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895 This Is My Chance

 The door to the School of the Afterlife had finally appeared. It was the only real existence in the mirrored paradise, the core of the mirrored world. When the illusion shattered and the heaven constructed by the painter had broken, the only thing that remained of the large western and eastern campuses was this door. It looked unassuming, different from the doors of other scenarios. There were no blood stains on it, like it was just a normal door.

"Quick! Look! There's something behind the door!" someone in the crowd shouted, and everyone turned to look behind the door. A bloody reflection was shown on the cracked door-there was a woman hiding behind it. She was not that tall and wore a normal dress. The only thing different was that her heart was dyed red. The girl had a bleeding heart.

"Chang Wenyu? She has been hiding at the door?" The most dangerous place was often the safest place. No one would have guessed that Chang Wenyu was hiding by the door, so everyone including the painter was shocked. Of course, the man in the fog was shocked as well. He had done so much to find the door, and just as he was about to gain it, there was already someone standing beside it. He had a bad feeling in his heart, like everything he had done was for someone else.

Chang Wenyu, as if she had known that things would reach this stage, did not panic. When the hand of the man in the fog was about to reach the door, she stood to block it.

"Chang Wenyu!" the man in the fog shouted, but the arm that was made from black blood was unable to get close to the door. Chang Wenyu held her bleeding heart, and she had a smirk on her pale face. Strange patterns appeared on her dress, and as the pattern disappeared, more students collapsed to the ground like their energy was drained.

"This door hasn't really made any considerations for the people in the school before. It continues to trick lost souls into coming here to strengthen itself so that it will no longer be so lonely. How is that different from a devil?

"It is actually worse than a devil because at least the devil makes use of human greed and desire, but the door uses the weakness and despair in people's hearts."

Chang Wenyu was prepared. As someone who could tussle with the painter, she was not a simple character.

"Using hope as bait and having people believe that this was sanctuary that could provide an escape from reality... Once you arrive here, you realize that this is a much deeper layer of hell. There is no salvation, no hope, and no escape." Chang Wenyu looked at the broken door. "Why should such a door remain?"

She appeared to be asking the painter and conversing with the door at the same time.

"I've known about the door's exact location for a while, but this door hasn't appeared before me before. If it was not cornered, I would not see this door." The smile on Chang Wenyu's face slowly disappeared. She stood before the door, and the pattern on her face slowly leaked into the broken door. The shattered door quivered slightly like it was pleading for mercy.

"Painter, you might not know this, but actually, since I left the school, I have lost the school's approval. Yet, have you ever wondered why, after losing the school's approval, so many people at this school are willing to help me?" Chang Wenyu interrogated the painter, with the man in the fog stuck in the middle. He was cornered from both sides, and he was the most desperate person. The painter did not answer Chang Wenyu, instead continuing to attack the man in the fog.

"You know the answer, but you have been running away from it. Not every student here wants to stay; they should have their own choice. A life where you cannot make your choice, no matter where it is, is just another gilded cage."

Chang Wenyu stood before the door.

She wanted to the destroy the door, the man in the fog wanted to claim the door, and the painter wanted to kill. All three of them had different goals. The poorest thing was the man in the fog-he was stuck. He wanted to give up, but he was unwilling because the door was literally right before him.

Some treated the school as a sanctuary, while others saw it as a cage. Some were trying to change the school, to turn the bad into good, while others wanted to ruin all the negative emotions so that they would not harm anyone else. Chen Ge saw the battle above the school clearly. He could not decide who was right or wrong-everyone had their own opinions. The seemingly united school's consciousness was actually very fragile.

"Chen Ge, now is the best chance. We should leave while we can." Yin Hong did not care about the result of the fight. She just wanted to leave. For most of the students, the school did not represent any good memories.

"Now is indeed a good chance." The chance that Chen Ge meant was completely different from what Yin Hong meant. He was truly courageous. He looked at the sky. "Let them fight. The Top Red Specters that we can only look at from below will eventually come down, and that is when we strike."

"You want to go after them?" Yin Hong was shocked by what Chen Ge said. Be it the man in the fog, the painter, or Chang Wenyu, none of them were normal Red Specters. They had reached the top of the range for Red Specters, and with the school's help, they had the power of a Greater Red Specter.

"Do not be scared by their appearance. Take a closer look. Even though the painter and Chang Wenyu have their conflict, they are joining forces to deal with the man in the fog. The man has an advantage when he deals with the painter alone, but when he is attacked by both, it is only a matter of time until he fails.

"The man will either escape from the school or be consumed by the painter and Chang Wenyu. The key thing is that there is another unresolvable conflict between Chang Wenyu and the painter. After the man in the fog leaves, they will fight again."

Chen Ge saw this clearly.

"Chang Wenyu wants to destroy the school's door, and the painter wants to use the door to reconstruct a heaven here. Neither of them will give up this chance."

"A cornered beast is very dangerous. I don't think that we should get ourselves involved. It's lucky that we will be able to escape." Not only Yin Hong, but Han Song and the other students did not want to make the painter or Chang Wenyu their enemy. The employees at the Haunted House said nothing, though; they had full confidence in Chen Ge.

"The scariest thing about the painter is his special power. The reason Chang Wenyu hasn't shown up is because she's waiting for the painter's special power to run out. The fight of both parties will cause them to use everything. After they have fought, we will only face an empty shell."