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855 Thinking into the Future?

 "Sir, don't say that. That is all in the past, and we need to live in the present." Chen Ge coughed. He really did not expect to run into the old headmaster in the School of the Afterlife. It was an accident that he had entered the school. Thankfully, he retained his habit of bringing all his employees with him no matter where he went. With numbers came power. It was hard to tell when a worker's special power would be useful. Even if they had no special power, they would be good company. Due to various coincidences, this situation was formed. It felt coincidental but inevitable. It caused his head to go numb.

"One is prone to look back into the past when one is old. Seeing you reminded me of your parents. They have helped me a lot, " the old headmaster said with guilt. "Actually, when you first entered Mu Yang High School, I noticed you. It was then that I came up with the plan to enter this school to come and save Xueyin."

"Don't mind all that." Chen Ge was worried that Yin Hong might harm the old headmaster, so he took several steps forward.

"Let me talk. I've been holding these things in for so long, and I wish to share them." The old headmaster shook his head. "The School of the Afterlife is very dangerous, and I know the chance of saving Xueyin is not high. If I was not able to return, the students back in the class would get into trouble without anyone looking after them. I didn't feel good leaving them behind, so I left them with you.

"Your parents have helped me, but I've made use of you, and now to find me, you have voluntarily come to somewhere so dangerous. I don't know what to say."

"Sir, even though this place is dangerous, there's no need to despair." Chen Ge's eyes skipped over the headmaster to look at Yin Hong, who was hiding behind the old man. "I came here fully prepared."

He flipped through the comic, and the yellowed pages ruffled in the night. Fresh blood leaked out from it. This comic that looked normal had a page that was fully red.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of knocking echoed around them. A pale hand reached out from inside the book. There was a curl of black hair wound around her wrist. The smell of blood thickened. Fingers, arm, shoulder, finally a headless woman crawled out from the comic. That was not all. She reached into the pages to search for a long time before pulling out a woman's head. The blood red dress swung in the wind. The ghost held her head and stood next to Chen Ge quietly.

"Don't be afraid. They're all allies." Chen Ge pulled open the backpack, put the comic away, and took out a blood red high heels from the deepest part of the bag. He placed the heels on the nearby table, and a clicking sound echoed in the room. Red footprints appeared on the ground before stopping right next to Chen Ge.

"Xu Yin." Chen Ge called after Xu Yin lightly. The stench of blood rushed at them. Xu Yin, who stopped hiding himself, titled his head to look at the old headmaster. The whole classroom felt like it was submerged in a red sea!

Not including Bai Qiulin, Chen Ge was surrounded by three Red Specters!

"Are these enough?"

The old headmaster had no idea that Chen Ge would bring so many Red Specters into the school with him. His eyes were round. "That's enough. As long as we're careful, we..."

"I know it's not enough." Before the headmaster finished, Chen Ge continued. "So before I entered this world, I discussed cooperating with three other Red Specters in this school. We have the same goal, so they have agreed to cooperate with me."

"In other words, there will be six... six Red Specters who will help us?" The old headmaster was familiar with how scary Red Specters were. They were the representation of despair and cruelty. If he ran into one alone, other than being consumed, he could see no other ending.

"The six Specters are chess pieces that I might use to distract the enemy." Chen Ge turned to look at his shadow, and his gaze softened. " My real trump card is a Greater Red Specter!"

Hearing those few words from Chen Ge's lips, the old headmaster started to doubt his hearing, but he did not dare ask him to repeat those words. This young man before him was too scary. If he did not see the three Red Specters with his own eyes, he would have thought that Chen Ge was kidding. He was just a Half Red Specter; they were not on the same level.

"Now, what are our odds of success?" Chen Ge stood before the old man. His expression was serious, not kidding at all.

"If what you're saying is true, we have a ninety-percent chance of leaving the school safely."

"Only ninety percent? And that's just escaping from the school?" Chen Ge frowned slightly. Counting the hibernating Zhang Ya, they only had a ninety-percent chance of escaping. It seemed like they would still need to follow the school's consciousness if they wanted to prevail.

"I will share my plan with you." The old headmaster treated Chen Ge as one of his own. "Your father didn't tell me why this school would appear-he only told me that the door of this school had been looking for children who were bullied and helpless. Because of that, Xueyin was pulled behind the door. He had studied this door closely before and noticed something special. The school inside this door was actually made up from different schools, and it was a mixture of all the bullied kids' memories."

"But what does that have to do with your plan?" Chen Ge was confused.

"Of course, the link is huge. One of these places in their memory is Mu Yang High School." The old headmaster sighed. "It was my irresponsibility. There was a sad thing that happened at Mu Yang High School. A student was expelled because of it. Later, his adopted father sent him back to the countryside. The child was an honest one. Even though his results were not good, he is very talented at painting."


"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, go on." Chen Ge waved his hands.

"It is a coincidence that Mu Yang High School in the School of the Afterlife is like an opening, a wound that the owner of the memory was unable to heal."

"Where is this opening?"

"The abandoned well behind the field. The well is directly connected to the world outside the School of the Afterlife." What the old headmaster said was surprising to Chen Ge. "After leaving the school, we will enter a city covered in red fog. We need to continue to head west. No matter what we see, do not turn back. No matter who calls your name, do not respond. Keep walking until you enter an abandoned mental asylum. There is a broken window in the third block of the mental asylum. After crawling through that window, we'll be safe."

"Third block of an abandoned mental asylum?" That sounded familiar to Chen Ge. The headmaster was describing Men Nan's Third Sick Hall!

"Yes, that's what your father told me. When I first came to visit Xueyin, it was with your father's company. We sneaked into the school through that window. Unfortunately, your parents disappeared after that, and the door was taken over by some menacing ghosts. I went back with the determination to die but realized that there was already no one there." The old headmaster sighed. "Perhaps even God wishes for me to go and accompany Xueyin."

There is no such coincidence in the world. Chen Ge's brain was spinning. After entering the blood city, Doctor Gao lost his mind in a week, so the old headmaster could not have passed through the blood city alone from the Third Sick Hall to School of the Afterlife unscathed!

Someone or something had to be protecting him from behind!

With his eyes red, an answer floated up in Chen Ge's heart. He gritted his teeth to stop himself from voicing it out loud.

It was Chen Ge's father who had passed on all the information about the school to the old headmaster, and it was Chen Ge's father who had broken the window in the Third Sick Hall!

Why would he waste so much energy to send the old headmaster to the School of the Afterlife?

Chen Ge clenched his fists, and his eyes accidentally scanned the red sun outside the window. The consciousness made from despair was boiling. These children sought no escape; they were crying in pain, but no one could hear their voice, no one would understand them, and no one was willing to accompany them.

His eyes narrowed as a possibility suddenly came to Chen Ge.

Did he want to have the headmaster from Mu Yang High School come and take over as the headmaster for School of the Afterlife?

His heart was thumping. Chen Ge held the edge of the table and took a deep breath before he could calm down.