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963 Let Her Follow Us

 What Chen Ge did not say openly when he told the red high heels that she could also become a Demon God was that there was already a Demon God by his side, so she had better not get any funny ideas. The doors of the altar were closed again. Several seconds later, tiny beads of blood slid down the walls of the altar. Strangely, as the blood slid down the walls, it gathered to form two distinct rivulets of blood.

They are opposing forces? To be able to resist the red high heels, is the owner of the altar also a Red Specter‽

Chen Ge jumped up immediately. He was thankful that he had brought all the Red Specters from his own Haunted House other than Ol' Bai.

The problem at the futuristic theme park is far more serious than I anticipated. There are Red Specters hiding in the Haunted House, and there might be more than one of them.

As he stared at the altar, Chen Ge's heart beat very fast. The red high heels' real power was stronger than Xu Yin and the headless woman, and her expertise was curses. But the Red Specter related to the altar was able to resist her, which was something that Chen Ge did not expect.

There should be more than one altar like this inside this Haunted House. Only part of the Specter's spirit is enshrined at this altar. Just what kind of Red Specter is this?

Before the blood on the walls of the altar could converge, a shrill scream came from the room furthest from Chen Ge. The other visitors all ran over to the source of the sound, but Chen Ge stood guard next to the altar. The hurried footsteps rushed down the corridor. In the chaos, Chen Ge felt a fluttery feeling above his ear like a butterfly had landed there. Before he could reach out his hand to scratch the spot, a spirit-like voice suddenly echoed in his ear.

"When a butterfly has its wings torn away, will it feel pain?"

Chen Ge's five senses were sharper than most, but he did not sense anything out of place. The voice appeared to show up out of midair. Maintaining his posture, Chen Ge was about to summon Xu Yin when the voice reappeared and repeated the same question that it had asked earlier. The ghost did not seem like it intended to harm Chen Ge. After a momentary pause, Chen Ge opened his mouth to say, "The butterfly's wings are filled with blood capillaries that are joined to its body, so having the wings torn apart will definitely be painful."

"Blood capillaries? Are they like the red lines on my mother? Why would such beautiful wings have blood red lines in them?" The voice of the child sounded confused and also a little bit afraid.

"When a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon, it hangs upside down. That is to ensure that the blood flows through its wings through the pull of gravity. That way, the wings will have the energy to open and flap, cracking through the cocoon." Chen Ge's voice was soft and gentle. He was like a kindergarten teacher explaining new knowledge to the toddlers patiently and kindly.

"So, it is because of those red lines that the butterfly has such a beautiful wing, isn't it?" The voice of the child was very innocent.

"That is not entirely true. The reason a butterfly can break out of its cocoon has plenty to do with gravity, but you can't really say that Newton has everything to do with the beauty of a butterfly's wings, right?" Chen Ge used scientific knowledge to attract the child's attention while he turned his eyes and tried to look from the corner of his eyes.

"Quick, come over here! Xiao Ling has disappeared!" Before Chen Ge could take a good look at the child's face, the police officer's scream came from the other side of the corridor. Turning his head, Chen Ge realized that there was nothing next to him. The voice of the child earlier was just like a part of his imagination.

"That was close." Chen Ge glanced at the police officer and slowly stood up. "Didn't you guys go off in pairs? One has gone missing, but where is the other one?"

"I was looking for information with Xiao Ling inside the room. She screamed when she opened the closet, and when I turned toward her, she had already disappeared," the young man explained. The Xiao Ling that he talked about was the girl who had leaned to look inside the altar earlier. She was quite young as well.

"The closet was so close to you, and you're telling me an actual person disappeared before your eyes just like that?" Chen Ge knocked on the side of the closet. "This is not a show to trick me, right? I've heard Haunted Houses nowadays purposely disguise their workers as visitors to try to scare the real visitors."

The young man had a bitter expression on his face. He wanted to scold Chen Ge because it was the latter who started this tradition, but considering the situation that they were in, he decided to act dumb. "At the time, I was rummaging through the pile of trash, and then I heard the closet being opened. It was followed quickly by Xiao Ling's scream. But when I turned around to look, the closet door was closed, and Xiao Ling had already disappeared."

