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929 When We Arrived, We Only Saw This Camera Lying on the Ground

 "Stop! Wait for me!" Liu Gang pressed his hands against his waist. He really could not run anymore. "The ghost didn't come after us! There's no need to keep running!"

Hearing that, the few racing young people finally stopped.

"Eh? Where is Brother Dong‽" Ah Li turned and only then realized that Lan Dong was not with them. The group of five had turned into a group of four.

"Has Lan Dong been captured by the ghost? When I ran earlier, I believe I heard him scream." Muscle gasped for air.

"That's not important. Where is your camera‽" Liu Gang pointed at Muscle and started to curse. "Motherf*cker! Why are you guys so afraid‽ There are five of us!"

"Brother Gang, you can't possibly blame me for that. It was not me who ran first." Muscle pointed at Xiao Chun. "The girl was the first to run. If I didn't follow, I might've ended up like Lan Dong."

"Listen to me." Xiao Chun's face was pale. "I've been sensitive to this kind of thing since I was young. Sometimes, I feel chills that come from nowhere. When I was small, my father took me to see the elder at the village, and the elder told him that I have the body that would attract haunted things. Whenever I feel chills, it means that those things are coming."

Xiao Chun's voice was stammering. "Do you know? When that headless woman appeared, my whole body was frozen like I was dropped in ice."

"You mean to say that headless actor was an actual ghost?" Liu Gang's frown was creased. He did not believe in such superstition.

"It might not necessarily be a ghost. Perhaps the actor is wearing an outfit of the dead, or something is possessing it. In any case, we need to stay away from that headless woman!" Xiao Chun said firmly.

"Avoiding her is no problem, but the camera is still back there." Liu Gang glared at Muscle. "We're here for the livestream, and now you've lost the camera. What will the viewers think? You're making me out to be such a big coward."

The more he thought about it, he madder he became. Liu Gang flipped open the fan. "Before we came, each of you gloated about how good you are, but when there's real trouble, every one of you runs faster than the rest!"

"Brother Gang, calm down. We did panic earlier. How about we turn back now?" Ah Li hugged the wooden box. He still had good stamina. "Brother Dong is still behind us. We'll go back to help him."

"If you want to go back, go ahead. I'm not going." Muscle shook his head. "We originally had six people, and in less than ten minutes, we lost two. If we continued to move alone, we'll only be eliminated by the Haunted House. Honestly, if not for Brother Gang, I would have surrendered already."

"Then what do you think we should do now?" Ah Li was worried about Lan Dong's safety.

"We should contact Bai Buhui first and gather. It won't be so scary when they are so many of us." Muscle was being rational. "We'll ignore Lan Dong for now. If he didn't suggest for us to split up, we wouldn't end up in this situation."

Muscle was quick to push the blame, but since the others did not say anything, they approved of what he said silently.

"Okay, I'll call Bai Buhui now." Liu Gang took out his phone to call Bai Buhui. "Bai Buhui, where are you guys?"

"What's wrong?" On the other end, Bai Buhui's voice sounded normal. They did not seem to have run into anything too scary.

"Come and meet up with us now. We are..." Liu Gang looked around to see where they were. They had been running like crazy, so they had lost their way. "Never mind, we'll meet up at the junction between the staff dormitory and the office block."

"The staff dormitory? Aren't you currently in the lab building?" Bai Buhui's voice had a chilly undercurrent. When he heard that, Liu Gang was shocked.

"Are you dreaming? We just ran out from the staff dormitory!"

"That's impossible! We were worried about you, so we've been following you. We have been following your footsteps. Just now, the footsteps entered the lab building, and Small Ghost even said that he saw you guys." After that was revealed, both sides had an uncanny feeling.

"They are Haunted House actors! Get back here now! We'll go to the staff dormitory together!" Liu Gang pulled at his head of hair that was not that thick to begin with.

"Wait, why should we head to the staff dormitory?" Bai Buhui was highly suspicious. "I hear the actors here are very good at mimicking people's voices..."

"Mimic your head! Get over here now!" Liu Gang was going to blow his top.

"Fine, stay where you are. We'll be there in ten minutes." Bai Buhui could sense the breakdown from Liu Gang, so he made to move. After hanging up, Liu Gang's eyes were red. "The four of us cannot be separated anymore. No matter what happens, there is no need to be afraid!"

"Yes, Brother Gang is right." Muscle and Ah Li nodded.

"We'll retrace our path. The female ghost should be distracted by Lan Dong at the moment. Our main aim is to take back the camera!" When the group were giving each other a pep talk, there came the sound of blood dripping from the corridor. The sound echoed in their mind, and they could hear it clearly even if they put their hands over their ears. Xiao Chun's face paled instantly. She subconsciously wanted to run, but her slender arm was pulled back by Liu Gang. "Stop running. You are just scaring yourself. When you face her in reality, you'll realize it's nothing!"

Liu Gang gripped Xiao Chun in one hand and Ah Li in another. "Let her come! We'll stand right here and see what she can do to us!"

"Don't! Let go!" Xiao Chun's scalp was numb, and a chill pierced through her bones. The three stood at the front, but Muscle quietly took a step back. He took out his phone to see the messages from the male assistant.

"Why aren't any of you here yet? I'll wait three more minutes."

"Found the hidden path!"

"The hidden path is on the second floor of the library, behind the last row of mirrors. I'll go in to take a look first."

"Phew, that was not easy! Oh, sunlight, I've missed you!"

The last message was a picture of sunlight filtering through a boarded-up window. Seeing that picture, Muscle stopped hesitating. He slowed down but continued to retreat. To maintain his image before his viewers, Liu Gang would never run, so he could only abandon him. Even though it was shameful to abandon Liu Gang, the male assistant had already abandoned him, so the most shameful person should be that assistant. With that in mind, the pressure on Muscle lessened. He walked faster and faster and accidentally kicked a small pebble. The sound from behind caused Xiao Chun, Ah Li, and Liu Gang to turn their heads. They looked at Muscle, who was several meters away, and tried to process this information.

"I know where the exit is! Follow me!" Ignoring the awkwardness, Muscle picked up his pace. Ah Li swiftly abandoned Liu Gang and chased after Muscle.

"You guys!" Xiao Chun's body was frozen. The chill caused her to shiver. She was sure that the woman who was coming was haunted or cursed, and it was not just a normal chill-she was an existence that was harder to describe. Due to their previous experience, she was more afraid than before. The Red Specter slowly approached, with the sound of blood dripping leading the way. When Xiao Chun saw the head in her embrace, her mind collapsed. The piercing scream echoed down the corridor. Bai Buhui's group, who were heading toward staff dormitory, heard it as well.

"That's the girl who doesn't like to speak! This is not good!" The five rushed to the staff dormitory and saw two figures standing at the corridor from afar.

"Liu Gang!" Bai Buhui rushed over, but when he got closer, he realized that they were not Liu Gang but the other visitors. One of them was the middle-aged man and the other appeared to be his wife.

"Have you seen Liu Gang? The man who had the folding fan?" Bai Buhui was not worried about Liu Gang's safety; he was worried that Chen Ge's Haunted House might use Liu Gang to turn the tables on them.

"I have no clue." The middle-aged man looked confounded. "We came here after hearing the scream, but when we arrived, we only saw this camera lying on the ground."