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973 The Extreme Experience

 "Wo... woman's head?" The barber felt a chill climb up his spine and enter his brain. He turned to look next to him, and there was a bleeding woman's head lying next to him. Her eyes were open, and the bloody lips were moving like she was laughing!

"Ah!" The barber knocked into the fake costumer. The chair slipped, and he knocked against the table. The installed device appeared to be knocked out of the place, and the projection on the mirror disappeared. It was unclear whether it was from the pain or shock, but the barber fainted just like that.

"They need a better training. The futuristic theme park relies too much on technology, so they ignored the training of their workers. These workers were probably working somewhere else but were temporarily moved here for my visit."

Not everyone had the quality to become a Haunted House worker. There was a big difference between an old worker and a newbie, like their ability to handle sudden emergencies. Chen Ge walked out from the male bathhouse. There were two routes outside. One led to the female bathhouse, and the other led to the bathhouse exit.

"There are footprints that led to both the exit and the female bathhouse. Have the two learned how to trick people?" After some close observation, Chen Ge noticed something through the direction of the footprints. "They first went to the exit, but they seemed to realize that the exit was locked, so they turned back to the female bathhouse. But if the young man is a cheater and has the keys to all the scenario, why can't he just leave this place?"

Chen Ge was reminded of what the police officer had said earlier. The dormitory was a safe zone, and clearing another scenario would lead them out of the Haunted House.

"The police officer was describing the scenario if this was a medium difficulty tour, but I am challenging a tour that is a combination of forty hellish difficulty scenarios. In other words, perhaps there is no way out from the beginning!" Chen Ge had too little information on his hands. He had no idea how the central computer operated and had no idea how combining the forty scenarios would affect the central computer.

"But if there is no exit, that would be perfect." Chen Ge dragged the electric saw and entered the female bathhouse. There were blood and water stains left on the ground. The footprints of the man with the glasses and the young man could be spotted easily. "Where could they have hidden themselves?"

The bathhouse looked dilapidated. Each shower was surrounded by wooden panels, forming individual cubicles. Pushing open the first cubicle, Chen Ge saw that the stained walls were covered in vicious curse words. He was not interested in that. He opened all the other cubicles close to him. When he reached the middle of the bathhouse, he heard the sound of running water like someone was showering. Soon after the water sound appeared, a woman's voice came from the cubicle in the corner.

"Is someone there?" The woman's voice was mellifluous. Between the softness, there was a trace of fear and pity. Just from her voice, one could imagine a poor little thing who needed help from a big strong man. Dragging the electric saw, Chen Ge pushed the cubicle doors open one by one. He did not see the man in the glasses and the other man anywhere.

"Can you lend me a hand?"

After opening a few more cubicles, Chen Ge only had four cubicles left that were unopened. The woman was inside one of the four cubicles.

"If the man with the glasses came here, he would have informed the other employees about me. The barber and the woman in the cubicle should have escaped and wouldn't wait here to scare the supposed 'visitors'." Chen Ge prepared to leave, but something changed his mind. "One shouldn't underestimate the ugliness of human nature. There's a possibility those two b*stards purposely hid information about me from their colleagues and planned to use their colleagues to slow me down."

For the safe of security, Chen Ge walked to the cubicle. Hearing the approaching footsteps, the woman began again. "Can you lend me some shampoo? I appeared to have forgotten to bring mine."

The woman's voice was pitiable, and that made it hard to deny her request.

"You want to borrow something?" Chen Ge was reminded of an urban legend related to a bathroom. A woman was killed inside a bathhouse, and her body was dismembered inside it. Later, whenever the bathhouse wanted to close for business at night, there would be a woman's voice. Initially, she would ask to borrow shampoo, a towel, and then the body parts that she had lost.

"My hair is dirty. I have been washing it for a long time, but it refuses to get clean." A gap was pushed open through the cubicle door. A fair and slender arm reached out from the cubicle. Her fingers landed lightly on the door. They slid down slowly, the supple fingers caressing the rough wooden surface. "My clothes are hanging outside. I can't reach them myself. Can you please help me?"

"Of course I can help you, but I don't think your hair will ever be clean again. How about I lend you a new head. That way, you won't need to worry anymore." When the woman pulled her hand back, Chen Ge tossed the headless woman's head over the top of the cubicle and then stood waiting, leaning against the cubicle door.

A scream came out from inside the cubicle. The door behind him shook violently, but Chen Ge was thinking about something else.

The men's footprints appeared inside the bathroom and walked through both the male and female bathhouses before they disappeared in this female bathhouse, so the exit must be somewhere around here. They didn't even notify their other colleagues about me. Perhaps they were in such a hurry to escape that they forgot about it, or they did it on purpose.

With a cautious mind, sharp senses, a superior physique, and an appreciation for detail, the killer that Chen Ge played would bring an indescribable sense of pressure to the 'visitors'.

"You won't be able to escape."

The commotion inside the cubicle quieted down. Chen Ge opened the door and picked up the headless woman's head. He took a glance at the female actor who lay in a pool of fake limbs.

"Even though my livestream has been banned several times, but none of those time have been related to the fact that I have any remotely sexual content. This is a good haunted house. I hope you guys won't go down the wrong path."

Chen Ge went to the cubicle where the man with the glasses and the young man had disappeared. The showerhead dropped to the ground, and curses were written on the wooden walls. The ink for some of the words was heavier than others, and they were all related to human anatomy.

Knocking on the wooden wall of the cubicle, Chen Ge realized that the wooden boards with the heavier ink could be moved, and the wooden wall of the cubicle was pieced together. With some moving around, a gap could be formed in the middle, just like the wooden wall inside the cursed Japanese house.

"The clue to solve the puzzle should be inside the scenario." Chen Ge narrowed his eyes and looked around. An answer rose in his heart. "There is no security camera installed here."


The saw knocked through the wall. Chen Ge hugged the headless woman's head and looked down the dark hospital corridor that showed up behind the wall.

"A new scenario?" His gaze scanned the many sickrooms that lined the walls before they landed on the man with the glasses and the young man huddled at the other end of the corridor who were planning to make a call.

"Found you!" Even though Chen Ge's mind was quick, his senses were sharp, and he had absolute attention to the smallest detail, he personally hated taking on more trouble than was necessary. The saw howled, and Chen Ge charged forward at full speed!

Hearing the sound, the man with the glasses and the young man knew that something was wrong. As both of they turned around, they happened to meet Chen Ge's eyes. The sense of helplessness and despair swamped their bodies. The two continued to run with tears practically streaming out of their eyes. The young man had the ring of keys, and the two were forced to run into the next scenario. With the two leading the way, Chen Ge experienced the surgery room at midnight, the sickroom of Patient Zero, Minghun, Death Library, and a few other scenarios.

When they came to a scenario that looked like an old mansion, Chen Ge went to chase after the two visitors who were at the verge of a breakdown, but he stopped to slowly assess his surroundings. From the surface, this scenario looked much more normal than the other scenarios, but Chen Ge heard Xu Yin's voice here.

"The Red Specter with the stage costume has escaped here?"

There were no decorations at the old mansion. It appeared as if they had moved the entire mansion from the wilderness into the Haunted house.

After the man with the glasses and the young man tripped and crawled their way into the mansion, Chen Ge moved to follow them.

"The other scenarios were made from wooden boards and other modern materials. Only this scenario uses actual materials." Chen Ge communicated with the headless woman and carefully followed behind the two 'visitors'.