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971 Hes Moving Too Fas

 But in a few seconds, some calmness returned to her eyes. "We're allies! We're all workers here! I am Lee Li, and she is Zhang Ling. You must not have received the notice, right? Both of us followed a visitor to enter this place! This is my worker..."

The slender hand raised the worker ID shakenly. Then the worker ID was yanked away by brute force. The heavy electric saw smashed into the closet. The woman's face that was assaulted by the spray of wooden chips was slowly twisted by fear and terror.

"Die!" The voice of death came out from the hood made from bone and metal. There were no human emotions in the eyes; they were the eyes of death!

Yin Yang Vision!

Screams echoed through the room. The heavy saw waved above her head. Xiao Ling, who could not suffer anymore, used the last of her strength to run out from the room.

"Zhang Ling!" The despairing voice was piercing. Lee Li, who had been abandoned, slid to the ground. She lost the energy to even stand up on her own.

"We... we are your colleagues. Other than that Chen Ge, we are all colleagues here. I'm telling you the truth!" Lee Li was still screaming. The sound of blood dripping suddenly filled the room. A thick scent of blood closed around Lee Li's neck like a pair of invisible hands. Blood dripped out from behind Chen Ge. He held the saw with one hand, and his other hand reached behind him to grab a handful of black hair.


When Chen Ge's hand pulled back, there was a woman's skull sitting prettily in his palm!

The blood dripped, the eyes were round, and they stared resentfully at Lee Li!

Chen Ge tossed the head right next to Lee Li. She could clearly see that the mouth on the woman's head was still moving!

"This is not supposed to happen! This is not supposed to happen!"

Her body convulsed, and Lee Li found that she had lost her voice. Her pupils rolled back in her eyes, and she finally collapsed to the ground. Chen Ge ended the recording on his phone. He picked up the head of the headless woman and rubbed the saw against his jacket. Holding the headless woman's head in one hand and the electric saw in the other, he walked out of the room with heavy steps.

Everyone in the dormitory heard Lee Li's horrifying scream. Other than the 'visitors' who were being chased by the stench, the rest was keeping watch over the situation. They desperately wanted to know what had happened inside the room. The scream soon stopped. When Chen Ge walked out from the room, everyone had an answer in their heart. Holding the head in his arm, with blood on the saw, it seemed that the man had really lost his mind!

"Of the six of you, none of you will escape!"

Chen Ge turned to look down the other side of the corridor. The youngest man was dragging Xiao Ling, who was unable to walk on her own, down the stairs. The man with the glasses was with them as well. When Xiao Ling saw Chen Ge walk out of the room with a bloody female head, her mind broke. She thought about hundred possibilities, but there was one that she did not even dare to attempt to think about.

The Haunted House designer can observe the situation inside the scenario through the cameras. Even if they aren't watching this, the employees will have immediately asked them for help. Unfortunately, I already had the stench seal up the way back, so if they do not wish to 'die', the only way left is to continue forward.

The combination of the scenario is done through the central computer, but there should be a way for the human designer to intervene somehow. They will open a way for the employees to pass, for them to save themselves. That way, I will be able to follow them as well.

Chen Ge looked at the camera.

I am now one of your employees, and my ghosts are the ghosts that possess the old objects that your futuristic theme park has brought from Eastern Jiujiang. Are you ready to face the consequences of your actions?

Even if they gave the visitors a running start, even if he was dragging the heavy electric saw, Chen Ge was confident that he would be able to catch up to them. His confidence in his physique came from the many Trial Missions that had been given to him by the black phone.

Chen Ge picked up his pace. The saw dragged against the wall, and Chen Ge started to sprint. The closing terror squeezed the hearts of those being chased. The man with the glasses dropped Xiao Ling's hand without any hesitation and chose to run away on his own. After a moment's hesitation, the young man decided to do that same. He dropped Xiao Ling on the ground and went after the man with the glasses.

"This is so unfortunate." Chen Ge slowly approached Xiao Ling. The heavy scent of blood fuzzed up Xiao Ling's mind. Her vision blurred before her focus ended on the face of the woman's head in Chen Ge's embrace.

"This... this is not real..."

Once Xiao Ling's eyes closed, Chen Ge turned to chase after the young man and the man with the glasses. The door to his side suddenly opened. A monster with a butcher's mask and his body covered in fake wounds stood at the door waving a cleaver. "Scream at the top of your lungs! Struggle as much as you want! The taste of organs filled with fear is the most delicious!"

Before he finished his line, he saw Chen Ge with the saw and Xiao Ling who had already fainted.

"Brother Yi? Why are you still here? It's already 2:40 am. It's my turn now." The butcher's eyes finally saw the blood on the saw and the decapitated head. He was frozen for several seconds before he silently closed the door. "You seem busy. Perhaps my watch is a few minutes fast."


The room door was kicked down, and the saw howled. The stinging scent of blood rushed into the room!

"What are you doing? Help!"