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953 Very Interesting

 \"Are you guys okay?\"

\"Can we remove the safety belt now?\"

\"Do any of you smell that strange scent in the air?\"

When the visitors conversed, the screen in theater started to play a movie. There were seven characters like the seven visitors, and they were seated at the first row of theater. The seven characters in the screen were facing away from the visitors, and the seven inside the screen were also watching a movie. The screen inside the screen started to play a recording.

\"On the day of the Soul's Return, the seven best friends came to the cinema to watch a movie. They did this in memory of their teacher. This respected teacher's favorite movie was showing on this day of Soul's Return.

\"At the start of the movie, no one realized anything, but slowly, they noticed that something was wrong.

\"There were shadows moving across the screen, and occasionally, there was this crying sound. A student went to use the toilet in the middle of the movie, but he didn't return for a long time. When one of the others said that he was going to get the missing student, he realized that there were still seven people sitting in theater. Everyone panicked. They removed their safety belts and got up from their seats, hurrying outside, but they did not realize that what waited them outside would be far more despairing...\"

The recording stopped there. The seven visitors inside the screen started to whisper among themselves. They seemed to think that the recording was quite interesting.

\"Have you seen this scene somewhere? Is it from some famous scary movie?\" the man with the glasses whispered.

\"I can't figure it out.\" The youngest man shook his head. \"Even if there is some similarity in the setting, you can't solve this according to the movie. Don't forgot that thanks to a certain someone, we are facing a melting pot of forty different scenarios.\"

\"So, what should we do now?\"

\"We should wait. Perhaps there'll be another hint.\"

The other visitors started to discuss the scenario, but Chen Ge kept quiet. He listened to the discussion as he stared at the big screen. He realized that the scene in the screen was reflecting real life. The visitors were discussing the movie after it was over.

Since this is the combination of forty scary scenarios, the scare points should be more intensive and collected. Chen Ge thought back to the recording. It seemed to mention that everyone removed their safety belt and rushed outside. That should be the hint for the next step, right? We can't stay here for too long; we need to leave.

Removing the safety belt, Chen Ge was the first to stand up. \"Guys, it's time to go.\"

\"Why are you in such a hurry? The first scenario should be the simplest. We should try to get more information now because it'll only get harder from here.\" The fashionable man looked to the other visitors. \"We have limited use of our ability, so I suggest we stick together and help one another. How about this? We'll go around and introduce ourselves so that we can make some plans and arrangements.\"

Before the man finished, Chen Ge had already started looking for the exit inside the cinema.

\"Hey! What are you doing? Everyone is introducing themselves. Don't forget, you are part of this group.\"

\"I am not interested in a dead man's name.\" With his Yin Yang Vision, the darkness of the scenario did not affect him. When he looked around, he noticed that the characters on-screen had stopped talking, and crying came out from the speakers.

\"What do you mean by that? Who are calling...\"

\"Shut up! Look at the screen!\" Chen Ge pointed at the screen. The characters inside the screen became agitated. Then, they slowly turned their heads around like they had discovered something very scary. The visitors inside theater followed Chen Ge's order and turned to the screen. They stared at the characters until their heads were fully turned around.

The seven characters on-screen had holes on their faces. Their facial features were dug out, and blood was pouring out from them. One of the female visitors clamped her hand over her lips. This had happened way too suddenly. Before they could react, the seven monsters inside the screen suddenly stood up and jumped out through the screen!


Visitors' screams echoed inside theater. Even Chen Ge's eyes widened. With the aid of various technology, the scene was very authentic. The seven projections appeared like real ghost.

\"This is interesting.\" The other visitors were given quite a fright. Even they did not expect this to happen.

The Haunted House at the futuristic theme park is controlled by the central computer. While inside, their workers might be given various aids, but they have no idea what will happen next. After all, this is a combination of forty scenarios. The designers probably didn't expect this to happen.

Chen Ge studied the other visitors. They were not wearing any earbuds, so they could not be communicating with the people outside.

They wanted to scam me, but now they've been dragged down into hell with me.

Chen Ge smiled wickedly. He had already decided to make good use of these six 'visitors'.

With a dry cough, Chen Ge turned to the rest. \"I told you to leave in a hurry, but you all refused to listen. These seven projections are just the beginning. If you paid attention to the story, you would realize that there are at least two more ghosts in this theater.\"

\"Two more ghosts?\"

\"One is the teacher who likes to watch movies. He is probably the extra person that replaced the student who left. The other one is the ghost who has been following us since we sat in the chairs. She likes to cry. As long as the crying is around, it proves that she has not left us.\" Chen Ge's analysis stunned the visitors. They had experienced the same things, and they had only been in the scenario for less than three minutes-how did he manage to come up with so many observations?

\"Stop wasting time. Let's find the exit.\" As Chen Ge turned around, he saw an additional figure sitting on the chair behind him. He was curled on the seat, as if preparing something. The light in theater was dark, if not for his Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge would not have noticed this person.

At the same time, the crying became more obvious until it sounded like it was ringing in their ears. The few visitors were panicking as they hurried to find the exit.

As long as they can help me find the exit, that's fine. That will save me some time so that I can explore the scenario further.

Chen Ge purposely walked around the hiding spot of the person before heading to down the other direction, making the person feel lucky that they had not been discovered.

The combination of forty scenarios means that no one knows what will happen next. I can make use of this in two ways-I can have my own employees to assume the role of a projection to follow the Haunted House workers, or I can take the roles of the actors myself to chase after the visitors.

Chen Ge scanned the walls of theater. It was covered in posters from many classic horror movies, like Saw, Doctor Skull-cracker, and Jack the Ripper.

\"I agree that the occupation of volunteer worker matches me, but everyone knows that will only serve as a pastime...\"