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952 Giving a Class to the Young Boss

 The overloading of the data by the central computer caused the system to lag. This was something that no one had expected.

\"When your people came to challenge my Haunted House, I provided the perfect service and served them to the best of my ability. Now that I've come here to challenge your Haunted House, before it's even started, the machine broke, and your designer even shoved me out of the way earlier.\" Chen Ge pointed at Qing Ming. \"I'm not the kind to hold on to grudges, so I shall forgive that slight. I only have one question to ask-when will this be ready?\"

As Chen Ge dropped these cynical remarks, he walked around with the camera like this was his own home, and that naturally caused the workers at the futuristic theme park to get angry.

\"Isn't it your fault that this has happened?\" one of the visitors who was supposed to challenge the Haunted House with Chen Ge growled darkly.

\"How is this my fault?\" Chen Ge fetched one of the workers and pointed the camera at him. \"Bro, you can represent the futuristic theme park. Tell the viewers, is this my fault? Don't feel pressured. Just say what you believe is the truth before millions of viewers.\"

\"This... this is indeed not your fault. It is because our theme park failed to foresee this possibility. Sorry, Mr. Chen, you'll have to wait a moment longer.\" The worker then hurried away as if worried that he would fail to control his expression anymore. Chen Ge wanted to say something else when he noticed that the workers at the theme park all used random excuses to stay away from him, and no one dared to even meet his gaze. The lights at the entrance kept flickering. The control panel could not be used, and it showed that it was loading. Visitors were escorted out from the three exits of the Haunted House, and the workers kept apologizing to them.

\"The system is still combining the scenarios; you'll need to wait for a while.\" Qing Ming's face was dark. He took seven black wrist bands from the counter. \"We might as well use this time to explain the rules to all of you.\"

He gave each visitor one wrist band.

\"This wrist band will show your body temperature and heartbeat. When your heartbeat goes over a certain limit, our people will come and lead you out, so no matter what happens, do not remove the band. The account that you registered earlier can be used to activate the wrist band, and each activation will employ you in a random occupation. Each occupation has different abilities, and using them reasonably will help complete the mission much faster.\"

After the explanation, the visitors activated the wrist band.

\"So, my occupation is a detective?\" A man with glasses looked at the band. \"Whenever I enter a new scenario, the band will send me a message, telling me a clue hidden inside the scenario.\"

\"I am a doctor. If my teammate's heartbeat goes over the limit, I can use my power to stop the workers from forcibly taking them away. This ability can only be used once. It will be important to clear the scenario, but it might be dangerous,\" a woman with long black hair who stood behind glasses said. She looked more like an office worker. When this lady spoke, the other visitors naturally lowered their eyes like they were afraid of her.

\"I'm also a doctor.\"

\"This is such a coincidence, me too.\"

All three female visitors were doctors. At this point, Chen Ge realized that the supposed randomization as fake like everything else. The doctor's ability could only be used on their teammates. When one was scared until they fainted, with the presence of a doctor, the workers would not come.

So, they wish to scare me over the limit three times. Chen Ge looked at the band, and his action was noticed by all the other visitors.

\"Hey, what's your occupation?\" The man with the glasses was curious.

\"Me?\" Chen Ge did not keep it a secret and showed them his band. \"My occupation is volunteer worker. I have no power. It only says, 'likes to help those in need, is spontaneous and casual'.\"

\"Volunteer worker... is there an occupation like that?\" A very fashionable man laughed. \"My occupation is police officer. When the murderer comes near, my wrist band will receive a warning message.\"

\"Friend, you should be careful. I've seen many similar scenes in horror movies where volunteer workers go into an abandoned home to help others but end up being killed by the ghost hidden inside the old house. Normally, the volunteer worker is the first to die,\" the young man who stood at the back said. He looked like he was still in school, but the man was cunning and did not reveal his occupation.

\"Thank you for your concern.\" Most main characters of horror movies were detectives, police officers, and doctors. Volunteer workers were among the many extras, but Chen Ge did not mind that. He was not one to care about the rules. If he was ostracized by the visitors, he would not hesitate to join the enemy camp. Then, the people of the futuristic theme park would realize who would be scaring whom.

\"You don't seem to be worried at all.\" The woman with long hair appeared to dislike Chen Ge. \"I've followed your bet with Liu Gang on the internet. I know you've already prepared to get scared until you faint, so you came alone and challenged the highest difficulty. That way, even if you lose, you won't lose that much face. That's your plan, isn't it?\"

\"I'm shocked that you see through my so cleverly-devised plan. Yes, I am so scared,\" Chen Ge replied snidely. He was too lazy to deal with these people and walked up Qing Ming. \"I am livestreaming, so before millions of viewers, I just want to confirm with you, what do I need to do to clear the scenario?\"

\"The normal scenario will have a main mission. Since more than forty scenarios have been combined together, the preset missions will be a mess, so you will only need to find the hidden exit within sixty minutes to clear the scenario.\" With so many viewers watching, Qing Ming did not dare to make any false claims.

\"So, I only need to find the exit? No matter what kind of strategy I use?\" Chen Ge lowered his head to arrange his backpack.

\"Of course. Our theme park utilizes the latest technology, combining the real and the fake seamlessly to create a horror world. As long as you do not harm the workers and other visitors, you can do anything you want.\" Qing Ming wished to do more promotion for his Haunted House on Chen Ge's livestream, so he did not notice the scary glow that passed by Chen Ge's eyes.

\"Remember what you said.\"

Hearing the difference in Chen Ge's tone, Qing Ming wanted to add something else when the control panel made a sound, and eighty percent of the lights inside the Reincarnation Haunted House went off.

\"The generation of the scenario is completed!\" Qing Ming signaled for everyone to gather around him. \"One last check of your wrist band, and I will bring you into the Haunted House!\"

He opened a door, and there was a row of seats. \"Please take your seat and put on the safety belt.\"

There was no light. It was almost complete darkness.

\"You're livestreaming, so hold onto your phone.\" After inspecting the safety belt, Qing Ming walked out and closed the door. Darkness resumed, and one could not see anything. Crying slowly appeared from the darkness. As they tried to determine the source of the crying, the row of chairs started to turn.

Wish to confuse my sense of direction? The chairs turned downward and stopped after ten seconds. The scenario is underground?

His feet stepped on the ground, and Chen Ge felt much better. Moments later, some light appeared before his eyes.

Then he observed his surroundings. They appeared to be sitting inside a mini movie theater, facing a big screen.