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902 God!

 Chen Ge did not purposely lower his voice ,so everyone heard him clearly, but they had different reactions.

"Greater Red Specter? Always with you?"

When these words appeared by the headless woman's ear, she finally sighed in relief. Tiredness swallowed her like wave, and the wounded woman collapsed behind Chen Ge, her red dress becoming tattered. Zhang Ju and Zhu Long, who were fighting the blindfolded man, heard Chen Ge, but the two only shared a look and smiled. They did not think much of it. Yin Hong, who guarded beside the old headmaster, grumbled, "Again? You can't just keep on lying. A lie has to have some stuff in it to be believable, you know?"

"It is impossible for a Greater Red Specter to appear?" The old headmaster had a strange confidence in Chen Ge, perhaps because he had seen Chen Ge's parents before and knew something.

"The painter, Chang Wenyu, and the man from the red city were fighting for the door because they wanted to borrow the moveable door to become a Greater Red Specter. None of them have reached that state. Do you think anyone will believe Chen Ge?" Yin Hong looked like a mother who was disappointed in her child. "This obvious lie is too hard to believe."

"Is that so?" Neither the blindfolded man nor Lin Sisi who had morphed into smoke cared about what Chen Ge said. They followed the painter blindly, and if the painter thought that Chen Ge was no threat, he was no threat.

"Acting crazy to buy time, is that all you know?" Chen Ge's reflection was shown in the blindfolded man's right eye, and the black cloth that covered his eyes disappeared. "Let me see how you will die."

There was a sacrifice to pay for a Red Specter to use his special power. The greater the power, the bigger the sacrifice. That was the reason the blindfolded man did not use his power on Chen Ge from the outset. If the man had a Top Red Specter, his power might not be useful, and it would be wasted. If the man did not have any Red Specters, it would be too wasteful to use his special power to kill a normal person. In the man's left eye, Chen Ge slowly changed. His body did not grow old, but wounds appeared on his body.

"Accidentally death? Unable to reach old age? You have too much interaction with the other side, so this death is normal..." Chen Ge in the man's eyes continued to be wounded. The sea of blood in the blindfolded man's left eye slowly became even, and the sea level was dropping. When the man used his power and saw the target's death in his right eye, it would exhaust the collected sea of blood in his left eye. "Wounded body, followed by ghosts, consumed by curses, but why won't a normal person like you die?"

The blood sea in the left eye was rapidly draining. Even a normal Red Specter could tell by now that the blindfolded man still had not seen Chen Ge's death. The pressure on Zhang Ju and Zhu Long dropped conspicuously. Something was limiting the blindfolded man's power. They would not let go of such a good chance. They cooperated and attacked, causing the first injury on the blindfolded man. The blindfolded man did not care; all he cared about was what he was saying. The blood sea in the left eye was receding, and Chen Ge in the right eye was getting clearer. He was wounded, cursed, and tortured; he had a single breath left, but the man was still alive.

"Impossible!" A suction power came from the left eye like it was trying to suck the man's body into it. Pain came from the right eye, a pain that gripped one's soul. "Why won't you die?"

Just as the blood in the man's left eye was about to dry up, Chen Ge in the right eye finally changed again. The wounded Chen Ge was like a lifeless doll as he slowly lifted his head. The other thing that rose alongside his head was his shadow. The shadow screamed and wailed before dispersing in the sea of blood, and then a new shadow appeared behind Chen Ge.

The dress was red as blood, the pale arms circled around Chen Ge's shoulders, her black hair cascaded down like waterfall, and her arresting face was half exposed. The bloody lips slowly opened as the woman whispered something into Chen Ge's ears. Her voice became clearer. The blood sea in the man's left eye had become empty. Even so, the draining power did not stop. Fresh blood was drained from the blindfolded man's body.

"What is that‽"


The man's left eye shrank into the socket, and half of his cheek was sucked dry. His left eye was consuming his body like a beast whose hunger could not be quenched. With a scream, the blindfolded man dug out his own left eye, and at the same time, all the people in his right eye disappeared.

"Why are a male and female in his shadow? How can he survive after suffering so many fatal curses and injuries‽" The blindfolded man rapidly retreated. He had to go warn the painter, but he was blocked by Zhu Long and Zhang Ju. The tables had turned. Now, it was the blindfolded man's turn to struggle. When the blindfolded man used his power on Chen Ge, Chen Ge had been on full alert. He had used his Yin Yang Vision to observe himself in the man's eye.

"Is that the real me?" When Chen Ge left the campuses constructed by the painter, he had seen something similar in the mirror inside the library. He had no idea what it meant, maybe some kind of hint. "Perhaps that is how my reflection in the mirror looks behind the door? Emotionless and like a puppet?"

With no color on his face, Chen Ge's body temperature was low. He touched his body and could only feel a chill. "Why would I feel so cold when Zhang Ya is awakening this time? Is it because she still hasn't gained full control of herself?"

The blood fog around his skin became frosted. The voice in his heart guided him, and he used his last bit of energy to look up. The three Top Red Specters had reached the end of their massacre. Half of the body of the man who controlled the blood fog had disappeared. He had used his own body as a sacrifice to suck out the heavy blood fog from the city. After using his special power for the third time, the painter had become very weak, and he had tried his best to attack the place where Chang Wenyu was joined to the door.

At that moment, the three-headed devil behind Chang Wenyu had been fully branded on the door. Her body was joined to the door with this devil's painting, and it formed a strange coexisting relationship. The cracked door was about to crumble. Facing the joint attack of the painter and the patient, Chang Wenyu knew that she would not win, but the woman did not panic; the madness in her eyes was still burning.

The last bit of red disappeared, and Chang Wenyu's body shattered like glass. The white dress fluttered down with the wind, and memories rode the draft. She had given up everything to exchange for a chance.

"This door shouldn't exist!" Chang Wenyu's voice came from the door. The eyes of the three-headed devil shattered. Only the left eye of the middle head did not explode.

"I've placed the door pusher's left eye in my own eye socket, so guess where have I put my own left eye." The three headed demon gnashed its teeth, and the demon looked rather similar to the crazed Chang Wenyu. The painter and the patient's attacks fell on the door. Combined with Chang Wenyu's destruction from the inside, the door was at its limit. The sound of cracking appeared in every student's ears. It sounded like their heart was breaking.

A crack started from the top and cut down to the bottom of the door. Everyone held their breath and looked at the sky. The cracks fell. Just as the door was about to collapse, a pale hand reached out from behind the door and pressed on it. Black hair rushed out like the sea, and it swamped the School of the Afterlife like a flower. It was covering up the entire school in its bloom.

The hair fell away, and her snowy white skin and black hair formed a great contrast. Crying souls screamed on her dress like caught fish. If one looked closer, they would discover that every screaming soul was a Red Specter!

"Who is she?"

"How many Red Specters has she killed?"

"Her presence is flickering, but it is already far beyond the strength of a Red Specter!"

Neither the painter nor the patient made a move; they had come to a conclusion. In the crowd, Chen Ge also watched the woman by the door. He could not move his eyes away, and for some reason, Doctor Gao's last words suddenly appeared in his mind.

If evil is the opposite of kindness, beauty is the opposite of ugliness, and truth is contrast of falsehood, then what is the opposite of a human?

There is no answer to this question. Some might say ghost-others would say god!