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924 Fog in a Young Mans Life

 "413? This number is familiar. I think I saw it on the paper notes around the ghost baby." Lan Dong took out the ring of keys from his pocket. "A student saw the ghost baby in the corner of the stairs when he was going to Room 413, so if one of these keys can open the door, then it can indirectly prove that my analysis so far is correct."

"The red light that just entered the room hasn't come out. If you go in now, you might run into it." Muscle had been the first to discover the red light, and he advised the man softly.

"We've been here for so long, but we haven't seen any Haunted House workers. It's about time for us to meet." Lan Dong pushed on his black-rimmed glasses. His dark eyes were hidden under the thick glasses; no one could tell what he was thinking. "There are four of us and one of them. We can block them inside the room and give the viewers a chance to see what a worker here looks like."

"Aren't you afraid?" Muscle was large, but in the dark corridor, even he was panicking.

"Isn't there such a statement online? The best solution to deal with your fears is to face them. I am helping you face your fears now." Lan Dong laughed joyfully. He seemed satisfied with his performance. With the keys, they stopped at the door to Room 413. "Muscle, are you sure the thing ran into this room?"

"It was caught on camera. If you don't believe me, you can ask the viewers." Many people in Liu Gang's livestream had seen the red light. They were given quite a fright in broad daylight.

"It's not that I don't trust you. Relax, we're here to visit a Haunted House, to play." Lan Dong tried the keys one by one. "This place is a bit scary, but it's far less scary than the places we've been to test our bravery. After all, this is just lackluster mimicry of the real thing."


With a crisp sound, the door unlocked.

"I was right." Lan Dong held the doorknob. "Where do you think the worker will hide to scare us? Behind the door? Under the bed? Or around the corner?"

Lan Dong sounded like he purposely said those things to the person in the room. His lips were curled up. He turned to look at the rest of the group. "Why aren't any of you speaking?"

"Brother Dong, I think we'd better not stay in the basement for too long. Xiao Chun has always had accurate instincts..." Ah Li was the more cautious one.

"You really don't understand the joy of exploring a Haunted House at all. Running into a scare that you didn't expect in an unknown location is such an exciting thing!" Obtaining the key item from the ghost baby and solving any puzzle had caused Lan Dong to become a bit bloated with pride. "This is how your clear a Haunted House. Try to enjoy the rush of solving puzzles and release your everyday stress."

Pushing the door open, Lan Dong scanned his phone around. The room looked normal at first glance, but upon closer inspection, one would realize that there were many extremely harrowing things hidden in the room. There were bloody pajamas hanging by the door, and a blade poked out under the pillow. It was a male dormitory, but there were female shoes next to the bed, but none of them matched, which proved that they were not for walking. Textbooks and exercise books littered the ground, and most of them had the same name-Lin Sisi. The cupboard had signs of being carved, and the frame of the innermost bed was dyed red by blood. Of the whole dormitory room, only that bed was piled high with trash and rubbish.

"Stop hiding, come out now!" Lan Dong yelled into the room, but he got no response. He looked behind the door, pulled open the door, and opened all the cupboards, but he could not find the red light.

"Cameraman, are you sure that thing came into this room?"

"I saw it with my own eyes. I'm not mistaken."

Lan Dong nodded, and his pupils darted away. When he walked into the deepest part of the room, he suddenly bent over to look under the bed. "The underside of the bed is normally where the dirty things hide."

Lan Dong was not afraid that his clothes might be dirtied. He wanted to find the actor and see for himself how scary they could be to scare the male assistant like that.

"Why isn't he here?" Lan Dong touched his nose. "I know, there is a hidden path in this room, and the actor uses it to move through the different scenes." He looked around and saw that there were human shadows on the walls. Every shadow was pinned to the wall by many nails.

"Why are there so many nails on the wall? Is this a hint for the hidden path?" Lan Dong's attention was attracted by the nails on the wall. He crawled onto the bed to look at them from a closer distance. The others also started to wander about the room. Ah Li picked up the tattered exercise book and found the name on the book. "Who is Lin Sisi?"

After more searching, Ah Li realized that many things in the room were related to Lin Sisi. The dirtiest bed had Lin Sisi's name, and the most broken cupboard had Lin Sisi's name.

"School bullying? The design of this haunted house even reflect actual societal problems?" Ah Li checked Lin Sisi's bed and found a phone underneath a water-stained pillow. "What the... A phone is used as a prop? Is the boss not afraid that his visitors might steal the phone?"

"I've never heard of a Haunted House using a phone as a prop, probably because the actor escaped in too much of a hurry and left it behind," Liu Gang said to the camera with a smile.

"It doesn't look that way." Ah Li tried to switch it on, and the screen soon lit up. "It works fine?"

"I told you, it belongs to the Haunted House actor. The workers here are too unprofessional." Liu Gang held the fan, but there was curiosity in his eyes. "The phone probably has the conversation between the worker and the boss. They must be communicating with each other on how to scare us."

"It doesn't have that," Ah Li answered honestly. "The phone only has four functions: messages, making calls, camera, and photo album. There is no password, and..." Ah Li pressed on the screen and scanned the phone. "There is a message in the phone that says that this phone can capture things that normal people cannot see... Ah!"

He was just giving it a try, but when the phone turned to the bed where Lan Dong was, his suddenly screamed. His hands shivered, and the phone dropped.

Lan Dong, who was kneeling on the bed, was scared by Ah Li. He whipped his head back to yell, "Why did you do that?"

"Brother Dong!" Ah Li's face was pale, and he stuttered, "When I used the phone to look at you, I saw a doll crawling on your neck. She grabbed you by your neck like she was trying to yank your head off."

Room 413 sank into silence. Lan Dong's Adam's apple shivered, and he subconsciously touched his neck.