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910 Unlocking a Four-star Scenario

 "You wish to use this news as a promotional point?" Chen Ge caught Director Luo's meaning instantly. "Will that work?"

"Advertisement needs money to promote because the content is normally boring. Human beings are born with curiosity, so now that we have been given such a great chance, the only thing we need to do is evoke their curiosity. Leave the actual work to me. You only need to pay attention to two things. One, no matter who asks you about the news, say that you don't know anything to keep up the mystery. Two, do not deny or admit to anything." Director Luo poured another cup of tea for Chen Ge. "You should know what I mean."

"Sure." Chen Ge nodded.

"There is one other thing I have to ask you." Director Luo flipped through the documents on the table. "The futuristic theme park is opening the day after tomorrow. Will your Haunted House have any new scenarios? It does not need to be perfect, but it has to be difficult. It'd be best if it's something that can't be cleared."

"That's such a coincidence. My parents left an idea that fits your requirement perfectly. I've spent the last few weeks recover it, and it should be able to welcome new visitors the morning after tomorrow."

"I know that you won't disappoint me." Director Luo picked up the first document file. "Give me a brief introduction about the most difficult scenario. We will focus our promotion on that."

Chen Ge picked up the pen to think about it. "It's a haunted school scenario. It will contain all the ghost stories that might happen at school, but that is not the most important."

"Don't feel too much pressure. Tell me if there's any problems. Do you have enough people? Or props?"

"It's not that. The problem is that the scenario..." Chen Ge put down the tea cup to look at Director Luo. "The new scenario is very similar to the 'world after death' seen by these fainted students. I'm afraid that might cause a bad influence."

"That doesn't matter. In fact, the closer they are, the better." When Director Luo heard that, his eyes glowed like he had discovered a treasure. "After writing the focus and the intro of the scenario, you should return. Remember what I told you-get a good rest and be prepared for the day after tomorrow when the futuristic theme park opens."

Chen Ge stood up and hesitantly said, "By the way, there is one thing that I still don't quite understand."

"Ask away. I will tell you as long as I know the answer."

"For the futuristic theme park, be it technically or money-wise, they are far beyond our theme park. Even nationwide, there are not many fifth generation theme parks like theirs. Why would they choose to open in Jiujiang and not the bigger Xin Hai?" Chen Ge had experienced a lot. Now he was very careful. The futuristic theme park was placed on the eastern side of Jiujiang, the place that his parents had warned him against visiting.

"Even though Xin Hai is much bigger than Jiujiang, that also means it will have a bigger competition. Other than that, to unify the city group, the government plans to build Heng Jiang Bridge in Eastern Jiujiang. Then, it'll be easy to commute from Xin Hai to Jiujiang. The futuristic theme park should have realized that and chosen to build in Eastern Jiujiang. They have never considered us a threat. They plan to use Jiujiang as their base and, with this place as the center, continue to spread.

"Heng Jiang Bridge?" Chen Ge looked at the map of Jiujiang on the office wall. Including the nearby states, Jiujiang was surrounded by nine rivers of differing sizes, like nine dragons. Once the bridge was built, it would look like a lock had been added to the dragons' neck.

"It'll be years before the bridge is built, so that has nothing to do with us. The business world is like war-only those who survive will have the chance to see the sun of tomorrow." Director Luo, who was normally reticent, said a lot around Chen Ge. He shared many things that he wished to teach Chen Ge.

After writing the intro, Chen Ge returned to his Haunted House. He scanned his phone, and the ad for the futuristic theme park was everywhere. "Their promotional effect is epic. Even I want to take my employees to visit them."

Putting the phone away, Chen Ge rubbed his temples. After all, the people who wanted to challenge themselves were in the minority. The competition between the two theme parks was unfair from the beginning. "We can only plan, and God will decide the result. All I can do is my best."

The School of the Afterlife would be unlocked that night. Chen Ge took out the black phone to study it many times. He had to come up with a set of special and exciting rules based on the specialty of the school. The theme park closed at six, and Chen Ge ordered all the living employees to gather in the dressing room.

"Boss, is there anything?" Gu Feiyu removed the doctor's mask. Who would have thought such a sunny and kind boy would be hiding behind the mask?

"The day after tomorrow, the futuristic theme park will open for business. This year's holiday will be exceptionally important to us. I do not was to put pressure on your shoulders, but I have to tell you certain things." Chen Ge's eyes scanned his employees-Xu Wan, who had followed him since the beginning; the security guard, Gu Feiyu, whom he had saved from the ghost stories society; Zhang Jingjiu and Scissors, who had escaped with him from Li Wan City; and the newest employee, Qu Changlin.

"New Century Park has been in business for a decade, and it has been a fine ten years. Every day, visitors have left this place with happy memories, and this place has recorded many people's good times. For them, this is more than a theme park." Chen Ge rarely used such a serious tone with his employees. He often gave off the impression of kindness, like he would never get mad. "But recently, the business has been in decline. The few times I met with Director Luo, it was because the theme park faced danger of closing and then later to discuss restructuring New Century Park. They have not given up this thought, and if anything, it has gotten stronger. Do you know why?"

"Why would they close the theme park when we have so many visitors?" Even though Gu Feiyu had not been there for long, he had a connection to the theme park. This place had accepted him, and everyone treated him well.

"Because there can only be one theme park in Jiujiang, and we have taken the best land in Western Jiujiang. This land was gained by Director Luo more than a decade ago with a small investment."

"Businessmen value income. If the conditions are really good, will Director Luo..." Zhang Jingjiu's worry was not unfounded-Director Luo was under the most pressure at the theme park.

"He won't. Yes, he's a businessman, but he's also a father." Chen Ge looked at the doll in the corner of the room and picked it up. "I hope everyone will be on their best behavior over the next few days. We have to give it our all this holiday! If we lose to the futuristic theme park from the beginning, it'll be harder to turn things around later."

Chen Ge repeated his instructions for each individual employee before letting them go. At 7.30 pm, there was no one around the theme park anymore. Chen Ge pulled the gate shut and returned to the staff breakroom, beginning to design the rules and background story. He listed the ghost stories that he had experienced and heard before and used his existing scenarios and employees to replicate them-the construction of the scenario, the attention to detail, the power of the Specters, the scare points, and so on. He busied himself until 3 am. Chen Ge only stopped working because the black phone suddenly vibrated.

"Congratulations, Specter's favored. The four-star scenario 'School of the Afterlife' has been unlocked!

"School of the Afterlife (four-star scenario): This scenario consists of twelve sub scenarios! There are three different campuses-west, east, and deep red!

"Warning 1: Doors and mirrors are special items in this scenario! You can control part of them through the phone!

"Warning 2: This scenario can support ten visitors at once. Please be careful of their safety!

"Warning 3: Random surprises can be found hidden in the deep red campus.

"Warning 4: After unlocking a four-star scenario, the chance of special visitors will double. The probability of a special visitor appearing will double again should the theme park operate at night."