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912 Headlines!

 "Director Luo needs a highly difficult mission, and this mission that I designed will be able to satisfy him." Chen Ge stayed at the School of the Afterlife until dawn. To perfect this four-star scenario, he had not slept a wink. "One has to wear the band designed by Director Luo to enter this scenario so that the doctors can rush to save them at first notice."

After the underground morgue was unlocked, Chen Ge had grown more courageous. As long as Doctor Wei said it was okay, he dared to do it. Hugging the white cat out of the scenario, Chen Ge left tired, but his brain was active. "Am I sick?"

Since the School of the Afterlife was unlocked, the reward that correspond to that scenario should have unlocked as well. Putting the white cat down, Chen Ge entered the dressing room and found Lin Sisi's phone and Zhang Ya's bedtime story in an unassuming wooden box in the corner of the room. He had used Lin Sisi's phone before, so there was nothing to be said. He opened the phone to look at it, and it contained a lot of information related to Lin Sisi and the video of him being bullied.

"This thing belongs to Lin Sisi. I'd better keep it." Chen Ge did not delete anything on the phone but used the comic to summon Tong Tong. "Can you possess this phone?"

After trying, Tong Tong nodded.

"Okay then, I'll leave Lin Sisi's phone in your care. Tomorrow, when visitors enter the school, just follow my instructions." Chen Ge handed Lin Sisi's phone to Tong Tong, who looked like he had just gained a new toy. However, Chen Ge was reminded of something else. Once he entered the School of the Afterlife, Chen Ge had been knocked unconscious, and Chang Wenyu had stolen his phone, causing him to be inactive.

"I can't let that happen again." Chen Ge went online to order several custom-made phones that matched the appearance of the black phone. He did not need them to have many functions, as long as they could call, send messages, and hide Specters. He had just opened the browser and had not even started his search when he saw the day's headlines. He glanced at them out of habit, but when he did, he was stunned.

Of the ten headlines, two of them were related to Chen Ge's Haunted House!

The top five highlights were celebrity gossip, but from the sixth headline, things took a strange turn, like a clear rivulet turning into a swampy ravine.

"The world after death really exists‽ The real testimonies from several comatose patients who woke up on the same day!"

Then, the seventh highlight that followed it was: "The fainted world is a theme park in the real world!"

Clicking on it, Chen Ge realized that the name New Century Park had entered the top twenty most searched terms of the day, and the number was still climbing.

"Did Director Luo buy these clicks?" Normally, he would read the news, but to have his workplace appear on the news, that was quite uncomfortable for Chen Ge. "Hopefully, Director Luo will be able to handle this."

Chen Ge refreshed the page and was about to go and find a web store that could custom make a phone when he saw the fiftieth headline and the two familiar words that appeared on the end of it.

"Chen Ge?" The highlight had just two simple words, and it appeared conspicuous among other highlights that had long titles. "Why is my name there?"

Chen Ge was sure that he did not see wrongly. He really did see his name among the daily news headlines.

"What is going on?" Quickly clicking on the link, Chen Ge realized that his 'glorious' history of helping the police had all been dug up-the livestream where he encountered the murderer in the haunted house; the livestream where he was chased by mad people in the mental asylum; how he had helped the Jiujiang police capture criminals, solve cases, and unearth the truth behind the case that had been silent for five years during the period when his livestream was banned; and even the news of him receiving the good citizen award had been found by the internet.

Some internet users even created a Chen Ge Wikipedia page, but the more they dug, the more shocked they were. Just what kind of a man was this?

All the information that they had found already existed online, including the award announcement on Jiujiang Law Enforcement's website, Chen Ge's livestreams, and many 'tearful complaints' from the numerous Haunted House visitors. There were rumors flying everywhere, and many people thought that Chen Ge was not a simple Haunted House operator, that it was just a cover.

Some said that he was a Private Investigator, some believed that he was a psychologist, and some guessed that he was a mysticism researcher. There was so much online that Chen Ge felt a headache coming. The comatose patients who woke up pushed him to the center of attention. He could not keep a low profile even if he wanted to. After looking through the article for a while, Chen Ge sighed in relief. The users were just guessing. None of them had any proof, and more importantly, the children had forgotten about the events behind the door; they only had a brief recollection of them.

When their spirits returned to their bodies, their memories became blurry. The experience behind the door would be like a very long nightmare, and Chen Ge was the person who woke them up. They appreciated Chen Ge a lot, but they had no idea why that was.

"Even I was in the headlines. Should I make use of this chance to promote the haunted house?" Chen Ge had never been someone who hesitated for too long. He logged into his video account, and even without having released any videos, he saw the wild growth of his followers and fan. With every new refresh, the number would continue to climb. One should strike the iron while it was hot, so Chen Ge used his account to release a teaser about the new scenario.

Once he logged on, the forum instantly exploded. The activity was so high that it scared even Chen Ge.

"Do I have such a big following?"

Chen Ge replied to about ten private messages, but there were simply too many, so he had to log out. Putting the phone away, Chen Ge turned to the last reward-Zhang Ya's bedtime story. The book had a black cover, and it felt special to the touch like it was weaved from hair. Just touching it caused his body to break out in cold sweat.

"I'll take a look at it when I'm free." Chen Ge placed the book in a drawer in the staff breakroom and lay in bed to take a small rest.

At 8 am, the employees had gathered at the door. Chen Ge's chat the previous night had been quite effective. "Mind your scenarios carefully. Que Changlin, come with me. I have a special mission for you."

Chen Ge called Que Changlin over. Since theme park had not opened, he sent him over to the workshop boss, Qian Guigen. "I need to custom-make fifty student mannequins, and I need to use them tomorrow. So, you'll be here helping me."

"Use them tomorrow? Do we have enough time?"

"It'll be fine." Chen Ge took out the design that he had come up with the previous night. "You can start with this, and I'll come to help you in the afternoon."

Then Chen Ge's phone rang; it was Director Luo telling him to get back to the theme park. After giving the down payment to Boss Qian, Chen Ge hurried back to New Century Park and realized that Director Luo and Uncle Xu were both standing at the resting hall.

"Xiao Chen, the promo for the School of the Afterlife has been completed based on your request. Come and see if there's anything that needs editing." Director Luo summoned Chen Ge.

"It's perfect, matched the world after death perfectly." Chen Ge was satisfied with the promo. "By the way, Director Luo, have you seen the news headlines today? Did you buy those placements? How come even I am among them?"

"If I bought the placements, I would have placed New Century Park at number one." Director Luo shook his head. "Yesterday, there were at least ten children who were reported by the news, but the actual number hasn't been reported. Many media outlets are watching this, and we are right at the center of it all. However, this also means that we must be careful. Be cautious of your words. Say what you need to, but keep the lid on anything that you shouldn't."