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932 Lets Be Friends

 After reading Chen Ge's reply, Duan Yue deleted all the messages instantly, and then she and Ol' Zhou retreated more than five meters away together. The curious visitors still gathered at the backdoor. The bravest Small Ghost slowly entered the classroom. "The student was standing in the middle of the room. All of you saw that, right?"

Sister Ghost nodded.

"There has to be a hidden path. The classroom is so dark, and there is such much trash here. there are many places one can use to hide." Then she looked around. "Didn't you realize this classroom is different from the rest? There are many extra things; it's like a storeroom."

The classroom was indeed strange. There were red symbols on the blackboard, and every table was covered in carved words. The drawers were stuffed with bulging schoolbags. Some of the bags had black and red stains, and some had something that looked suspiciously like hair pushed out from the zipper.

Next to the tables, the deep blue curtains covered the windows thickly, but there was a human shape protruding out from under the curtain. Strange paintings hung on the walls. It was unclear whom the painted characters were, but the more one studied them, the more one would feel the eyes of the painted person were following them. The old fan above their heads twirled lazily. The blades of the fan were wrapped in white cloth, and it creaked noisily like it would fall at any moment.

A lot of paper littered the ground, and upon closer inspection, one would realize it was mixed with death money. Everything mentioned so far was considered normal; the most eye-catching thing about this classroom was the front few rows. There was an old-fashioned box television next to the podium. It was not connected to anything, but the signal light for it was on. On the other side of the podium, there was a mirror the size of an adult, and the mirror was reflecting this creepy classroom.

"I've read a similar ghost story before. It says that each old school will have a classroom that is not open for students. It will be filled with trash. The school will say that the classroom has been transformed into a storeroom, but in reality, someone has died in the classroom before," Big Ghost said evenly. He looked around and added, "Or perhaps more than one person has died."

"Yes, I feel like everything in here has a story behind it."

When the few were discussing, the television next to the podium suddenly activated on its own. The screen that was filled with static gave off this shrill sound. It sounded like many people chatting over each other. Due to the old device, the sound was heavily distorted.

"Is the worker controlling it?" The screen flickered several times before it returned to normal. Black and white pictures appeared on the screen.

"Something seems to be written on it."

"What does it say?"

"Let's go to take a look. Remember to bring the camera."

Other than Bai Buhui, the rest carefully moved closer to the television.

"Have you found the actor? Don't waste time. Come out now!" Bai Buhui stood alone outside. When he spoke, he did not forget to glance at Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue. When he realized that they had retreated far away from him, he was even more assured that they were normal visitors. If they were actors, that would have been the time to strike.

"Don't rush us. This classroom is very unique. It might have things we are looking for." Small Ghost looked at the screen where the following was written-'Tonight something strange happened at this school. The student who is supposed to be dead has returned.'

The words floated on the screen. There was no additional explanation, but it had a chilling effect on the viewers. As the viewers' attention was pulled to the screen, the image suddenly flickered, and it changed to show this classroom, and their figures appeared on screen inside the television.

"Is there a surveillance camera in here?" Small Ghost reacted quickly. But even though he followed the angle, he could not see the camera. "How is this achieved?"

Just as they were confused by this, the fans at the back of the classroom started to turn on, seemingly on their own. The white cloth that dangled from them was strapped tight like there was someone dangling from the white cloth.

"Look at the television!" Sister Ghost screamed, and they all turned to the screen. Inside the black and white image, there was someone hanging from the spinning fan at the back of the classroom!

The fan was too old to support the weight of a dead body. The fan in the screen turned several times before it dropped from its hinges!


A loud crash came from the back of the classroom in real life. The fan at the back of the classroom had crashed to the ground!

"How is this possible? Someone has to be controlling everything behind the scenes! That has to be it!"

They were panicking, but something scarier happened. The student in a strange uniform stood up inside the television. He looked at Small Ghost and Big Ghost, who were gathered together, and slowly moved toward them. The student was not visible in real life, but they could see the tables and chairs being moved apart like someone was really heading their way!

The temperature in the classroom dropped. On the TV, the male student had already walked to stand before Small Ghost and Big Ghost. Small Ghost was so nervous he forgot how to breathe; the arrogance on his face had long disappeared. He gritted his teeth and slowly grabbed the chair behind him and used it to swing at the air before him.

"Go to hell!" The chair landed on the table but not on a person.

"So, it was fake." Small Ghost dropped the chair and turned back to the television. The male student had disappeared from the screen as well.

"How come he also disappeared from the screen? Has he gone into hiding?" The few leaned closer to the screen to look for the male student when a male crawled out from underneath the television!

"Let's be friends! Let's be friends! Let's be friends!" An urgent and shrill voice came from the television. The student's face kept rearranging itself, and a strange phenomenon appeared in the classroom.

"Go! Leave!" No one cared about clues at that moment. They rushed toward the classroom exit. They did not even switch the television off.

"Let's be friends! Let's be friends! There's no way for you to escape!"

The male student disappeared from the screen. The tables and chairs turned like someone was following behind them closely.

"Run!" Sister Ghost's voice was sharp. She was the first to escape the classroom and shouted at Bai Buhui.

Bai Buhui did not know what had happened, but based on Sister Ghost's reaction, it could not be anything good. Without asking, he turned and ran. Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue, who stood far away, reacted even faster. Before Sister Ghost left the classroom, they were already several meters down the corridor.

"Slow down, you two! We need to be together to be safe!"

Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue ignored the people behind them. They ran and led their teammates deeper into the education block.