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868 Red Spectre Stench!

 Yin Hong revealed a lot of information to Chen Ge and confirmed some of his speculation. These thirteen forbidden zones should be the School of the Afterlife's last secrets.

The few overlapping scenarios between School of the Afterlife and Western Jiujiang Private Academy confirmed my previous speculation. The few forbidden zones did not have the presence of Specters because they left with Zhang Ya.

Chen Ge's brain was spinning.

Just now Yin Hong said that a room in the male dormitory was rife with a horrible stench; that room should be the place where my worker once stayed. The room is locked with a father's body and a smelly heart. This description is quite interesting. Could it be that the 'stench' currently with me is still not complete? He has locked his heart together with his father's body?

Only a Red Specter would have their own 'heart'. Yin Hong's words had aroused Chen Ge's attention. In Chen Ge's mind, even though Western Jiujiang Private Academy was deemed a three-star scenario, it was categorized that way because of Zhang Ya.

Looks like I underestimated that scenario.

Chen Ge was reminded of his fight with the gangsters outside the school. The gangsters had a stench stuck to them, and other Specters stayed away from them, but the boy with the horrible smell seemed to enjoy them.

No wonder he is so comfortable at this school. Previously, in Coffin Village and Li Wan City, other Specters evolved through the consumption of ghosts, but he was the only exception.

Chen Ge anticipated the surprise that the boy could bring him. The male dormitory was a forbidden zone for others, but for him, it was like a visit to his employee's house.

The School of the Afterlife keeps changing. If the boy's heart is really locked in the deepest part of the dormitory, I shall help him get it back. But the premise is that he is willing to take his own heart back.

The boy had locked his heart up with his father's body. Chen Ge had no idea why he did that. If the boy wished to forget about the past and live as a happy fatty, then Chen Ge would not force him. Chen Ge ran to the center of the school with Yin Hong leading the place. The closer they got to the center, the more students they saw.

Most students followed the warning in the announcement and stayed quietly in the classrooms, but there were some that were wandering about as well, and they were mostly troublemakers. That might not be completely true, but that was what Chen Ge believed. Whenever he ran into these students, he would go talk to them. Sometimes one had to admit Chen Ge was a good persuader. After a series of 'heart-to-heart' exchanges, many students would have tears of regret, and most of them chose to join Chen Ge's group.

There was a small group who said that they supported Chen Ge verbally but since they had something else to do, that it was not convenient for them to follow Chen Ge. They left in a hurry.

Travelling from the western part of the school to the center, the group behind Chen Ge grew, and he successfully gained the school's attention. The blood sun burst through the fog and pressed down on the school. As the distance closed, this was the first time Chen Ge saw the sun for what it was. It was actually a giant red eye, the bloodshot pupil had blood vessels running through it, and the eye was reflecting many despairing faces.

Each human face should represent a despairing lingering spirit, but there are so many of them.

Chen Ge felt like Jiujiang city should not have so many spirits-this monster had perhaps lured in spirits from other place like the cursed hospital. It was situated in the middle of the two cities but was categorized by the black phone as part of Jiujiang.

The four-star scenarios have shown signs that they influence the areas around them, so just how scary will five-star scenarios be?

Outside the window, the eye above the school was huge. The human faces in it were howling and screeching, like they were afraid of something.

The school's consciousness keeps staring at the blood city. What kind of monster is hiding there? What is it afraid of?

The blood city slowly approached. It appeared like it wished to swallow the School of the Afterlife like a red wave.

This is strange. I feel like the city is alive...

"Here we are." When Chen Ge was thinking, Yin Hong had led them to the vicinity of the student dormitory. She pulled on Chen Ge's sleeve and said, "All the buildings in the school are joined together to form a large block. The left side is the education block, and the right is the dormitories. If you look closer, you should notice the difference from the color on the walls."

"Since we're here, let's go take a look." Other than Chang Wenyu and the painter, Chen Ge was not afraid of anyone. He had completed the mission given by Chang Wenyu and more. There were so many people gathered around him, and it was only time he gained the school's approval. "We will go take a look at the male dormitory first, the room that you mentioned gave off a horrible smell."

"You sure have a strange request. Initially I thought you were acting, like you were pretending not to be afraid, but I now realize how wrong I was. You are enjoying this too much." Yin Hong had a strange expression like a sick person meeting a madman.

"The adult world is complicated-you won't understand it if I try to explain. Please lead the way."

Chen Ge summoned the boy with the smell. This large boy who had an air of stench around him narrowed his eyes. He hugged his belly and looked for all the world to be a harmless person.

Ever since he showed up at Chen Ge's Haunted House, he had been very tame. Chen Ge knew that the term tame did not suit a Specter, but that was how he felt. He worked without complaint, and even when he was bullied, he would smile. He rushed ahead whenever there was trouble even though his kindness might sometimes turn into trouble.

Afraid of being the source of visitors' complaints, he often hid at the corners, and whenever the visitors appeared, he would go and hide, afraid that his smell might chase them away. Who would have thought such a kind employee might be a hidden Red Specter who had locked up his real heart with his father's body?

"The boy has no corporeal form; this kind of Specter can become a Red Specter, huh? Oh well, we'll know when we get there." Chen Ge and Yin Hong turned into the male dormitory. Probably because it was still time for class, there were no students around, and a thin layer of blood fog permeated the area. It felt like a window had been broken, and it had not been fixed. They walked down the corridor and walked down the stairs to the fourth floor before stopping before a door that was sealed by wooden beams.

"The school sealed up this place, and no one has entered since. No one knows what is behind this. If you open this door recklessly, you might release something incredibly horrifying." Even Yin Hong gave Chen Ge a warning, which proved that this place was very dangerous to the students.

"It'll be fine, trust me." Chen Ge glanced at the 'boy' who was still spacing out and signaled for his employees to take down the wooden planks.