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844 The Counterattack

 It was clear that the middle-aged man did not intend to answer Chen Ge. From his perspective, Chen Ge was just a new student who did not know his place. "You sure have plenty to say!"

Raising the chair to aim at Chen Ge's shoulder, the middle-aged man did not want to leave any obvious wound on Chen Ge. They were experienced in beating people up without leaving conspicuous wounds.


The chair landed on the wall. Chen Ge had avoided it.

"You dare to resist?" The scar on the man's face started to twist, and his partners walked toward him.

"Before I came here, I told the teachers. They will be here soon."

No one believed Chen Ge. His body was shaking, and his eyes were darting about. All those details told them that he was afraid and lying.

"Can you even hear yourself? Who would believe that?" The middle-aged man grabbed another chair and threw it at Chen Ge. Chen Ge wiggled backward, saw the opening, and ran deeper into the storeroom. The deeper he went, the more deserted it was. No one expected Chen Ge to run that way, so they were stunned briefly. When they realized what had happened, Chen Ge was already several meters away.

"Looks like the boy is so scared that he can't even tell the direction." The middle-aged man shared a look with others that came out from the storeroom; there were blood vessels in their eyes.

"Go after him! Don't let him get away!" The students from Chen Ge's class did not quite get it. They still wished to teach Chen Ge a lesson. The spirits from outside the school did not make their move immediately. They seemed to wish for Chen Ge to run further.

"Don't worry, he's not going to escape." An old man at the edge of the crowd licked his lips and swallowed the saliva. He pointed his finger at the rest. "I want a piece. The rest of you can share."

"Old fart, half a piece is enough to choke you." The middle-aged man tossed the wooden chair before the students. "You people guard this exit. The deeper part of the corridor is very dangerous. We also don't know how many outsiders are hiding there."

Seeing Chen Ge almost disappearing from their eyes, the spirits from outside the school finally started to give chase. They purposely maintained a distance from Chen Ge, wishing for him to run deeper. This would make their next move more convenient, and that was exactly what Chen Ge was hoping for. Both parties formed a strange union, one was running, the other chasing. They fled through two corridors, and it was Chen Ge who finally stopped. He acted like he was winded and turned to hide inside an old toilet at the end of the corridor.

The door to the School of the Afterlife was pushed open in a toilet, and now I've been forced to hide inside the toilet again. Is this a coincidence, or has everything been 'planned'?

The door pusher was injured inside the last cubicle, so Chen Ge also hid inside the last cubicle. The corridor was permeated with blood fog. There was no one in the abandoned school; only his own heartbeat and breathing were his company.


The door was pushed open, and footsteps echoed in his ears. The other parties' shoes sounded like they were stepping on blood-there was a squishy sound to it.

Did that child experience this before?

History repeated itself, but this time, the victim was Chen Ge.

"Are you here?" A scratchy male voice came from the toilet entrance. The spirits were toying with Chen Ge.


The door of the first cubicle was slowly pushed open, and the footsteps neared. Chen Ge took a deep breath as the images that he had seen on the top floor of the education block in the toilet appeared in his mind. He was experiencing the same thing that was experienced by the child before he died. Fear, anxiety, increased heartbeat. He held his mouth with his hands to make sure that he made no noise. His back against the wall, his strength was gradually slipping as he curled at the corner of the dirty toilet. The slender body kept shivering. His brain was filled with the fear of what they would do to him after he was captured. Many negative emotions tortured his brain and soul. How would one expect a young child to stand up to all that?

Being in their shoes, Chen Ge felt like he had gained a better understanding of those children. The way an adult looked at the world was different from a child. The fear in a child's eyes was different from that of an adult. Rubbing his chilled palms together, Chen Ge stopped his wandering mind.

"Are you in here?" The door of the second cubicle was pushed open. They sounded very strange, like a soul that would not leave, a shadow that was stubborn.

"I saw you. I know you're hiding here." The door of the third cubicle creaked open, and the blood fog thickened. The toilet became more suffocating. The light stench of blood instigated everyone. Their eyes were filled with blood, and many feral faces squeezed into the toilet.

"We are coming to get you."

Blood leaked out from their wounds. The middle-aged man held the rope that he had found in the storeroom. His finger scratched the door of the cubicle. He knocked on it lightly with a graceful touch-he was enjoying this.

"He's not inside the fourth cubicle. Looks like he's in the last one." The nail scratched on the wooden door, creating a spine-tingling sound. The footsteps stopped before the last cubicle.

"Are you in here?" The door wiggled, and the anxious heart jumped. The bullies were ready; the ending had been decided. "It's locked? I know you're in there. Come out! Come out!"

The door was shivering under the heavy, regular knocks. Just how helpless the child would have been... he would have had to face those people alone and suffer the consequence.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!"

The sound outside grew louder. The sound of footsteps, screaming, and knocking were mixed into a cacophony that could push one over the edge.


The old lock could not suffer so much banging, and the cubicle door was finally pushed open. The middle-aged man who stood at the front held the rope and squeezed in before the door fully opened.

"Pull him out! Pull him out!" the people behind shouted, but there was no reply from the middle-aged man like he had disappeared.


The door whose lock was broken slowly open. The sound of dripping echoed in everyone's ears. Fresh blood leaked out from under the door. The heavy stench of blood rushed at them. There were many people squeezed inside the small cubicle.

"You all wish to bully, but I intend to kill; our goals were different from the beginning." Chen Ge closed the comic and leaned against the wall. His palm was toying with a stain that looked like a wilted heart.

"After consuming all of you, Bai Qiulin should be able to evolve into a Red Specter..."