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866 Where Have They Gone?

 The actual method of educating based on cases was not to praise the good and ignore the bad but to face the problem head on and come up with a suitable solution. Even though Chen Ge did not have any children, from a certain perspective, he was the leader of an entire Haunted House. Using different methods of communication with different employees to elicit their greatest passion was an ability possessed by a successful boss. After the Taekwondo member and Han Song joined the club, Chen Ge's group grew larger.

"Sir, actually, I didn't plan to kill Han Song. I merely wanted him to feel the pain of the victim to evoke the memory of his past self." Chen Ge did not want there to be a misunderstanding between him and the headmaster. "Our ultimate goal is to earn the school's approval; killing the students will obviously go against it.

"Other than the school's consciousness itself, the strongest Specter here should be someone called the painter. He is a ghost with a clear goal. He used his power to turn the school into a heaven without any fighting, but he ran into trouble with another Greater Red Specter. I have no idea what happened next, but those who offended or stood in the painter's way would have their memory wiped out."

"The painter didn't kill them?" The headmaster cut straight to the point.

"Yes, even if those ghosts kept creating problems, the painter didn't kill them," Chen Ge whispered. "Consuming Red Specters could greatly improve his own and his allies' power; it is impossible for the painter to not understand something as simple as that. So, it is not that he doesn't want to kill, but he cannot. Don't forget, before the new door-pusher appears, the real owner of this place is the school's consciousness. The painter is very powerful, but he still needs to act within the school's limits."

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

"If I told you the truth, would you still have reacted the same way? When you came to save Han Song, you really wanted to help him without consideration for the consequences. This cannot be faked. I could see that; I believe that Han Song could see that as well." A smile hung on Chen Ge's lips. "Sir, you are the kindest person I've ever met; I do not mean to lie to you, but I wish to do more, and some things in this world cannot be achieved with kindness alone."

The smile on his face faded. "Negative emotions and despair permeate the world behind the door, but these emotions come from outside the door. I have no idea how they appear here, but I know that if everyone was like you behind the door, the world behind the door would be a paradise."

Turning to look out the window, Chen Ge looked at the thick blood fog. "Perhaps that way, we might be able to see the stars in the sky."

This was the first time that the headmaster had seen Chen Ge show an expression like that. "Is there something on your mind?"

"I would never tell this to others-you're the first one to hear it. Perhaps it's because you know my parents and I'm certain you will not harm me." Chen Ge and the headmaster walked at the front of the group. "In such a big school, standing amid ghosts and Specters, I am the only living person. Sometimes I am afraid, but I know that I cannot show that. I am just a normal person, but I am also the owner of a Haunted House, the backbone of all my employees and the students we've found. If I lose my stability, everyone will panic, so I do not dare be afraid, do not even dare attempt to entertain the possibility of fear."

When Chen Ge said that, the old headmaster took a good look at Chen Ge. If he was still alive, his grandson would probably be as old as Chen Ge. Chen Ge presented himself so powerfully that even the headmaster had forgotten the simplest issue; he was the only living person in a veritable hell. In this dark abyss, he was like a flickering candlelight, and the smallest wind could take him out. This should be difficult for him as well.

These thoughts appeared in the headmaster's mind. "If you wish to talk to someone in the future, feel free to come to me. I've lived for so long, even though there's nothing to my name, I am qualified enough to be a good listener."

"Thank you," Chen Ge said. "Actually, I wish to know more about my parents. They haven't told me anything. Sir, can you describe them for me?"

"I only know that they are a passionate couple. They did not ask for any compensation but had helped me a lot. Based on what I heard, they helped many others in Western Jiujiang. They would donate most of their income from their Haunted House, and they have done far more than I do." The headmaster held Chen Ge's parents in high regard.

"Did they ever mention me? I wish to know how they looked at me." Chen Ge slowed down. He wanted to know what had happened between himself and his shadow.

The headmaster did not answer instantly. After a long pause, he said, "I've been to your home before-it was at midnight. Your parents were heading out. I have no idea where they were going, but I saw that they stood at your bedroom door for a very long time."

"You've been to my house?" To maintain the Haunted House, Chen Ge had already sold the old home. He did not wish to return to be reminded of the past.

"Chen Ge, no matter what, I hope you understand that your parents really did love you. Perhaps they have done stuff that you do not understand now, but I hope you won't be angry at them." The old headmaster seemed to know some things, but he was unable to tell Chen Ge.

"I haven't seen them for so long already." Chen Ge's voice cut at the headmaster's heart.

Stopping, Chen Ge suddenly asked, "Can you tell me where they have gone?"

The headmaster's lips opened to say something, but at the last moment, he closed them again.

"You can't tell me?" Chen Ge stopped and looked at the headmaster like a helpless child in the wind.

The old headmaster hesitated before finally shaking his head. "They will come back to find you."

"It's alright. I also believe that they will return." Chen Ge sucked in a breath and reverted to his usual self. "Come on, let's keep moving. After getting approval from enough Specters, the school will approve of us. Then, we will lay our cards on the table. I don't want to drag this on anymore."

Sunny, tough, kind-there was a hard determination in his bones. Sometimes, he was so calm that people would be afraid, but other times, he was like a child.

The old headmaster looked at Chen Ge. His impression of Chen Ge changed again. If, before this, they were in a cooperative relationship, now, he treated Chen Ge as his junior.

The headmaster himself did not notice this change. Perhaps it was due to guilt or something else.

"Sir, what I told you today, I hope you won't tell anyone else."