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845 Blood Sky

 The victims ran away in a hurry before hiding inside the last cubicle of the toilet. The bullies closed in on them step by step, inching toward their prey with smiles on their faces, pulling the rope around the victims' neck tighter and tighter. This image appeared in the mind of the old man who guarded outside the toilet, but as he anxiously turned to look inside the toilet, he realized that everything was different from his expectation.

A bloody man with just one hand held the leader by his neck as he slammed the leader against the wall. Various blood vessels curled around the leader's legs. He tried to struggle to escape, his hands leaving scratches on the white wall, but no matter how hard he struggled, he was unable to break free. The horrible stench permeated the toilet. An impossibly large fat man squeezed out from the cubicle. He was more passionate than the other workers, the stench that drifted out from the bullies excited him greatly. More and more shadows walked out from inside the cubicle, and that stunned the old man. He was frozen where he was. Before he realized what had happened, five pale fingers gripped his neck. His breathing was stunted. He wished to see who his aggressor was, but this simplest wish failed to turn into reality.

"Is it painful?" Before dispersing, this was the only question that the old man heard. In less than thirty seconds, silence returned to the toilet. Chen Ge walked out from the cubicle and scanned his employees. Bai Qiulin had consumed Xiong Qing's heart, and after such a feast, he was one step away from becoming a Red Specter. By now, he had mastered some of Xiong Qing's unique skill. The Red Specter created by the ghost stories society had only had half his body; the other half had been constructed completely from negative emotions and blood vessels. During the fight earlier, Chen Ge had noticed that Bai Qiulin also used blood vessel to weave his broken arm. Bai Qiulin was slowly growing stronger, but he was not the one who had the biggest change. That would be the boy with the stench whom he had brought from Western Jiujiang Private Academy.

This boy who had stayed with his father's cadaver for a long time had gotten used to the odorous stench. He had no name, everyone hated him, and the stench was his nickname. To Chen Ge's surprise, in the School of the Afterlife, this Specter that was not even a Half Red Specter found a way to make himself stronger. He sucked away the stench from the wandering spirit, to make himself larger and scarier.

"What is the stench around these spirits? How come I smelled the same stench in the painter's reconstructed school?"

Chen Ge did not think much of the stench initially, but the boy's reaction caused Chen Ge to pay it more attention.

"If there's a chance, perhaps I should take him to the trash collection center between the schools. The recyclable might come in handy."

After his workers had cleaned up the toilet and washed away the evidence, Chen Ge pulled all the workers back into the comic and walked out from the toilet.

"Initially, I thought that my Haunted House was close to becoming a four-star scenario, but reality proves that I was wrong." Chen Ge walked to the window by the corridor. It felt as if the red sun was looking at him. "The School of the Afterlife is filled with many lingering spirits and contains thirteen scary Specters who have the qualification to become door pushers. There's an unknown number of Red Specters, but the safest speculation puts the number at thirteen at the very least. That, combined with the consciousness of the school itself, made this four-star scenario to be very scary.

"Thankfully, the school is not hostile against me and hasn't tried to come after me. But even if I am able to leave the school alive, what about the ghost fetus' scenario? That whole entire four-star scenario is specifically made to kill me!"

A four-star scenario was completely different from a three-star scenario. Chen Ge felt like even if he did not try to go and accept that mission, the mission would find him.

"What will be will be. All I can do now is grow stronger in this school and then wait for the ghost fetus' arrival."

Walking amid Red Specters and ghosts to increase his strength in the face of death, only Chen Ge dared do something like that, but he had no choice. He had been pushing himself forward. When he turned around, he realized that there was already no way back. Standing at the entrance, Chen Ge did not deactivate the recorder but carried his two bags and headed deeper into the storeroom.

"Since I'm already here, I can't waste my time. Furthermore, the school is a place to learn, but the atmosphere has been ruined by these people. That's atrocious."

Chen Ge did not understand why the school would allow these spirits to exist. Perhaps it did not think that it was worth the effort to deal with them. "If it's too inconvenient for you, I'll help you do it."

He had no idea what the benefit was from gaining the school's approval, but that was one of the steps of his plan. Walking into the storerooms, Chen Ge sent out all his employees, but the spirits seemed to have sensed that something had gone wrong, and they had all disappeared.

"Something's not right."

The blood in the air thickened, and the blood fog outside the window rolled anxiously. The sun that was shining on the school seemed to be expanding like it was descending upon the place.

"It should be because of me. Looks like the painter and Chang Wenyu are officially at it. I can't stay here any longer. I need to gather all the students who have the potential to be the door-pushers around me. That is the only way I might survive."

Chen Ge's real trump card was Zhang Ya. Perhaps Chang Wenyu saw that and pulled Chen Ge into the School of the Afterlife, but she had no idea how strong Zhang Ya really was. Summoning his employees back, Chen Ge retraced his steps. He needed to get Yin Bai and Yan Fei to side with him before the chaos arrived.

"The old headmaster of Mu Yang High School is worried about Yin Bai's safety and will probably take her to somewhere safe before the anarchy starts. That will be my chance." With that in mind, Chen Ge ran faster. He walked out the corridor, and the students from his class were still blocking the way.

"You are still alive?" The few students looked at Chen Ge strangely.

"Almost forgot about you." Chen Ge flipped through the comic and had Ol' Bai capture the students. Chen Ge planned to do unto them as they had planned to do unto him earlier.

"Slow down, I need to keep some evidence." Chen Ge took out Lin Sisi's phone. "This phone was used to capture the bullied's painful memories, but from now on, it's going to record something else."

A group of people bullying one person, be it verbal abuse or physical abuse, that was bullying, but in contrast, a person chasing after a group of people, that was not bullying. At least from Chen Ge's perspective, he was helping the school clean up the streets.