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887 You Can Call Me Painter

 The students in the school ran like crazy, but where could they run?

Hiding was merely delaying the final ending. The monsters from the red city did not need the school's consciousness, so everything was nutrients for them to consume. The school gate slammed against the walls, which collapsed under the weight of the briars. The man's left foot stepped into the school, and the blood fog pooled behind him like a wave.

"This is much simpler than anticipated." Fog covered his entire body so that only a blurry figure could be seen. His head slowly moved before turning to look at the blood mirror above his head.

"Every Specter behind the door is creating hell; only you would create a heaven." There was a trace of mockery in the man's voice. "But if you'd seen true heaven, you wouldn't be abandoned behind the door."

He raised his feet and continued forward. There was no one in the school who dared stop him, be it the Specters collected by the school or the Red Specters born at the school. More cracks appeared on the mirror in the sky, and the buildings in the mirror kept crumbling. Lin Sisi's group could not hold on any longer.

"Looks like there is no need to keep holding on." The painter stood on the roof of the lab building. He looked at the crumbling campuses and lifted his hand. One of his fingertips touched the sky. It was a mirror, a mirror made from endless memories and consciousnesses. "This is not heaven. This is merely a painting, a painting that I haven't named."

The fingertip phased through the mirror, and blood vessels rushed toward the painter. When his finger extended through the mirror, it was stained with blood.

"Since this painting is ruined, I'll just draw a new one. I need a new canvas and new paint." His body passed through the mirror, and his shirt was dyed fully red. The painter on the campuses was as quiet as the ocean, calm and silent, but the painter who passed through the mirror gave off another feeling. It was hard to describe. His every move pushed people away. After the painter left the mirror world, the mirror in the sky started to peel in large flakes like it was raining blood.

"Have you given up?" The person in the blood fog did not rush forward. He lifted his head to the sky like he was trying to sniff something out. The painter on the rooftop had disappeared, but every mirror that fell from the sky was reflecting his image. When the first mirror landed on the ground, it shattered into small vessels that eventually coagulated into the shape of the painter. He stood alone in the field before the school. The blood fog curled around his body, and black briars grew around him, but he did not evade like the other Specters.

"The school's consciousness has split, and you have personally ruined your last hope. Chang Wenyu is seriously injured. How do you expect to stop a whole city alone?" The man in the fog stopped moving. "You could have learned from Chang Wenyu and run from this place. I know there has to be other exits inside the school."

"Exit?" The painter's shirt was dyed red. The blood vessels weaved around his body, covering his heart. "You are standing at the exit, aren't you?"

The broken mirror fell on the painter's body, cutting out wounds. The distance between the sky and the ground seemed so short that there was only a person between them.

"I am the Specter that is feared by everyone at this school, so when everyone is afraid, I will stand at the forefront." He opened his arms, and many arms weaved from blood shot out from behind him. They pushed back the fog and lifted the mirror above him!

"Come at once, I will use your blood to finish my new painting." Without saying anything else, the painter who held up the sky rushed at the gate. Countless consciousnesses were screaming alongside the painting. The mirrored world was howling, and endless negative emotions drained into the painter's body like a waterfall!

"I do not like how I look now, but who in this world will ever love themselves?" Cruel faces appeared on the painter's body. They tore at him, injecting their pain and hatred into his body!

"Who's never absorbed nutrients at a grave? Who's never grown from flesh? I have seen plenty of hells, and because of that, I have to find heaven!" Black trails appeared on the red shirt. The faces munched on the Red Specter's body. Each wound was nurturing a deep despair, and faces grew out from every wound!

"What kind of power is this? How come it's different from what Chang Wenyu said?" The man's voice changed. Things went out of his expectations. "You painted the dead people on your own body‽ You can obtain their power? No, you are suffering their pain and despair! They are consuming your body!"

There was no answer to his question; the painter had already charged into the blood fog.

"I only want that ownerless door. Why do you have to stop me?" The man in the fog waved his arms, and the two figures beside him stepped forward.

Wherever the painter passed, the fog would roll back, and thus, the two monsters from the red city showed their true form.

One of them was wearing a goat mask. She had a perfect body, and her skin was painted in red lines. She looked so weak, and tears flowed out of her mask. The woman did not seem to have her own face, and the mask had become part of her.

The other monster was large. It was like the combination of a human and a boar. He was walking on four legs and looked roughly human. He had a boar mask on. The scariest thing was that the man's body was split open by a mouth about one meter long, and the mouth was filled with sharp teeth.

"Kindness and Evil, hold him back. I will go look for that door." The man was confident in the two monsters, but before he started to move, the woman in the goat mask suddenly stopped crying, and the tears turned into blood tears.

"Kindness?" The man turned back to look and saw the woman being exposed before the painter. Her goat mask was slowly being removed, and her head fell down, her body with it.

"Kindness!" The blood fog rushed in from all sides to protect Evil. The man ensured that he would not be seen by the painter before coming to get Kindness, but it was already too late.

"I do not like Kindness because my kindness has never been treated kindly before." The painter peeled off a piece of skin near his heart. It had the goat head woman painted on it!

"Now there are two left."