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889 Let Me Paint for You

 Even behind the door, there were not many Specters as mad as the painter. He was different from the other monsters; he could not be judged by conventional standard of good and evil. No one could tell what he was thinking, and no one could predict what he could do next, but one thing was for sure-this Red Specter was very scary. He would stop at nothing to reach his goal. He did not care about what other people thought, and he was not bound by morality. He did everything according to his own rules. This kind of person was very scary, and the man in the fog knew that.

Wind with the smell of blood swept across the sky, and screams echoed around the school. Be it the painter or Evil, no one had surrendered. Evil bit the painter's arm, his stomach bulging. Blood vessels appeared on Evil's face, and his body started to become uneven. The painter was not looking very well either. He turned his body into a medium as he poured the sin that had gathered on the campuses into Evil's mouth. He wished to fill Evil up to its death and clear away the school's sin at the same time.

That was a good idea, but the problem was that he had to be the medium. The sin would have to enter the painter's body before being poured into Evil's lips. This was a battle of determination. The first who crumbled would have a worse ending. Black capillaries appeared on the face, and they crawled around like little venomous snake. They pulsed like they could burst at any moment. Even under such circumstances, the painter turned to the man in the fog. Due to the layer of fog, the man knew that the painter could not take a good look at him, but he still wavered slightly. He was fearful of the painter's power.

"Are the dirty things in the city all like you?" The painter's expression was scary. Savage was not enough to describe it anymore. "You only know how to hide inside the fog. Do you not even have the courage to face me?"

"You have become more chatty. It means that you have weakened." The man in the fog did not care about what the painter said. He controlled the fog to wrap around him. "I only need the door..."

"You will never find that door. Even if it was before you now, you wouldn't be able to see it." The painter appeared to say that to maintain his own rationality. His face had completely twisted, and he was scarier than any monster that he had painted. Endless sin and negative emotion rushed into his body. The pain that every student had experienced appeared in his mind.

There were many things that could pierce one's heart. It could be a single sentence or a single event. Either way, they jabbed one's heart like needles. One could be smiling, but as long as the heart was still beating, the wound would be torn open, bleeding black blood. It was not hard to remove the needles, but even so, an ugly wound would remain. The deeper the pain, the deeper the wound. The painter could not undo the wound in everyone's heart; he could only first remove the needles and then wipe away the memories that were related to them.

If they did not think about it, the pain would not come. That was how the painter helped the students on the campuses; he left them with good memories and transferred the needles that represented pain to the trash collection center. The harsher the pain, the deeper they were buried. These needles would not disappear even after their owner had forgotten about them. After all, they were part of one's memory. One's life was only complete with pain and sadness. The painter had lacked a way to deal with such 'trash' until the appearance of Evil.

"I have been doing something wrong. It is not that there is no sin in heaven; with the sun, there is bound to be shadow. Perhaps I can build a heaven in darkness," the painter mumbled of himself, like only by thinking that would he not lose himself. He was at the edge of a breakdown. When Doctor Gao suffered all the sin behind a three-star scenario, he also almost broke down even if he was a Top Red Specter. Currently, the painter was dealing with the sin from a four-star scenario. It had not been easy for him to have held on until now. This was a battle of conviction. The painter was at the edge of madness, and things were not going well for Evil.

He could consume negative emotions, but he needed time to process them. He had never experienced something like this before. Before the painter, no one would spend several years to collect the sins from a four-star scenario. Evil had a huge appetite, but even he could not swallow the sins of an entire school.

The monster from the red city had underestimated the School of the Afterlife. Even though there was no presence of something beyond a Red Specter there, this was a scenario that was deemed four-star by the black phone!

Sin poured into Evil like a black waterfall. Time lost all meaning behind the door. After who knew how long, Evil's body started to change. His boar mask was stuffed, and his body grew for several times its original size.

"The mouth is the not the ending. If you want to have freedom, fight for it. Expand and make it burst, then you will have everything you want." The painter knew what he had trapped at the trash collection center-it was the darkest side of the school. The pressure that Evil was under was much bigger than the painter, and he had no time to take a breath. Before he could digest the sin in his stomach, more evil spirits crawled into his throat. The pupils in the boar mask darted with anxiety, a horrible noise came out from his throat, like someone who loved fish had a fish bone stuck in his throat. The man in the fog had a bad feeling. He needed to do something to help Evil buy some time.

"You are an anomaly behind the door." The man finally made his move. The blood fog turned into a storm, and the man stood in the middle. "Let me tell you how idiotic it is to build a heaven behind the door."

Once the man made his move, the painter reacted. The other arm behind him reached toward Lin Sisi's dormitory building. On the side of the mirror, Lin Sisi appeared like he knew this day would come. He turned to look at his bedroom before swiftly leaving. The arm cracked through the window, and the second support point was broken. The mirror pieces made from dreams and memories shattered and fell, each of them showing the painter's reflection. His body was cut by the sharp pieces. The arms that reached out from the wounds were stained black, and they waved lazily, "Every mirror here is my eyes. If I see you, I will take everything away from you."

The painter was not afraid of anyone. His madness was far beyond everyone's expectations.

The arms grabbed Evil and pierced into his body. The painter did not care about the man in the fog but focused on pushing all the sin into Evil's body. The black waterfall roared, and after Evil's body expanded to its maximum capacity, it exploded!

Many evil spirits crawled out from the body, and the whole school was covered in negative emotions. Pressured, the painter who was covered in black blood abandoned Evil's carcass, standing in the middle of the school.

"I have ruined Kindness and abandoned Evil-now you are the only one left. Come, let me paint for you!"