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928 He Started It!

 The exit was blocked, and the barking became clearer. Liu Gang's group was completely flustered.

"We've been tricked! Be careful!"

"Where did the barking come from?"

"Don't panic! There are five of us! Even if the actor comes out now, there is nothing to be afraid of!"

"The Haunted House wouldn't set a puzzle that can't be solved! There must be some clues hidden around here! Go and search!"

When the group was fumbling around, it was the only female in the group who stepped forth to say, "There are two pairs of slippers in the shoe rack with different sizes, two water cups on the dining table with two sizes, and look at the greeting card on the sofa!"

Xiao Chun held the card that she had just found, and the ink on it was still drying-'Happy birthday to my daughter! You've always wanted a pet, so today, daddy will gift you a big dog!'

"The big dog is Mr. Bai's present for his daughter! The barking should come from one of the rooms! We can't stay here for too long! We have to figure out a way to leave!" Xiao Chun rushed to the door and pulled on it. With a click, the door slid open. Everyone in the room was stunned.

"The door... isn't locked?" This small prank made the panicking people flushed with embarrassment. Liu Gang coughed drily. "Let's leave this place first."

The barking grew louder, and the weak light in the room started to flicker as a large shadow appeared on the wall.

Muscle was the first to run out of the room, but he did not get far before he stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"Brother Gang, look! In the middle of the corridor!" There was a child's mannequin sitting in the middle of the corridor. They had seen this mannequin on the stairs of the male dormitory earlier!

"The ghost baby?" The scary head sat on the shoulders, and the round eyes stared behind Muscle and Liu Gang. "Why is it following us? Was it him who closed the door?"

The more Muscle thought about it, the more scared he became. Even the camera was shaking. The livestream chatroom had exploded, but Liu Gang had no time to care about it. He realized that the mannequin's eyes were like human eyes, capable of expressing emotion.

"Look at the mannequin's eyes, they seem to be following someone!" Liu Gang turned around, following the mannequin's gaze, and saw Lan Dong, who was the last to exit the room. "The mannequin is after vengeance! Lan Dong took its key and tried to pull its head off!"

"Why are you all looking at me like that?" Lan Dong wore thick, black-rimmed glasses. He walked toward Liu Gang and Muscle, but the two stepped swiftly away from him.

"Xiao Dong, I think the mannequin is here for you." Muscle immediately tossed the responsibility to Lan Dong.

"For me?" When Lan Dong saw the mannequin, the hair on his body stood on end, but he maintained his cool. "You've all been manipulated by the Haunted House. It's clear that it was the worker who moved the mannequin here, and it was also the worker who closed the door."

"Brother Dong, listen to me, I think you should return the keys to the ghost baby. Certain things shouldn't be taken without permission." Xiao Chun tried her best to persuade her friend, but Lan Dong was stubborn.

"The appearance of the ghost baby has to be the doing of a worker. The fact that they did this only confirms the importance of the ring of keys!" Lan Dong held the keys and looked down on the mannequin. "If he is really a ghost, why doesn't he come after me and get the keys from me!"

As he finished, Lan Dong felt a pull on his neck like something had curled around his neck and was trying to yank his head off!

With shaking hands, the keys dropped to the ground. Lan Dong held his neck with both of his hands, and his face was turning purple.

"Brother Dong‽" Liu Gang and Muscle were stunned into motionlessness. It was Ah Li who reacted the fastest. He took out Lin Sisi's phone and aimed it at Lan Dong. "Above your head!"

In the screen, there was a girl stepping on Lan Dong's shoulders, using both of her hands to pull on Lan Dong's head!

"The ghost baby is real!" The camaraderie between brothers seemed to shatter in that moment. While holding the phone, Ah Li swiftly retreated, and then he saw the shadow behind Lan Dong starting to twist and transform! In that desperate situation, when everyone was panicking, something worse happened!

From the end of the corner came the crawling of blood vines, and an indescribable pressure overwhelmed them. Their hearts beat like they were about to jump out of their chests. With approaching footsteps, a blood red figure turned the corner. She was hugging her own head, walking at an even speed.

"What is that?"

Instinctive human fear kicked in, and the terror that they had collected since entering the Haunted House exploded in that moment.

"Run!" Xiao Chun had superhuman sensitivity. She was the first to run away from the headless woman, and she did not hesitate. Following her was Ah Li. The poor brother Li had not recovered from the terror that he had seen on the screen, and now he was surprised by this visit from a headless woman. He pushed Lin Sisi's phone into his pocket, carried the wooden box with the oil painting, and ran.

"Stand your ground! Don't panic! Muscle, go and stop it! We're livestreaming. Millions of users are watching this!" Liu Gang still thought that he was managing the situation, but no one was listening to him. Before Liu Gang finished, he saw Muscle put down the camera and leap away to safety.

"Come back here!" Liu Gang was so angry that his face was twisted. He turned back to look, and the headless woman had gotten closer. Liu Gang said that he was not afraid, but his body had started to move on its own. The last thing the camera captured was Liu Gang running away.

"F*ck! Wait for me!" Lan Dong wanted to run too, but he could not move his feet like there was a pair of hands inside his shadow gripping his legs. The headless woman was approaching. With a grit of his teeth, Lan Dong turned to hide inside Mr. Bai's room.


He closed the door, but before he could relax, he saw something terrifying-the ghost baby was standing in the middle of the living room!

"When did you get in here‽" He sat down to the ground. Lan Dong's mind was muddled, and the barking resumed. He turned subconsciously around and saw the bedroom door being pushed open, and a broken and bloody mannequin fell into his arms. Before he could scream, he saw a big black dog staring at him from inside the bedroom, and the next second, it lunged at him!

"AH!" Lan Dong used the last vestige of his energy to grab the door and pull it open!

When the door opened, a woman's face appeared before him. There was a sick beauty to the face, but Lan Dong soon realized something-he was lying on the ground. He slowly raised his head, and the last thing he remembered was a red dress.

"He... he... help me..."

The Red Specter at the door did not leave. The head that she was holding scanned the room seriously. She strode into the room and grabbed the ghost baby in the living room. The cold hands reached into the mannequin. She wiggled her fingers. The mannequin split in two, and the exquisitely-made doll that was hiding inside fell out. It was Xiaoxiao, who had been given free reign to wander around the Haunted House.

After seeing the headless woman, Xiaoxiao did not say anything. She tried to quietly crawl away but was stopped by the headless woman. The headless woman pointed at the marks around Lan Dong's neck. She then searched inside her dress and took out a few pages that were stuck together. The title was the Haunted House worker handbook. Turning the pages, the headless woman's finger moved to the eighth clause.

'Physical interaction between workers and visitors is strictly forbidden!'

Xiaoxiao leaned on top of the black dog's head and hid behind its ears. The fluffy ears covered her eyes, and that way, she could not see anything. Looking at the rascally Xiaoxiao, the headless woman turned the handbook again and pointed at the twelfth clause.

'The violation of any rules will lead to the corresponding punishment.'

Now, Xiaoxiao was panicking. She pointed at Lan Dong, and her hands closed around her own neck as if saying that he started it first.

Seeing this, the headless woman shook her head helplessly. She nuzzled Xiaoxiao's head. Then she dragged Lan Dong out of the room and disappeared down the corridor.