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891 Several Red Spectres

 The sea of memories washed about. Every raindrop was the painter's eye. Combined with the painter's special power, he had absolute advantage in the School of the Afterlife. No wonder even Chang Wenyu did not dare tackle the painter head on. The man in the fog hurried quickly toward the education block in the mirror. The painter stood where he was. He stared at the eye of the storm, and the black arms that reached out from his wounds extended, forming a piece of perfect skin on his chest.

The battle earlier had been so intense, but the painter had used all of the arms to shield this part of his body; he had hidden that secret from many people. This was the only part of his body that was not injured. This went to show the intensity of the battle between Red Specters. The man hiding in the storm easily came to the mirror. With no one stopping him, things went a bit too smoothly. He felt a trace of anxiety in his heart. He turned back to look and saw the painter removing the last piece of 'canvas' from his body.

Has he seen me?

The seed of anxiety grew in his heart, and it soon grew to crawl over his entire body. The moment the 'canvas' was torn out, the man's body swiftly turned into a shadow. He was like a nightmare. There was no definite shape, and he looked different to different people. The painter's bloody hand dangled over the 'canvas'. His black eyes stared ahead, and he did not start to paint for a long time. "You are not a ghost?"

The heavy rain continued to fall. The painter's eyes seemed to see something, and he said something weird from his lips.

When he said that, the man in the center of the storm became more desperate. He stopped maintaining the form of a living person and completely melted into the storm. He raised the blood fog and used the most brutal method to rush at the surface of the mirror. When the painter saw that, he knew that the man had guessed the location of the door.

"You are wearing a mask and using another person's body-what exactly's hiding under your skin?" The painter's eyes turned completely dark. The white of his eyes disappeared fully, and he looked scary. Things had gotten out of control. No one knew what the painter saw that he was so shocked.

Endless blood fog drifted out from the red city-that was the source of the fog. The man's power had everything to do with the fog. Of course, that could be how he hid his real identity, so he was only using this power. The fog on the ground rumbled, and the memories in the sky rained. A storm ravaged the school. Everyone was dragged into it, and there was no place to hide. As the mirror in the sky kept collapsing, the school itself was affected. The stain on the walls lightened, the windows were shattered, the doors were brutally shoved opened, endless students found their lost memories, and they were consumed by the storm of confusion and bitterness.

With their memory awakened, to save themselves, more and more students chose to join Chen Ge, and a few of them were Red Specters. In the blood storm, the school was shaking. Other than Top Red Specters, no one could guarantee that they would be safe. It was dangerous to be in the school alone-only by gathering together and combining their strength would they have a higher chance of survival. Other than Chen Ge's group, there were a few places where many students were gathered.

One was the lab building. It was the tallest building in the school, dominated by the seniors. They had deep colored uniforms and could be seen at the native residents of the school. Some of them might have been living there when the door pusher opened the door. In terms of power, they might not be the first, but in terms of familiarity with the school, they were the best.

The other place with many students was the center of the school. That was the place where most students were. With the help of the teachers, they were barely hanging on.

The third part was the northern part of the school. Chen Ge had not explored that place before. It mainly consisted of classrooms and some strange buildings of unknown uses. It was worth noting that there were several Red Specters gathered there, and some of them were Chen Ge's old friends like Zhu Long, Zhou Tu, Wang Yicheng, and Zhang Ju. The four of them had been led there by Chen Ge from the campuses. After they split up at the library, they had not seen each other. Chen Ge had no idea why they would gather at the northern side of the school. Currently, all four of them were injured, and that was probably because they were trying to protect the students who were following them.

At this juncture, any student would be able to give them power. Everyone used their body to resist the storm, but as Red Specters, they were under the most pressure. The blood fog carried with it monsters that attacked the students, and the students moved to gather at those few placed.

Chen Ge's group saw this when they were leaving Mu Yang High School. The storm was insane, and each Red Specter was like a lighthouse. The red made people cautious, but at the same time, it gave people hope.

They are all on the northern side?

The conflict was endless. Chen Ge used Yin Yang Vision and saw Zhu Long and Zhang Ju, who were in battle. Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng were dying. Only the other two Red Specters were fighting the onslaught, so the situation was not positive.

"Sir, I'm afraid we can't leave just yet." Chen Ge looked at the northern side of the school. Zhang Ju and the rest were the members of Chen Ge's supernatural observation club. Even though Chen Ge had created this club randomly, the members did not know that. "I have to meet up with the few Red Specters on the north side. They are my friends."

The old headmaster saw the children being consumed by the blood fog, and he felt so bad. Even if Chen Ge did not say it, he wanted to help more people, but he was powerless. Now that Chen Ge had volunteered to go and save people, the old headmaster agreed without hesitation. "Okay, I will go with you."

"The School of the Afterlife is a four-star scenario. Things have gotten to this stage, but the door still hasn't shown up. It means that this is the not the worst situation. We need to move now. With the addition of those Red Specters, we'll be stronger." Chen Ge did not trust anyone, but he had personally led Zhang Ju and the rest from the campuses and knew about their history.

"You two need to calm down! If we go there now, many people will die. I can feel something in the city awakening. If we do not leave before it awakens, it will be too late!" Yin Hong did not care about others; she only cared about herself and the people who loved her. Next to her, Xu Yin nodded. His body was wounded as his eyes stared at the red city.

"We should have enough time." No one knew how things would develop, but Chen Ge did not hesitate. "The earlier we move, the better."

The group turned around. When they passed the female dormitory, Chen Ge entered it to grab Zhang Ya's present box and the bag of candy. He had to prepare for the worst. If he was forced to leave the school, he would take care of Zhang Ya's items; he would not leave them behind at the school.