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879 Headmasters Office

 After dealing with the doll, no one would know Zhang Ya's weakness, and a weakness no one knew about was not a weakness. Walking out from the female dormitory, Chen Ge noticed a lot of changes to the School of the Afterlife. The red fog mixed together with the black malice. If there was hell on earth, this was probably it.

The visibility has lowered again. Whenever I breathe, there is this horrible stench like I am choking on blood.

Chen Ge had stayed too long behind the door; his body could not support him any much longer. More blood vessels stuck to his skin. If this continued, he worried that he would be assimilated by the door and stuck behind it forever.

I need to hurry. At most, I can stay for one night.

Chen Ge waved his arms about trying to shake away the resentment and negative emotions that formed the vessels, but it was not much use. The scary thing was that part of them had crawled under his skin. From afar, they looked like small wounds on his arms. Walking in the red fog and black malice, the number of students that followed behind Chen Ge grew.

"Where is Mr. Lei? Didn't he say I would not walk of there alive?"

"The outside of the school was seriously damaged, so Mr. Lei had to leave." One of the female teachers were shocked to see Chen Ge alive. "Walking out of the forbidden zone alive is nothing to be proud of. In contrast, you have made such a huge scene; you'll only get targeted more by the school's consciousness."

"Everything you say revolves around the school's consciousness, but how can you know it is always right?" Chen Ge rubbed the blood on his arms. He realized that he could not rub it off, so he left it be.

"I know I can't argue with you. The school's consciousness might not be right. But the consciousness is the collection of most of the students. Here, they are the real owner." The teacher sound helpless. As a member of staff, even though the students referred to her as a teacher, in reality, she was greatly limited. She was more like a low-level administrator hired by the school's consciousness.

"The world behind the door belongs to the door pusher. Whoever pushed open the door, the door will listen to them," Chen Ge said. "Unless someone killed the door pusher, in that case, it will listen to them."

"You're mad." The teacher moved closer to the other teachers. She did not want to stay too close to Chen Ge.

"After I leave, you'd better seal up this place. Even though it does not have what I'm looking for, it is still very dangerous. It won't be good if a student accidentally wanders in."

"We don't need you to teach us what to do."

Chen Ge led the others to the center of the school. He had gained more student followers, but the number was not enough. He needed to gain more approval to have them trust in him.

I need to gain more students' support before Chang Wenyu and the painter know what I'm doing.

Because they both believed he was harmless, the two had been ignoring him. If they found out Chen Ge's real aim was for the old headmaster to take over the school, they would definitely come for him.

"Chen Ge, where are we going now?" Yin Hong's impression of Chen Ge had greatly changed. She now hesitated when she called his full name.

"The students are mostly gathered at the center of the school. We will go there. Other than that, isn't there a forbidden zone related to the headmaster? I heard the headmaster's office is at the center. We will go there as well." Chen Ge had everything planned. He had limited time. He could not explore all thirteen forbidden zones, so he only focused on the key ones.

"The headmaster's office and the fourth floor of the female dormitory are the most dangerous forbidden zones. You just came out from the female dormitory, so don't you want to rest first?"

"We have no time." Chen Ge and Xu Yin walked at the front. He leaned closer to the doll on Xu Yin's shoulders to whisper, "It's time for you to prove yourself."

The doll's red eyes rolled about. He instinctually wanted to lean away from Chen Ge. Actually, he was forced to have Chen Ge bring him out of the female dormitory. After leaving that place, he had a chance to escape.

"Didn't you say that you were this school's first headmaster? Tell me the headmaster's office's location. I need something that can prove your identity." If there was enough time, Chen Ge would visit all the forbidden zones and recreate the thirteen zones at his own Haunted House.

"Too much time has gone, and many things have happened. This school has changed too much. It might be difficult for you to get to the headmaster's office now." The blood crawled out from the wound near its chest to form those words.

"You are not willing to show the way?" Chen Ge grabbed the doll's only leg. "Or are you not even the headmaster at all and were lying to me?"

"I will take you there!" The doll's eyes bulged. "There are two offices. One is the headmaster's office from Western Jiujiang Private Academy. It's on the top floor. There's nothing there, just an empty shell. The other headmaster's office was the door pusher's living space. He liked to hide there to spy on the lives of the other specters and monsters."

"The door pusher once lived there?"

"Yes, this room is hidden, and very few people know about it..."

"Take me there." Chen Ge could barely hold in the anticipation. Under his many urges, the doll led him to the center of the school.

"This is it." The doll used his remaining moveable finger to point at the sign before them. "There are many hidden rooms in this school, and every room has its secrets. If you promise to get me out of here, I can tell you the location of all the hidden rooms."

Chen Ge stopped before the board. The wall was filled with various reports and self-criticism. It came with many students' pictures. This was not a hall of fame but a hall of shame. All the ugliness of the school was portrayed there.

"You'll see the room after you pull away all the reports."

"Okay." Chen Ge signaled for the students behind him to move, but no one dared step forward. He even saw the picture of one of the students before him. The child looked at his own picture and stood frozen. "What are you afraid of?"

"You'll be punished if you make a mistake; that is the school's rule. If we tear down these reports, we'll be going against the school's consciousness," Han Song said softly.

"No wonder no one has ever found this room." Chen Ge heard that and looked out the window. The red eye appeared to be pressing down on them. However, the eye appeared to be under great pressure; it was filled with pulsing blood vessels.

"Criticism is to improve, not humiliate." Chen Ge pulled down the first report. "Make a move on! Stop hesitating!"

With him and his employees leading the way, more students slowly joined. The layers of the reports had accumulated over many years. They kept pulling for a long time before the bloodied wall showed. The wall under the reports and pictures was like a bruised skill. There were cracks everywhere, and they were leaking blood.

"The entrance is on the left side. The wall was originally only one meter wide. It absorbed resentment and then continued to grow."

Chen Ge kept searching on the wall before locating the door that appeared to have melted into the wall.

"This is the door pusher's room?"

Shoving the door open, Chen Ge looked inside. The whole room was filled with mirrors of varying kinds.