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905 Black Phone

 The situation between Fan Yu and the painter was rather similar to that of Chen Ge and the shadow. Chen Ge had noticed that, and the painter seemed to have realized that as well. "What is the meaning of the last words he said? Secrets and memories are buried in the well inside the heart-is he reminding me to be careful of things inside my heart?"

Chen Ge had many things that he wanted to ask the painter, but the painter had his reasons for being cautious, so in the end, he had only given Chen Ge that vague reminder. Perhaps it did not even count as a reminder but an ambiguous hint. The painter had left in a hurry, and this kind of rational opponent gave Chen Ge a headache. If possible, Chen Ge would have wished for the painter to stay. If the painter aided him, be it facing the cursed hospital or the ghost fetus, he would have more confidence. However, he knew that was impossible; it was hard to swindle the painter. He was like Doctor Gao, flawless in his thinking.

"Doctor Gao has escaped into the red city, and the painter and Lin Sisi have now done the same. Perhaps we will meet again in the future."

After the painter left, Zhang Ya used her full power to deal with the patient, and his screams echoed across the sky.

"Chen Ge, what should we do now?" the old headmaster asked softly. All the red Specters and students turned to Chen Ge; they were glad that they had not done anything stupid earlier.

"The old well at Mu Yang High School is indeed a way to escape the school, but that is a road the painter left for himself. Now that the situation has changed, we don't need to leave anymore. We should return to the education block." Chen Ge was carried by Bai Qiulin toward Mr. Lei. "You are the school's admin on the surface, so you should know how to fix the school and console the students who are unwilling to leave."

"Students who are unwilling to leave?" Mr. Lei was worried that Chen Ge would start a commotion. After all, he had tattled about him to the painter and punished him at school before.

"The reason Chang Wenyu wants to destroy the door is because she saw that many students have lost their freedom and can't leave after entering the door. I've seen the parents waiting outside the door, too. After everything is settled, I will ask all the students at the school if they want to leave, and if they so choose, they can leave with me." Chen Ge had been through his rebellious period, and he understood those children. There were many kinds of despair, and some tragedy could be avoided. If not for the door's entrapment, they would not have entered it. "There is no medicine for regret, but if possible, I wish to give them one more chance to make a choice."

"Okay." After the painter left, Mr. Lei seemed to turn into a new person, and his attitude was much better. "I will assist you fully."

"Don't assist me-you need to assist him." Chen Ge pointed at the old headmaster, "In the future, he'll be the headmaster here, so everyone had better listen to him."

The battle had not ended, but Chen Ge was already dealing with the aftermath. This was not conceit but his confidence in Zhang Ya.

"A Half Red Specter?" Mr. Lei and the surrounding teachers were confused. The man before him had gone through so much to earn the door-why hand it over to a Half Red Specter?

"If there is possibility to create heaven behind the door, I believe it will be done by him." Chen Ge pushed old headmaster toward Mr. Lei. Yin Hong and Han Song stood beside the old headmaster, and Zhu Long and Zhang Ju also stood nearby. Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng had slipped through the old well to follow the painter.

"I'm not questioning your choice, but to become the school's headmaster, he has to gain the school's approval. Do you think the school will approve of a Half Red Specter?"

"You will need to change your way of thinking." Chen Ge looked at Zhang Ya. "The patient is struggling, and the tear with the memory will eventually be found. Chang Wenyu joined herself to the door just to destroy it, so she is no threat to us. Now, with the painter gone, the situation has been decided. It is no longer important to gain the school's approval; it's more important to gain her approval."

From voice to tone, Chen Ge had expressed the meaning of the Chinese idiom 'fox exploiting the tiger's power', leaving Mr. Lei speechless. Actually, that was normal. Chen Ge had given him too many 'surprises', so he did not dare go against him anymore. "Summon all the students, and we'll retreat to the education block. We'll work together to clean out the monsters inside the school. This is our place, and we do not welcome uninvited guests."

"But the doors and windows are heavily damage. Even with Red Specters, it'll be hard to fix them." Mr. Lei had his own concerns.

"The school is too big, and there is a lot of unused space. We will have to abandon the outskirts and focus on the center as the base before slowly expanding outward." Chen Ge said all that naturally like he had experience. Then he was startled because, for some reason, he was reminded of his own Haunted House. The situation of the School of the Afterlife was rather similar to his Haunted House. "The Haunted House has been damaged before? The black phone is guiding me to fix it?"

"What Haunted House?" Mr. Lei was confused.

"It's nothing. I meant to say I wish to turn the school into a home for all the students. Those selected by the door have bad memories, and we have to treat them with more patience and care," Chen Ge said randomly and led the students back to the education block. The school was covered in black hair. This kind of scenario was one hundred times scarier than a nightmare, but Chen Ge felt safe inside it.

"The red city has been isolated from the ghosts. Temporarily, no monsters can enter it. Now is the best deal to clean them up."

Perhaps because Chang Wenyu wanted to destroy the door, after the painter left, the school's consciousness that he surrendered did not go to Chang Wenyu. Some went to Chen Ge, and other parts returned to the students. When facing the outside monsters, they were united, and things were turning up. Most students returned to the education block, and with the Red Specters leading, they cleaned up the remaining monsters.

Meanwhile, Chen Ge went to the front gate with his employees and found the dress that Chang Wenyu had dropped. The red had completely faded to become a normal school uniform.

"Xu Yin, Ol' Bai, look around. Don't let anyone get closer." To destroy the door, Chang Wenyu had joined herself to the three headed demon. She had surrendered many things, including her red uniform that represented resentment and her spirit. Chen Ge picked up the uniform and searched the pockets. Moments later, he relaxed. "Found it."

When his hand came out from the pocket, it was holding a black phone.

The screen had a few extra drops of blood that could not be wiped away. Strangely enough, when Chen Ge touched the phone, the dim screen suddenly lit up and started to vibrate. "It appears like only I can see the contents, and it will only receive message when I am holding it."

Opening it, Chen Ge saw more than ten unread messages, and he relaxed fully. "Chang Wenyu doesn't know the black phone's secret. That's good news."A fox exploiting the tiger's power means to bully or suppress others due to being associated with someone powerful. You can read more about the saying's origins here: