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852 Outline of the Blood Red City

 To find the old headmaster, Chen Ge had visited Mu Yang High School several times. This would be the first time that he had come so close to the old headmaster, so whoever stood in his way would be his enemy.

From Chen Ge's perspective, bumping into each other would only happen in dramas; he had already decided to do everything in his power to find the old headmaster. It was not only because the old headmaster knew how to leave the School of the Afterlife; it was also because he knew plenty about his parents, and that would help in Chen Ge's understanding of the Haunted House, the black phone, and even himself.

Abandoning everyone and risking his life at a four-star scenario, does he even place the students in his class in his heart?

Chen Ge wished to know the answer, so he needed to meet the old headmaster in person.

The situation at the school turned creepier. Slapping sounds echoed on the windows, red fog stuck to the glass, and he could see cracks starting to form.

Most of three-star scenarios are an enclosed scenario like Third Sick Hall. Due to the uniqueness of Li Wan City, the black phone determined it as a 3.5-star scenario...

Chen Ge looked at the window, and a question bubbled up.

I saw a broken window in the Third Sick Hall before, and Men Nan has been trying to fix it. According to him, if the broken window is not fixed and is seen by other dirty things, it might attract things that are very dangerous. The Third Sick Hall is closed upon itself. Due to his weakness, Men Nan never thought of leaving the scenario, so he did not dare imagine what the outside of Third Sick Hall looks like.

Looking at the rolling red fog outside the window, Chen Ge was reminded of the Coffin Village.

The world behind the door in that village was also red, but the ghost in the well was far more powerful than Men Nan. She was as powerful as Zhang Ya before consuming the shadow's heart, so she had the power to protect that little village. But she has been trying to research the methods to reincarnate, to shake off the identity of a ghost. She should have seen something very scary behind the door, and that's the reason behind her desperation. To be able to make a Red Specter so scared, that has to be the real terror behind the door.

His duel with Doctor Gao in the underground morgue flashed across his mind. Doctor Gao had chosen to suffer all the sin behind the door on his own. He had buried the door and personally ruined the door that he had opened. After the door collapsed, the ceiling made from blood vessels and organs had crumbled, and the glow of the blood red moon had filtered down from above. Chen Ge remembered clearly what he had seen. From the opening in the underground morgue, he had looked out and seen a red city.

It was an endless, red city, that is what is beyond these scary scenarios? Or rather, no matter how many stars the scenarios have, are they all part of this red city?

Chen Ge felt like he was getting closer to the truth, but at the same time, he grew more worried. Doctor Gao was the scariest enemy that he had ever faced; he was cautious, powerful, and had many helpers. Chen Ge even suspected that the suicide was part of his plan. However, an existence like that had become a madman entangled in chains after leaving his original scenario for a few days.

Moreover, Doctor Gao loved his wife; that was the single conviction keeping him alive. Chen Ge knew that even if Doctor Gao's soul got destroyed, he would not allow anyone to hurt his wife, not even her dead body. But in reality, when they met again, Doctor Gao only had his wife's skull left. Chen Ge could not imagine what had happened to Doctor Gao behind the door and what kind of terror he had encountered. He had decided to cooperate with Doctor Gao in Li Wan City because he wanted to know everything he could about the world behind the door. This was because he suspected that his parents had entered that red city.

I've been to many three-star scenarios. They are all closed off, so four-star scenarios...

Chen Ge was thinking when he heard something next to him.


The window next to him suddenly shattered. Numerous glass shard sprayed at him, but thankfully, Xu Yin helped to block them all.

"The glass cracked?" The school window was broken. This scenario was connected to the outside world. There were outlines of buildings in the fog, and bizarrely, the distance between the school and those buildings was decreasing like they were moving.

"This way!" Screams and footsteps came from the end of the corridor. Chen Ge hurried and had everyone hide inside one of the classrooms. Blood fog slithered in through the broken window like a red python seeking its pray.

Moments later, seven men in staff uniforms and the teachers hurried over. The leader was Mr. Lei, whom Chen Ge had met earlier. They were carrying tools and fixed the windows in several seconds. But to Chen Ge's surprise, although seven people came to fix the window, six left.

One had disappeared.

Does each window represents a soul or lingering spirit? thought Chen Ge. The door pusher opened the door at their most desperate moment, so their despair can be counted as a kind of lingering spirit. It is because they are unable to resolve it that they sink ever deeper. This despair isolated their heart from the world, and it is the despair that prevented their scenario from interacting with the red city, which is how a fully enclosed scenario is born.

For three-star scenarios, a broken window is something dangerous. They have never interacted with the red city before, but it is different for four-star scenario. Based on Mr. Lei's reaction, they appear to encounter this often. They have already gotten used to the red city outside the school.

The more Chen Ge thought about it, the more sense it made. The original door pusher at the school had already been consumed. The door had weakened greatly, but it had not been destroyed. After surviving the hardest period, the door had become something else.

The strange phenomenon happening now probably has something to do with the painter or Chang Wenyu. I cannot predict what those two mad people will do.

After Mr. Lei's group left, Chen Ge led his people out of the classroom and rushed toward the western side of the school. The alarm had stopped, and there was no one in the corridor, only a death-like stillness.