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972 Who Are You?

 Dragging the large saw, Chen Ge slowly walked out from the room that had gone quiet. Blood slid down the chain, and the pair of lifeless eyes looked at the ground floor. The young man took out a ring of keys from his pocket. He grabbed the man with the glasses, and they ran toward the steel door that headed underground.

Why would have the key? Is it due to his occupation? No, the man is cheating. He probably has both the key and the things. No wonder he was able to maintain his calm no matter what.

From the start, the young man was different from the other 'visitors'. He had probably been given a special task by the manager to disturb Chen Ge at crucial moments. The six visitors each had their own job. The futuristic theme park had it well planned, but they did not expect there to be a visitor like Chen Ge. They had made the most basic mistake. Chen Ge went down the stairs, and the stench was returning from the entrance. The police officer and the woman with the long hair had been scared senseless. The two of them ran out of the dormitory and planned to retrace their steps, but their way back was blocked. They screamed for help, but there was no answer. Finally, they fainted next to the wordless tombstone in the corridor.

"I'll go chase after the two of them, and you'll stay here to watch my back. There should be other actors in this scenario. Try to make them faint as well." The door to the basement had been opened. The man with the glasses and the youngest man ran into the door. "The way out is indeed hidden underground."

When he entered the scenario, Chen Ge had guessed that the hidden paths on the surface were probably a distraction. Even if they found the key, they would not have escaped. To exit this scenario, one had to find the key that led underground.

Since the door was pushed open, the scenario presented the visitors with multiple options. The right option would move the plot forward, and the wrong option would kill them. The twelve zodiacs had another layer of meaning. He was a murderer whose name had not been exposed. This scenario's theme was puzzle-solving and murders. If the visitors thought that the murderers were just the ones hiding inside the rooms, they would be heavily mistaken. The real killer in this scenario was the clock. The murders that had already happened could not be undone, so time was the true hidden killer. If Chen Ge was not in a hurry to leave, he would have experienced this nicely and try to solve all the puzzles in the room, but he did not have time. A normal visitor would at most visit three to four scenarios at the same time, but Chen Ge had meshed forty scenarios together. To clear so many scenarios in the limited time, he would have to blaze a path that others had not attempted before.

"Run for your life. I will stay closely behind you." The saw roared. Chen Ge hugged the human head, dragging the saw while charging full speed ahead. The two floors aboveground were guest rooms, but the basement was a prison, and they were imprisoning several sets of skeletons.

"He's coming!" the man with the glasses screamed, and he broke out in cold sweat. He and the youngest man stood at the deepest part of the prison. They were trying to open one of the cells.

"Quick! He's coming! Soon!"

"I know! Don't rush me! Don't f*cking rush me!" The youngest man grabbed the keys with both hands, but his arms were shaking. The more he was urged, the more difficult it was for him to find the right key. The scent of blood snuck into their nostrils, and screams crawled into their air. It symbolized the slowly approaching footsteps of death.

"It's not this one! Not this one!" The man grabbed the keys and stuffed them into the keyhole. His eyes were bloodshot.

The modified saw ground against the cell bars. The clinging of metal sounded like the howling of fate. Chen Ge slowed down, and his icy gaze stared out from the metal and bone hoodie.


"It's open!" the man screamed with excitement. He grabbed the man with the glasses and ran into the last cell.

The door slammed against the wall. The door was grabbed by a hand. Chen Ge looked into the cell. Behind a closet was a staircase that led upward. "Not bad, but you're still too slow that I have to wait for you."

Chen Ge held the saw and continued his chase. The stairs led to a changing room. The rows of lockers were covered in fresh, bloody handprints.

"A public bathhouse?" Before he continued to move forward, he heard the lockers jiggle as if something inside was trying to get out. The strange noise was getting louder and louder, covering Chen Ge's footsteps. Just as Chen Ge was about to move forward, a locker next to him suddenly opened, and a human arm fell out. "A prop?"

To not lose the visitors, Chen Ge ignored it. After running out from the changing room, Chen Ge saw a barber who was shaving a person's head. The man was facing away from the Chen Ge, and from the mirror placed before him, one could see the appearance of the barber and the customer he was surfacing.

Looking from the mirror, the barber seemed to be played by a real worker, but Chen Ge soon noticed something wrong. When a normal visitor walked in, it would be fine for the barber to maintain his serenity. However, he was wearing the costume of a serial killer, yet he barber's tone and expression had not changed. That was strange.

"Customer, are you here to shave your head? It'll be your turn soon. Please sit over there and wait for a while."

In the mirror, the barber was focused on shaving his customer's head, but in reality, the barber's hands and shoulders had not moved. He kept his head lowered, and it was unclear what he was doing. Chen Ge was too lazy to respond. He just wanted to chase after his prey.

Holding the saw, Chen Ge walked toward the barber. The exit from the male bathhouse was next to the barber. But hearing his footsteps, the barber who was facing away from Chen Ge spoke again. "My dear customer, please don't be impatient. I will be done with this customer soon."

Chen Ge completely ignored the man. Just as he was about to reach the exit, the barber suddenly reached out to grab Chen Ge. His tone turned angered and indignant with a trace of madness. "Didn't I tell you to wait? Didn't I tell you exactly that‽ I was shaving his head!"

The barber whipped his body around. His palms were covered in blood, and he was holding the male customer's decapitated head in his hands!

The barber's face was covered in wounds made from razors, and his expression was eerie. He reached his hands that held the human head before Chen Ge's face.

His fingertips touched the mask made from metal and bone. The head in his palm got knocked out of his grasp. The chilling sense of touch confused the barber. He was too deep in his role to realize what was happening. He continued to use a scary expression to look at Chen Ge in the murderer's costume.

"Who are..."

The scent of blood rushed out from behind Chen Ge. He slowly bent down and picked up the rolling customer's head and then stuffed it inside the barber's arms.

"Did you drop this man's head?" The chilling voice came from under the mask as the pair of deadly eyes stared closely at the barber. "Or this woman's head?"