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942 New Nightmare Mission

 Looking at the passing cars, Chen Ge held two cups of milk tea and walked down the secluded path. From the conversation with the girl, he found out that she was a student from the School of the Afterlife, and other than herself, there were many lost students who were wandering around the city because they had nowhere else to go.

"Do you know their location? We'll bring them back." The girl did not reject Chen Ge's suggestion. They first returned to New Century Park to grab Yan Danian's comic and then went searching for the other homeless children. They busied themselves until midnight, and by then, there were about sixty lingering spirits of homeless students in the comic. They were mostly from the same class as the girl. Most of the students had already given up, waiting for the sunlight to disperse them, but Chen Ge had shown up before then.

"Do you have any friends who might need help?" Chen Ge patiently confirmed with every student. After making sure that he had not missed anyone, he returned to New Century Park. He summoned Ol' Zhou, Duan Yue, and Ol' Bai and had them introduce the Haunted House to the children, settling them into the School of the Afterlife scenario. This four-star scenario had a serious lack of employee, so the arrival of these students helped Chen Ge solve a big problem.

"If only you guys had come a day earlier... oh well, this is Liu Gang's loss for his inability to experience the true terror of this four-star scenario."

After settling the students in, Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom. "I'm going to the futuristic theme park tomorrow. I'd better get to sleep early today."

After switching off the light, Chen Ge hugged the white cat in bed and took out the black phone to look out of habit. It was already midnight, and the daily quests had been refreshed. As he scrolled through the black phone, Chen Ge suddenly sat up in bed.

The three new quests were...

"Recruitment (Normal Difficulty): As the scenarios expand, you need more employees. Please recruit three new employees before dusk tomorrow.

"Safety Precautions (Medium Difficulty): Please install at least twenty surveillance cameras inside the new scenario, the School of the Afterlife.

"Neighbor (Nightmare Difficulty): You wouldn't have expected this since you rarely return home. The day before your parents disappeared, something terrible happened at your home. I know you are curious about what happened. Perhaps you can ask your neighbor about it."

Chen Ge's eyes focused on the nightmare daily mission. He had not seen one in a long time. The normal daily mission exhausted time and effort while providing average rewards, but Nightmare Missions were different. This type of mission was very dangerous, but it was a mission that would reward Chen Ge with a supernatural power. In the previous nightmare missions, Chen Ge had obtained the Mortician Skill, Yin Yang Vision, Living Doll, and Ghost Ear. Every single one of these abilities had helped him greatly. Other than that, Chen Ge realized something about the nightmare missions; all of them were related to his parents, and they all seemed to contain hints to his parents' disappearance.

"If I do not accept it, the daily mission will refresh at midnight tomorrow." Chen Ge looked at the time; it was 00:44.

"Such perfect timing." After giving it some thought, Chen Ge pointed at the Nightmare Mission.

"Lucky Specter's Favored, are you going to accept the Nightmare Difficulty Daily Mission? The mission is extremely dangerous!'


After confirming it, the details of the mission appeared on the black phone.

"Neighbor (Nightmare Mission): Please search for an apartment with more than fifteen floors in Eastern Jiujiang. Said building should also satisfy these two conditions: possess a basement and lack the fourteenth floor.

"After finding the location, please enter the staircase at 2 am. The moment you step onto the stairs, you must close both eyes. Successfully climb from the first floor to the top floor, and when the mission is completed and your eyes are opened, you will see the thing you wish to see.

"Warning: Nightmare Missions have to be completed alone. Accompaniment of any Specters, spirits, or items related to the Haunted House are forbidden!

"Hint: Before you reach the top floor, no matter what you hear, smell, or touch, do not open your eyes! That is the only way for you to survive!"

Chen Ge memorized the details. He repeated it many times, but he did not get it. Why would such a mission be called Neighbor?

"Does it mean that when I close my eyes and climb from the ground floor to the top floor, I will run into neighbors?"

It sounded easy, but it would be hard to put into action. Under those circumstances, a normal person would habitually open their eyes if there was any commotion around them.

"The Nightmare Missions that I have accepted before did not have a specific location. Only this mission needs me to go to Eastern Jiujiang, but that place is where my parents strictly forbade me from going before."

The mission had been accepted; it was too late to regret it. Chen Ge took out his phone to look for the building that might match the conditions. He typed in the keywords, and the search result soon arrived.

"Jiang Yuan Apartments?"

Looking at the name of the residential area, Chen Ge's brows were screwed together. He was familiar with this place. When he was small, when his parents first arrived in Jiujiang, they had rented a home there. Only after he started primary school did they moved from Eastern Jiujiang to Western Jiujiang. In other words, until he was six, he lived in Jiang Yuan Apartments in Eastern Jiujiang,

Honestly, he could not recall the reason for their move. Chen Ge tried to remember it, but all he could recollect was a hazy rain. All the other memories that Chen Ge had of Jiang Yuan Apartments came from newspapers and the television. Many horrible things had happened in that area after they moved away. What kind of incident, he had already forgotten. He could only remember that whenever he tried to bring up Jiang Yuan Apartments, his parents would try their best to change the subject.

Twenty years had passed since then. The original Jiang Yuan Apartments had been levelled. The new Jiang Yuan Apartments no longer had the old small apartments but two seventeen-floor service apartments. The two buildings faced each other, but strangely enough, only one of them had been occupied. The other building had not finished work due to various reasons.

The current Jiang Yuan Apartments was far more famous than its previous itineration, but it was all due to negative news. According to the internet, there had been many tenants who committed suicide there. Ever since the apartments were built, the number of tenants had only decreased. When one passed it at night, only a few lights were on.

"The building has seventeen floors and a basement. To avoid any taboos, the developer skipped over the fourteenth floor, so the next floor after thirteen is the fifteenth floor." Chen Ge looked at the information that he had found. "This building fits the black phone's requirements perfectly. I suspect it purposely directed me to this place.

"The place that I used to stay at has been demolished, and now that I have grown up, I have to return there to find my old neighbor through this kind of method?"

Chen Ge had a feeling the neighbor that he was looking for would not be alive anymore.