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872 I Was the First to Step Forward

 Blood fog rushed into the male dormitory. The forbidden zone that was isolated by the school's consciousness was heavily damaged. The forgotten memory was regained, blood vessels climbed all over the old walls, and this place turned into just like everywhere else in the school.

"The other side is the female dormitory; the place was made forbidden by the school, and no one has been in there." Yin Hong stood one meter away from Chen Ge. "I'd advise you not to go there. The legend about the female dormitory and the headmaster's story are the two big forbidden taboos in the school. Even the school has chosen to forget about them."

"It's okay. I have confidence." Chen Ge's voice was scarily calm.

"You are just an outsider; do you think that you know the school better than me? You were lucky in the male dormitory, but your luck won't last forever. Your actions in the male dormitory have caused some changes. The school's consciousness is slowly being influenced. If you enter the forbidden zone in the female dormitory, it might trigger the school's consciousness and turn the entire school against you," Yin Hong advised quietly.

She was originally the kind who preferred things to be as chaotic as possible, but she was completely different in front of Chen Ge. This man did not need any 'probing' to head toward the most dangerous and scariest 'endless abyss'. If she did not stop him, she would be dragged down into it as well.

"You think you understand the school's consciousness, but after so many years, there has not been a new door pusher. This proves that you have misunderstood the school," Chen Ge said.

"We don't understand the school?" Yin Hong pouted. "The school's consciousness is made up of the students' collective consciousness. We are a part of the school, and the school is us; how can we not understand ourselves?"

"Sometimes the person that understand you the most is not yourself." Chen Ge's eyes moved between Yin Hong and Yin Bai.

"Chen Ge, we have created such a big commotion, which will attract the school's attention. If you continue like this, it will be hard for us to escape unnoticed." The old headmaster was worried. He felt like the lower profile they kept, the better, but obviously, Chen Ge thought differently.

"Soon, the school will be very busy. Furthermore, everything that we've done is to help it. It will understand soon enough." Chen Ge said something that surprised everyone and headed down the other direction without turning back.

Compared to the male dormitory, he anticipated the female dormitory more. The reason was simple, because it might contain something that Zhang Ya lost. At the corner of the corridor, before Chen Ge stepped into the female dormitory, footsteps came from the other side of the corridor, and from upstairs, many people seemed to be hurrying their way. The influence caused by the opening of the male dormitory was far bigger than Chen Ge had expected.

The blood fog expanded, and shadows appeared in the fog.

"Xu Yin." Chen Ge took a step back to stand next to Xu Yin and the headless woman. "So many people want to stop me? Is the female dormitory that important?"

The bigger the school's reaction, the greater the possibility there was something wrong with the female dormitory. Zhang Ya's secret might be hidden there. This extraordinary Greater Red Specter seemed to have a special connection with the School of the Afterlife. Standing at the crossroads between two corridors, Chen Ge lifted his head to look. From the left side, the staff were rushing over, and from the right were the senior students who were dressed in deep-colored uniform. From the front, normal students were coming from the normal classrooms.

"Are you the one who took down the wooden boards to the male dormitory?" one of the teachers demanded harshly.

"Yes." Chen Ge did not deny it.

"Don't you know the place is forbidden? Students are not allowed to enter it; not even the teachers are allowed entry."

"I do." Chen Ge's disregard for the rules completely angered the teacher.

"You know the rules, yet you..."

"I only went there to claim the thing that my friend lost. You said I have broken the rules, but who made the rule that no one can enter the forbidden zone, and who decided that the place is forbidden?" From the beginning, Chen Ge did not think that he had done anything wrong. He planned to turn this whole school from its basis. In comparison, the painter and Chang Wenyu were making small skirmishes, but for now, no one could tell what Chen Ge was planning. Even if someone did, they would not have believed it.

"You are speculating about the school's consciousness?" The second person who spoke Chen Ge recognized; it was Mr. Lei.

"If it is wrong, why can't I be suspicious about it? The school's consciousness is the collective consciousness of all the students here, but sometimes, the majority is not right. Since none of you dare question it, I will do it." Chen Ge was like a traveler who lit a candle in the dark. He was about to pave a new road for others to follow.

"Do you know what you're talking about?" Mr. Lei and the other teachers slowly approached Chen Ge, and the atmosphere turned heavy.

"I know what I am talking about, and I know what I'm doing. I just wish to create a path of change for the rest of you before I end up broken." Chen Ge looked at the students who hurried over. "Are you really happy here? At this school made from despairing students, do you feel any warmth from the strength of numbers? You are merely pushing yourselves deeper into the abyss! I see some of you have turned from victims into bullies. You have done what you hated the most; you are slowly turning into the person that once disgusted you the most. The scariest thing is, if you dare step forth to say no, that is seen as a resistance against the whole school, and that brave person will be bulldozed until he disappears."

"You make this sound too serious." Mr. Lei frowned. He felt like Chen Ge was different from the other students and would be hard to educate.

"As the teachers here, you don't realize the gravity of the situation. That proves how serious the situation is." Being protected by two Red Specters, Chen Ge was not afraid to speak. He ignored Mr. Lei and turned to the students. "No matter what you remember of your lives, every one of you has a gray past; only those with despair can enter this world behind the door. I do not know the meaning of the door's presence, but the door-pusher opened the door because he is looking for salvation behind the door."

Chen Ge did not raise his voice, but he made sure everyone could listen to his words. "This school was not meant to turn into something like it. It is a home for you, a place to help you walk out form despair. But take a look for yourselves. Does this place look like a sanctuary that calms one's soul?"

The students did not expect Chen Ge to say something like that. Many of them had missing memories; they were like walking zombies at the school.

"You can take your time to digest what I said. I know that changing everyone's mind will be difficult, but I will not give up." Chen Ge did not know what fear was. From the beginning, he never did plan to obtain the school's approval but rather change the school's consciousness.