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907 Bedtime Story

 "Why would Yin Hong and Yin Bai's names appear in the employees' tab?" Chen Ge looked at the information on the black phone, and even he was surprised. "Is it because I have completed all the missions at Mu Yang High School? After all, the two of them are related to the school and are the granddaughters of the old headmaster."

Chen Ge did not think too much of it. Having more employees was a good thing. He looked through the phone and opened the other remaining unread messages.

"Optional Mission 'Fiery Heart' completed. Gained Zhang Ju's blessing.

"Optional Mission 'Amputated Love' completed. Gained Zhu Long's blessing.

"Warning! Red Specter's blessings might bring bad luck, but at the same time, gaining their friendship means gaining their aid.

"Optional Mission 'Red Specter Club' completed. Successfully formed a club at the School of the Afterlife and gained a badge for the lifeless club.

"Badge of the Lifeless Club (Unique Object): Before you arrived, there was literally no life at this club.

"Optional Mission 'My Name Is Lin Sisi' completed. Gained mission reward, Lin Sisi's phone.

"Lin Sisi's phone: This model is not that common on the market. It recorded his life. Other than that, his phone can capture Specters on its camera!

"Optional Mission 'Zhang Ya's choice' completed. Instead of saying that she has chosen you, it's more accurate that you have rescued her. Gained mission reward, Zhang Ya's Bedtime Story.

"Zhang Ya's Bedtime Story: A Specter will only sleep after consuming a large number of souls and lingering spirits. Believe me, this book is much scarier and more horrifying than any of the literature you have read.

"Main mission completion rate above ninety percent. Completed more than the necessary number of optional missions. Lucky Specters' Favored, congratulations for obtaining the hidden reward-Graduation Certificate from the School of the Afterlife!

"Graduation Certificate from the School of the Afterlife: You are the best student I've ever met. Take this, and you can sense the door's presence. You will eventually use it because I know that you shall one day return.

"Congratulations, Specter's Favored, for unlocking the four-star scary scenario, School of the Afterlife! This scenario will be constructed before tomorrow night. All the mission reward items will appear in the Prop Room. At the same time, uniforms from Mu Yang High School, Western Jiujiang Private Academy, Jiujiang Medical University, and the School of the Afterlife will be added to the Specters' Changing Room!

"Congratulations Specter's Favored for unlocking your first four-star scenario. You have gained a random unique building-the Ghost Story Classroom.

"The Ghost Story Classroom (Unique Building): Will randomly appear inside any unlocked scenario. Every night, it will produce a ghost story related to a haunted school. Warning: This ghost story will not cause harm to anyone and will not exhaust the screams collected at the Haunted House. The higher the screams normally gathered at the Haunted House, the scarier the ghost story would be."

After a long time, Chen Ge finally finished reading all the details on the black phone. This time, he had accidentally accessed the four-star scenario, but he had gained a lot of rewards, far beyond what he had gained from the three-star scenarios.

"With this four-star scenario, it is not impossible to fare better than the futuristic theme park, but my Haunted House will probably take a lot of time to digest so many things."

The expansion of the Haunted House and gaining new rewards and new building gave Chen Ge a boost of confidence.

For now, I have no idea what the use for the Badge of the Lifeless Club and Zhang Ya's Bedtime Story is. Lin Sisi's phone can capture ghost, but I already have Yin Yang Vision, so I can probably gift this to Zhang Jingjiu. That way, when he manages the Haunted House branch in Xin Hai in the future, he can carry this with him. The graduation certificate will be important to me. It can sense the door's presence, and it'll make returning to the school more convenient.

Chen Ge planned to return to the place to study it closer after the expansion was done. He put the phone away and planned to climb up. He just moved his legs and pain shot through every part of his body. However, on the surface, there were no visible wounds on his body.

This is too strange.

It was fine for pain to gather around his arms, but if there was leg pain, he would not be able to run. So, Chen Ge opened the backpack and looked through the comic. After getting his employee's reply, he relaxed his body.

There is basically no change to the sickroom. There are just extra broken mirrors on the ground.

Chen Ge rubbed his head that felt like exploding.

This mirror should be the one I took out from the School of the Afterlife, the one where the non-smiler is hidden...

After communicating with Ol' Bai inside the comic, Chen Ge realized that the mirror that contained the painter's memory, according to the non-smiler, shattered once they left the door, but strangely enough, the non smiler did not escape. He was still hiding inside the mirror, and no matter how one called him, he did not answer. The one who had a completely different reaction from the non smiler was the old headmaster. Once he left the School of the Afterlife, he thought about escaping and was torn to pieces by Xu Yin and the red high heels.

I can't be too careful.

Chen Ge picked up the broom behind the door and carefully swept all the broken mirror pieces into the corner of the room. Suddenly, hurried footsteps echoed from the outside corridor, and then the door was pushed open. Two doctors and three nurses all stopped beyond the door. The four wore white coats and looked at Chen Ge, who was sweeping.

"There's no ghost?"

"Sleep walking?"

"And I thought the patient who has been in a coma for years has woken up..."

"Wait! Who are you!"

Seeing as the doctor was about to call the police, Chen Ge immediately put down the broom and said, "Call Lee Zheng from the city's investigative team now! Tell them that Chen Ge has captured the murderer!"


"Just follow what I say! Quick! If it's convenient, call for an ambulance. The murderer is dying!" Chen Ge then dragged out the bleeding Chang Gu. When Chen Ge entered the sickroom, he had interacted with one of the psychiatrists. At the time, he had used Lee Zheng's name. Now that he had been caught, he had no choice but to use Lee Zheng's name again.

This is all for Jiujiang's safety. Inspector Lee should be able to understand me.

The doctors saw that Chen Ge did not look like a criminal. After all, which criminal would come to a mental hospital to clean at midnight and volunteer to call the police? Once the call was made and the doctor relayed what Chen Ge said, the reaction of the operator only confirmed the doctor's belief further-the police had heard of Chen Ge before.

After hanging up, the way the doctors looked at Chen Ge turned weird. "Lee Zheng hasn't arrived at work yet, but they have contacted other people from their station."

"Okay, I shall wait here and won't go anywhere." Chen Ge knew that he would not be allowed to leave anyway.

"This is the room we use to specially treat female patients. How about you go outside for a drink?" one of the female nurses said hesitantly.

"Don't mind me! You need to go and save the culprit first; he does not look well."

"Okay." The female nurse hurried to call for help, and Chen Ge sighed in relief. He worked his tired body, walked to the bedside, and pulled back the curtain. The morning breeze caressed his face, and the light hit his body.

The futuristic theme park will open the day after tomorrow. The life and death of New Century Park depends on these few days, so I can't waste any more time on Chang Gu.