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865 Teaching Methods

 "Sir, these people were bullying other students, so I had to intervene." Chen Ge picked up the student by his collar. "When I walked in, he was being punched by the few students. I was just helping him."

"But I only saw you beating them up!" The old headmaster looked very angry, and disappointment was clear on his face. He walked to the student's side. "The people lying on the floor were beating you earlier?"

"We were just practicing with him. Shen Qing, you have to answer that!" The bullies finally found a savior, and they pleaded loudly. The student in the Taekwondo outfit's lips fell open, but he did not say anything.

After a long time, it appeared like he had come to a decision. He pointed at the other students. "They said every new member has to go through this process. When the first student was beaten up by them, I didn't say anything, and under their urging, I even delivered a few punches. When the second student was bullied, I still remained silent, but now it's my turn."

Shen Qing was not scared into silence; he chose to tell the truth.

"I have made a mistake in the past, but I will not repeat that mistake."

Everyone in the classroom stared at Shen Qing. He was very afraid. His shoulders and legs were shaking, and his voice was unnatural.

"Sir, you heard it yourself. They deserved it. I was not bullying them; I was merely helping the bullied students." Chen Ge waved his hands and signaled for Xu Yin and the headless woman to continue. Han Song, who was collapsed in the middle of the classroom, had wounds all over his body, and he looked like he was perishing. But strangely enough, the boy kept his eyes on Shen Qing. There were complicated emotions in his eyes. Things did not go as Han Song expected. When he was blamed, no one stood forth to help him. Even if he had protected others, they would not appreciate it but would stay away from him due to various reasons.

"Perhaps it's because I really am a monster..."

To give Han Song a memorable lesson, Chen Ge did not tell his employees to hold back. Being attacked by three Red Specters, it was surprising that Han Song could hold on for so long. His physical body wavered, and the blood on his shirt faded. The memory in his mind blurred, and his lingering spirit surfaced. His red eyes were filled with negative emotions, and there was no hope.

"I have turned into the type of person I hate the most, but it does not bring me happiness even though no one dares bully me anymore."

The enlarged body slowly returned to normal, but the stench on his body did not disappear. If anything, it only thickened like the despair curled around his heart was slowly deepening.

"If only I was not a monster, people would not hate me, and dad would not have abandoned me."

Something pressed down on his mind, and curses crawled over his body like snakes. The longer this carried on, the worse his situation got. Han Song wished to run, but all the exits had been blocked. He could feel his body slowly disappearing, his flesh being cut down little by little.

"I'm so tired..." He felt an indescribable drowsiness come from everywhere. Just as he was about to close his eyes, an old man appeared before him. The old man was not tall, and his face looked kind, but his expression was serious.

"Chen Ge, perhaps you think that it doesn't matter if you kill him, but I wish for you to remember this-this child was once a victim. You hate school bullying, but using force to press down against force is not going to work because one day you'll meet someone stronger than you." The old headmaster had probably guessed Chen Ge's plan before entering the door, but when he walked to Han Song's side, he was still shocked. Fights between Red Specters were much crueler than he had thought. He noticed that Chen Ge's Red Specters truly wanted to kill and consume the boy's heart!

"I will not allow you to do that." The old headmaster refused to budge. Actually, he had the wrong idea about Chen Ge. Of the three Red Specters, other than Xu Yin who would follow Chen Ge's orders, the other two were not under his control, and they would not listen to his orders.

"Sir, are you sure you want to help them?"

"Human nature is kindness. Even in the darkest abyss, one can find a blooming flower." The headmaster looked at Chen Ge for a long time. "Do you mind if I talk to him in private?"

"But he's a Red Specter."

"I know."

The old headmaster was a stubborn person. To prevent an accident from happening, Chen Ge had the red high heels stay back.

"Please leave. Right, have that lady pull the curse away. It's too dangerous." The old headmaster saw through Chen Ge's plan. He tossed Chen Ge a look to tell him not to worry. After everyone left, he personally closed the door. Chen Ge was worried about the headmaster. He leaned against the door to look through the gap. If any danger came to the headmaster, he would rush in immediately. Through the gap, Chen Ge saw the headmaster pick up Han Song and whisper something to him. Initially, he was the one speaking, but eventually, Han Song started to reply. They chatted for ten minutes before Han Song suddenly went berserk. Yet, the old headmaster did not run. He stood squarely before Han Song and raised his voice.

Chen Ge heard the following terms outside the door-monster, parents, and so on.

Han Song, who had gone mad, did not hurt the headmaster, and he followed the old man out of the classroom.

"The child has agreed to join us. He has already received enough punishment for his mistake. I hope you'll give him one more chance." The headmaster looked at Chen Ge with sincerity. "Actually, he hates bullies more than we do, but he fell into a maze and found the wrong way out."

Han Song, who stood behind the headmaster, was still afraid of Chen Ge. He stooped and lowered his head, trying to make himself look as small as he could.

"Sir, he's not one of us. The most appropriate way is to have him join us in another manner." Chen Ge pointed at Bai Qiulin's stomach. He ignored Han Song. Since he was to portray the bad cop, he went all the way.

"Chen Ge, I'm begging you." Since the headmaster said that, Chen Ge did not insist. He agreed with Han Song joining them and pulled the headmaster to the side.

"Sir, I'm curious, how did you persuade him? Can you talk me through the whole process?" Chen Ge wished to lean from the headmaster. He would be able to use this skill of persuasion in the future.

"I can't tell you. He chose to trust me, so I have to keep his secret." The headmaster always treated others with sincerity. He had been tricked many times because of it, but that did not change his nature. After experiencing many things, he had finally found people who could understand him, and they had been accompanying and protecting him. "But I still need to thank you. If you didn't beat some sense into him, my persuasion would have been pointless, but try to hold back a little next time."

The headmaster was scared, too. If he had walked in a little bit later, Han Song would have departed already.

"I have my plan ready. All the students at this school are special, so I have to use special methods to educate them. I suppose you can call this modifying one's way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each class or case." Chen Ge stole a glance at Han Song. "Find their goodness, but do not ignore their weakness. Then I will use my method to help them breakthrough their mold and find a new path in life!"