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881 Split Open Eye

 "There's a problem with the school's consciousness?" Chen Ge was standing on a pile of broken mirrors. If he moved too much, he would break them into pieces.

"Stay alert! Do not get close to the window!" the old headmaster screamed. Without thinking about it, he had the students run to safety. This was something implanted in his body, and his body moved faster than his mind.

"What's going on outside?" There was chaos in the corridor. Before Chen Ge could get an answer, there came a loud crash from the corridor. All the windows in the school shattered!

The thick fog rolled into the corridor. Chen Ge looked out the door. The sound of screaming and glass shattering echoed nonstop. The only thing that calmed him down was that no matter what happened, Xu Yin was dragging the doll with one hand, guarding the door like nothing could shake him.

"When the man in the red shirt inside the mirror screamed, something happened to the school's consciousness. Could they be related?" Chen Ge pulled back his gaze to turn and look at the blood red mirror before him. Cracks appeared on the mirror, and blood leaked out form it like a heart that was pierced by knives. The small man in the mirror kept tearing at his face like he desperately needed to tear Chen Ge's face away.

"What is this?" Chen Ge was very brave. He knew that Red Specters and ghosts had a hard time getting close to this place. Gritting his teeth, he extended his hand to the mirror in the corner. When his fingertips touched the edge of the mirror, Chen Ge heard a yell coming from inside the mirror. The torn, bloodied face turned to scream at Chen Ge. He was like a patient with a seriousness inclination for cleanliness, and someone had just touched his face with a muddy hand.

The man inside the mirror was screaming, and the consciousness above the school was rampaging. The sound of shattering continued, and the fog rushed into the rooms like a wave. But the room that Chen Ge was in was not affected. Xu Yin stood at the door, holding the doll with one hand, and his other hand held the door. Trails of blood curled around his body. The pale hand gripped the door tightly, barring any fog from entering the room. The red shirt was fluttering, and he was under immense pressure, but the expression on Xu Yin's face did not change.

"Are you the one who summoned the school's consciousness? You can affect it?" Chen Ge gripped the edges of the mirror with both hands. He shook it heavily as he tried to pick it up. The mirror was much heavier than he had anticipated. Even with all the force in his body, he was unable to lift the mirror up. To make matters worse, as he attempted to do that, the other pieces of mirrors in the room started to change. They were like wounds on a person's body as they leaked blood. Chen Ge felt like he was being observed by numerous bleeding eyes. They came from different people, and they were staring at him with different emotions.


A loud boom came from the corridor; it was very close to them. It sounded like someone had come and was fighting the old headmaster.

"Is it one of the staff or another Red Specter at the school?" Chen Ge was anxious. The man inside the mirror could directly influence the school's consciousness and seemed to know the secret about his face. The man must have realized something, and that was why he would stop at nothing to tear down the face that was changing.

This mirror is probably the mirror of the door pusher from Western Jiujiang Private Academy! His memory is left inside this mirror! Chen Ge remembered that the first thing that had caught his attention when he entered the room was the mirror and the young man in red shirt inside the mirror.

If it was really Zhang Ya who killed the door pusher, this mirror cannot remain; it might harm Zhang Ya.

Considering the fact that the doll was just next to him, Chen Ge did not say this out loud. His desire to take the mirror out of the room deepened. Chen Ge was more alert than before. Only by claiming this mirror could he prevent others from influencing the school's consciousness.

"The door pusher is already dead; now, the School of the Afterlife belongs to everyone, so you have no reason to exist." Chen Ge was unable to remove the mirror, so he launched a kick at it instead, but nothing happened to the mirror.

Instead, the young man in the mirror slowly calmed down. The man hid inside the mirror to study Chen Ge, and he slowly realized that perhaps he had mistaken Chen Ge for someone else. The face looked like another person, but there was a crucial difference between them!

Chen Ge also noticed the change to the young man. After experiencing so much, his senses were sharp. Without hesitation, he ordered, "Xu Yin! Take out this mirror!"

The mirrors on the floor cracked. Xu Yin darted to Chen Ge's side, and his pale hands reached for the mirror's edge. The man inside the mirror screamed. More blood gushed out from the cracks on the surface, and the blood pierced into Xu Yin's palm like they were sharp needles. Small wounds appeared on the pale arms. Xu Yin's red pupils were pulsing, and the familiar pain caused him to open his lips. Blood vessels rushed out from his wounds. Xu Yin let go of the doll and gripped the mirror with both of his hands.


The blood red mirror that was buried inside a pile of broken mirrors was snapped in half; this was something that no one expected. The half that Xu Yin held exploded into splinters. The lower half lost its luster of blood and shrank amid the cemetery of mirrors.

"Do you think you can escape?" Chen Ge gritted his teeth. He had already noticed something from the young man's strange reaction. Assuming that the man was the door pusher's remaining memory, this would explain why the school had not accepted a new door pusher because the real door pusher had not fully 'died'.

The second and most important point was, if the young man was the real door pusher, based on what the doll had said, he had entered the red city before. When he changed into Chen Ge's face, his reaction could only be described as madness, like he had opened a present and found a bomb inside it. This man had probably seen someone with a face similar to Chen Ge's!

"Just how deep was the trauma that even the school's consciousness was turned mad? Could he have run into the ghost fetus in the red city and mistaken me for him?" Earlier, in Li Wan City, the dog kept by the shadow had also made that mistake.

"Chen Ge, have you gotten what you need? We can't stay here any longer!" the old headmaster reminded Chen Ge. The latter rushed out the room with Xu Yin and the doll. "I plan to inspect every broken mirror in this room, so for now, I can't leave..."

The rest of the sentence was stuck in his throat because when Chen Ge saw the school's consciousness outside the window, his words were stuck. The large eyeball reflected the entire school in its eyes, and the strange thing was... the eye was still expanding like it could burst at any moment.