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880 Sudden Change!

 At the School of the Afterlife, mirrors had a special meaning; each mirror represented a person and hid a memory. The scene before him shocked Chen Ge. He had been at the school for so long and had not seen much mirrors. It turned out that all of them had been hidden there. "Mirrors represent memories, and memories hide one's secrets. The door pusher has been spying on everyone's past."

The door had the same color as the wall; they practically were one and the same. With the reports covering the outer wall, after the death of the door pusher, no one would expect such a room to exist behind the wall of shame.

"This door pusher had a unique hobby. The despair behind the door twisted him, or he gave up on himself and opened his arms to embrace the abyss." Chen Ge was curious about every door pusher, and the School of the Afterlife's door pusher was the only dead door pusher, so he was worth studying.

"Keep close to me." Chen Ge dragged Xu Yin into the hidden room.

"I'm not lying to you. This is the headmaster's office that you wished to come to. The door pusher is the school's owner, and this room is the most hidden room in the school." The doll argued for his innocence, but Chen Ge's attention was distracted by the things inside the room. He did not notice the doll's change. The room was not big. It had no windows, and the only point of connection to the outside world was the door.

"This is the most suffocating room I've ever been in." Bai Qiulin carried the mirror, but he did not follow Chen Ge. He only took a glance and shook his head. "Trapping oneself inside a room filled with mirrors, looking at one's reflection always, even a Specter would rarely decide to do something like that."

"Don't underestimate these mirrors." Chen Ge picked up the broken mirrors on the ground carefully. He held the piece before his eyes, but the reflection was not his own. The mirror was empty; it looked strange and rather pitiful. "The School of the Afterlife is different from other scenarios, and one of the reasons is the existence of these mirrors. Regardless, the secret behind them should be found in this room."

There was barely anywhere to stand in the room; the mirrors and their pieces overlapped over each other, reflecting one another. It was like the school's consciousness above their head, everyone's memory and consciousness overlapping together.

"I've led you to the headmaster's office, so that should prove to you my sincerity." The doll pulled on Chen Ge's clothes to have Chen Ge look at him.

"Hmm." That was Chen Ge's only reply. He was attracted by one of the mirrors in the corner of the room. Most of the mirrors in the room were broken, with irregular edges and blood or stain on their surfaces, but the mirror at the edge was perfectly preserved. It gave off a faded red light, and blood streamed down its surface like something was trying to come out.

"Whose mirror could this be? From the appearance, it looks like a girl's mirror. Could it be Chang Wenyu's?" Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of a problem. If there was a mirror that corresponded to every student in the school, was it possible that Zhang Ya's mirror was there as well?

Shaking his head, Chen Ge pushed this thought out of his mind. Zhang Ya had already killed the door pusher, so why would she leave her mirror behind? With that in mind, Chen Ge's curiosity grew. "Xu Yin, go and get that mirror."

Chen Ge caught the doll, afraid that this was part of his conspiracy. So, to be careful, he would not have the doll have any contact with anything in the room. Listening to Chen Ge's order, Xu Yin walked to the corner, but once he stepped on the mirrors on the ground, all the mirrors started to bleed. Cracks formed, and the mirrors were like mouths that opened up to consume Xu Yin.

"Come back!" Chen Ge yelled. Once Xu Yin stopped, the mirrors in the room slowly returned to normal. Chen Ge felt a tug on his shirt, he turned back to see a new line had appeared on the doll.

"Once you touch the mirrors, the school's consciousness will target you. What happened earlier was a warning."

"I can only look at them but not touch them?"

"Not really. The warning should only work on Red Specters. If it's just a normal lingering spirit, the reaction won't be so intense."

"What if it's a living person?" Chen Ge returned the doll to Xu Yin. "The door pusher and the school's consciousness would not have expected a living person to enter this room. When I picked up a broken mirror earlier, it did not react at all."

"I have no clue..."

Chen Ge stopped asking for the doll's opinion. With a careful step, he moved into the room. Like he expected, nothing changed.

"Xu Yin, guard right there, and don't move."

Moving slowly forward, Chen Ge was stepping on the pile of broken mirrors. "Sorry for the offense." Every mirror held a memory, so Chen Ge apologized in advance to make himself feel better. Lowering his head to look, this place was like a mirror cemetery.

"Only the mirror in the corner has blood flowing on its surface. Whose mirror could it be?" Chen Ge already possessed the painter's mirror, but that information came from a non-smiler, so it could not be trusted fully. Chen Ge could trip easily from the pieces underneath his feet. Being injured was a small thing; Chen Ge did not wish to break the mirrors. He slowly moved his body, and it took him a minute to reach the corner. He squatted down to study the mirror before him. This mirror was different from the others. When he saw the mirror, more blood appeared on the surface like this was not a mirror but a beating heart.

"There is something inside the mirror." Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision and realized that the mirror covered in blood was reflecting the room that he was in. Inside the enclosed place littered with broken mirrors, a man in a red shirt was squatting in the corner looking at a girl's mirror with extreme focus.

"Wait a minute! This scene is similar to what..." Chen Ge prepared to retreat when the man in the corner suddenly turned around. The man looked eighty percent like Chen Ge, and the scary thing was that his facial features were still changing, becoming more and more like Chen Ge's.

"A scapegoat?" Chen Ge was still moving back when the man in the mirror screamed. He pulled madly at his face, until he dug pieces of flesh out like the face represented extreme tragedy.

As the man in the mirror went mad, a loud voice came from outside the corridor. Then Chen Ge heard the old headmaster. "Chen Ge! Something is wrong with the school's consciousness! The eye is bleeding!"