavier than Chen Ge had anticipated. He failed to tip the altar over.

A thick scent of blood mixed with a horrible stench drifted over. A giant hand slowly rose, and the boy who had grown several times in size set his eyes on Chen Ge. Chen Ge appeared in his blood red eyes, but compelled by pain and anger, the Chen Ge in his eyes slowly changed into an unfamiliar middle-aged man.

"Father... don't hit me! Don't hit me! Don't hit me!" The raised arm slammed toward Chen Ge's head. A man's dried skull appeared in the middle of the pain. The Red Specter moved too fast, so Chen Ge did not have the chance to evade. The hand grew larger in his eyes when a figure suddenly stood before him.


Blood spurted everywhere. Ten fingers as sharp as a blade cut off the stench's hand from his wrist.

"Is it painful?" The lanky Xu Yin lowered his arms. The wounds on his body were completely open. His face was twisted from pain, and there was only madness and despair in his eyes. He had lost his sanity, but even so, he knew to protect Chen Ge. Without moving an inch, the red heart in his chest kept beating. Many blood vessels bloomed inside the room like a flower in the middle of a nightmare.

Suppression! Absolute suppression that belonged to Xu Yin!

There was a crisp sound that came from inside the altar. Perhaps due to Xu Yin's resistance, there was a clear crack that crossed through the statuette. Chen Ge did not expect Xu Yin to still guard him even after he had lost his memory. Perhaps from a certain moment, he had become the only person that Xu Yin could trust in this world. Not wanting to lose this opportunity, Chen Ge rammed into the altar again.

The cracked statuette fell into the altar's door, and that seemed to affect the death characters on the wall. The headless woman who was the furthest away was the first to recover her memory. She remembered Chen Ge's earlier request. She blinked to appear before the altar and took the statuette out from it.

The moment the statuette left the altar, all the characters in the room returned to normal. The curse that surrounded the red high heels started to disperse.

The headless woman held the mud statuette. The faceless monster struggled on the ground, but all his limbs were pulled off by Xu Yin.

The boy also returned to normal. The broken hand dissolved into blood vessels. Looking at his new arm, there was regret in his eyes. As if to show his apology, the boy picked up the monster from the ground. He was about to kill the man when he saw that there was another face hidden under the monster's wounded face.

The face was wreathed inside the curse. His eyes were screwed shut, and his expression was pained.

"Slow down. Can you guys remove the man from the curse wrapped around him?"