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965 They Turned Actual Ghost Stories into Scenarios

 "Don't just stand there! Run!"

If it was another projection, Chen Ge would have ignored it, but this spider was too spine-tingling. Even Chen Ge did not want to have any contact with it. When the other visitors saw the spider crawl out from the room, the fear collected before this exploded, and their screams filled the whole scenario. Some had their souls sucked out from them, and they collapsed on the ground.

"Get inside the room. Hide inside the room!" Regardless of its effect, Chen Ge ran inside the third bedroom. The police officer and the girl called Xiao Ling followed behind him. "Close the door!"

The door could not be locked, so Chen Ge and the police officer used their bodies to block the entrance. The corridor slowly quieted down. Every visitor had run to hide inside the bedrooms.

That should be a projection. An actual spider would have made crawling sounds and left marks on the wall.

Chen Ge signaled for the police officer to guard the door while he walked over to the sacrificial table.

Earlier, the boy ran inside this room.

Chen Ge was sure that the boy was no projection; he should be a lingering spirit.

Lingering spirits have to attach themselves to something. Even in a place with great Yin energy, they cannot leave that item for too long.

Bending down, Chen Ge looked at the toys under the table.

Could he have possessed one of the toys?

He studied the toys one by one. He placed them in his backpack and then took them out. There was nothing out of place throughout the process. His inspection was unique but effective. If there was a lingering spirit on the toy, it would be afraid.

If it's not the toys, where could he be?

Chen Ge's eyes moved around until they settled on the picture on the table. The picture frame had been left on the ground earlier. When he entered this room previously, he had replaced it on the table. The old man in the picture was turned away from Chen Ge. After looking at it for some time, it would feel like the old man might turn around at any moment.

Pictures are common objects for Specters and spirits to possess. The key here is the dead old man depicted in the picture...

As that thought passed through his mind, a child's head poked out from behind the old man's body, but he was quickly pulled back by a pair of old, wiry hands. It happened so fast that he almost thought he imagined it.

Staring at the picture, Chen Ge narrowed his eyes.

I think I understand why the picture of the old man was taken in this manner...

There were two lingering spirits inside this black and white picture-the old man and the child. The old man showed his back, but he was actually protecting the child; the child was hiding in his embrace!

The child opened the altar. To prevent him from being taken by the monster, his grandfather has been protecting him.

Chen Ge took the picture and walked to the corner of the room. He whispered to the picture, "How did you guys end up inside this Haunted House?"

The story inside the camcorder was created by the central computer, but the grandfather and his grandson were actual ghosts!

Even though they were weak spirits and any Red Specters could have vanquished them, their appearance here led to many problems.

"I have my own guesses, but if you tell me the truth, I am willing to protect you in the future." Chen Ge stared at the picture, but he got no response.

"What are you looking at? Is there a problem with this picture?" Xiao Ling walked over. Earlier, she had wanted to surrender, but she had been stopped by another woman. Currently, she was not in a good condition.

"It does look weird. Who would take a black and white picture from the black?" Chen Ge's voice returned to normal.

"This picture doesn't look like it is a prop made by the Haunted House. It's one of the old objects the owner salvaged in Eastern Jiujiang." The girl leaned against the wall, and her face was pale. "You'd better put it down. I hear these things will bring misfortune."

Xiao Ling had been holding her arm. She had already given up; she just wanted to leave.

"I knew it." Chen Ge looked at Xiao Long. "Why have you been covering your arm?"

"You might not believe me, but when I opened the closet earlier, I saw someone hiding inside, and he dragged me into the secret room." Xiao Ling let go, and Chen Ge saw a faded bloody handprint left on her arm.

"It should be one of the workers here..."

"It wasn't an actor, really..." Xiao Ling rubbed at her arm like she was traumatized. "None of you saw it, so you won't believe me! But I am sure that's not an actor here. He was very scary! Damn it! Why can't this blood stain be removed‽"

Even though her arm was turning red from being rubbed, the bloody handprint remained. If anything, the color had deepened.

"Don't waste your time. You can't remove these things with conventional methods." Chen Ge stared at Xiao Ling. "You seem to know this Haunted House well. Have you visited this place before?"

Xiao Ling held her arm and looked at the police officer at the door but did not say anything.

"Perhaps your friend works here, and you have heard something from them?" Chen Ge even provided her with an excuse. "My livestream is still blocked, and there are no cameras in this room. No one will know if you tell me anything. Think about it. The only person who can help you now is me."

Xiao Ling was eventually persuaded by Chen Ge. She held her head. "I told them. I told them this would happen."

"What would happen?"

"I have a friend who handles the props of this Haunted House. She knows some inside information. When the Haunted House was being built, the upper management had a disagreement. Some of them thought it wasn't necessary while others thought that the theme park cannot leave any chance for the competition to grow. In any case, the haunted house was built. And then another disagreement happened. Some thought that it should be enough to use all projections, and there was no need to rely on physical props. The other party insisted on retaining some authenticity, and they found various objects in Eastern Jiujiang that are related to urban legends."

"These old objects were gathered before the Haunted House was completed?" Chen Ge felt that something was wrong. This group of people sounded like they had purposely built this Haunted House to store these old objects.

Could there be a problem with one of the managers of the futuristic theme park?

Chen Ge had interacted with the shadow in Eastern Jiujiang before. The man was cunning and ruthless. Li Wan City was just one of the ghost fetus' many projects.

"Instead of saying that the old objects were used to decorate the Haunted House, it was more like several scenarios were made specifically for these old objects," Xiao Ling said. "The designers generate scenarios through the central computer, and the scenarios include those old objects. The computer then works to mesh the objects perfectly with the generated scenario.

"They have turned actual ghost stories into a scenario and placed the cursed objects from those scenarios into the Haunted House. Sometimes, my friend worked overtime. She often heard strange noises coming from the scenarios at night. She notified the managers many times about this, but the response she got? 'Doesn't that mean we will be able to draw more visitors to come visit?'"

"Cough! Cough!" At this most crucial part, the police officer suddenly coughed, and Xiao Ling shut up.

"Don't be afraid. I have just one last question." Chen Ge looked Xiao Ling in the eye. "In this scenario, what are the old objects that have been taken from Eastern Jiujiang?"

"The two black and white pictures, the wind chime, and the altar."