"Is it possible that she is just hiding inside the closet?" Chen Ge pulled the closet door open, and to his surprise, there was another room hidden behind the closet. The room was rectangular in shape, there were no windows, and it was completed enclosed. The walls were taped fully with talismans, and there was a line of something that looked like salt at the entrance. The girl called Xiao Ling was sitting in the middle of the room. She looked blankly at one of the corners, and her face was devoid of any expression.

"Xiao Ling!" The woman with the long, black hair rushed into the room and pulled Xiao Ling into a hug. She whispered something into Xiao Ling's ear, but Xiao Ling did not give her any response. Then she realized the severity of the situation. She shook Xiao Ling's shoulders with both of her hands. "Why did you run into this room all on your own?"

"There was someone calling for help from inside the closet. I opened the door and tried to get a look but was suddenly dragged inside it." Xiao Ling pointed at her own hair. There was the bloody handprint of a child left there. "I don't want to play anymore. I want to leave this place!"

Then, she moved to press a button on the wrist band, but she was quickly stopped by the woman. "Xiao Ling, calm down. We have barely even started our tour. How can you give up so soon?"

The two girls conversed in whispers, but Chen Ge managed to hear everything. When I entered this place, Qing Ming did not tell me that pressing a button on the wrist band means that you will be able to exit the Haunted House.

He looked at the two girls sitting among the talismans with a smile, but he did not pursue them with more questions.

"The room is filled talismans, and there is a line of salt placed by the door. This proves that this room should be the safest place of the whole scenario. The talismans and salt are things that ghosts are most afraid of. This should be a safe zone. If you are afraid, you can consider staying here."

"Is that true?" The police officer was considering it.

"Of course, there is another possibility." Chen Ge's eyes scanned the corners of the room. "Perhaps this room is the scariest place of the entire scenario. All the talismans are to suppress the evil spirit that is trapped inside this room. Well, would anyone like to take this bet?"

"Er... then, I think we'd better leave this place."

Hearing what Chen Ge had to say, the woman quickly supported Xiao Ling out of the room.

"Remember to close the closet door just in case something follows us out." Chen Ge and the policeman walked at the front of the group, and they returned to the altar at the end of the corridor. The policeman with the sharp eye very soon noticed the blood beads that refused to melt together on the walls of the altar. His eyes bulged as he grabbed Chen Ge by his arm. "Why is the altar bleeding now?"

"Am I the owner of this Haunted House? How would I possibly know the answer to that question?" Chen Ge's expression was severe. "It was not like this earlier! This is because of all the commotion that you guys made. I missed something very important."

The few visitors gathered around to take a look. They also did not expect the altar to start to leak blood.

"Shall we open it to take a look?" The police officer gritted his teeth as he leaned closer to the altar. He lightly pulled open the doors of the altar. "There appear to be more things inside."

The visitors used the flashlights on their phones to illuminate the altar. They realized that the doll at the entrance of the altar had already been shredded into pieces. It was covered in black blood stains, and strangely enough, they saw a pair of bright red high heels placed at the center of the altar.

"When did these shoes appear?" The group had no idea how to explain the appearance of the red high heels inside the altar, and they could not explain the reasoning behind the bleeding altar.

"Did you place these heels inside the altar? Just now, you were the only one guarding beside the altar."

The woman with the long black hair looked at Chen Ge, and Chen Ge responded with a face filled with indignation.

"Do you think a man like myself would carry a pair of female high heels with me for no reason?"

"Then, who could it be?" The police officer did not even dare to reach his hand into the altar; just looking at it was enough to make him shiver in fear.

"Earlier, Xiao Ling's scream pulled everyone's attention. Everyone rushed to check up on her, and it was during that period that this happened." Chen Ge's eyes scanned every visitor. "We should be more careful. That person or that ghost is just around us, and I believe that they are watching us right at this moment."

"Then, what should we do now?" The police officer's hand was dangling in midair, still grabbing the altar's door.

"Close the altar doors. We have to search this scenario for clues as fast as we can. I do not believe that the thing inside the altar will be able to continue following us." In a serious and severe tone, Chen Ge arranged a mission for each of the visitors to complete.