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834 I've Arrived

 "After gaining the school's approval, you will also gain the qualification to become the door pusher, but I know that you just want to leave and won't do something so irrational." Now that only Chang Gu and Chen Ge were left in the reading room, Chang Gu stopped talking in riddles and warned Chen Ge directly.

His eyes staring at the mirror silently, Chen Ge said without turning around, "Chang Gu, what kind of person do you think I am?"

After what happened in Li Wan City, Chen Ge knew that he had lost a part of his memory, so like Zhang Ju and the rest, he would sometimes get trapped in a sense of loss.

"The mirror behind the door reflects your real self, and you will see a different version of yourself." Chang Gu was not interested in Chen Ge's life story; he was merely completing the mission given to him by Chang Wenyu.

"Is that so?" Chen Ge placed his palm on the mirror, and the chill travelled to his brain. He could not help but be reminded of his first nightmare mission when he had just acquired the black phone. The mission had required him to stand before a mirror at midnight and look at his own reflection.

A mirror was the start of everything, and now I've found myself standing before one again. I wonder, what will I see this time?

Closing his eyes, just like when he did his first nightmare mission, Chen Ge started to count his heartbeat. Several seconds later, Chen Ge's palm was pulled, and his eyes flew open. His reflection stood dumbly next to the bookshelf. Loneliness and despair were clear on his pale face, and his body was shaking. His eyes were not focused, and they were empty. The reflection was like a mannequin in his haunted house.

This is the other me?

Someone gripped his fingers, and Chen Ge could feel the power coming from the other side of the mirror. He saw the shadow of his reflection changing. Black hair flowed down Chen Ge's reflection like a river. His shadow slowly stood up and guarded him from behind.

Zhang Ya?

The shadow's face slowly clarified. When he placed all of his focus on the shadow, the black hair in the mirror suddenly lashed toward his arm and pulled him into the mirror. Chen Ge disappeared, and the reading room returned to silence.

"Something doesn't seem right." Chang Gu did not leave immediately. His expression was one of surprise. "When he stood before the mirror, why did his reflection appear so unrealistic?"

Rushing to stand before the mirror, Chang Gu looked at his own reflection. The Chang Gu in the mirror was not a person but an ugly monster.

"The other side of the mirror is the blood red world. This mirror can show the ugliness inside everyone's heart, but when that man stood before the mirror, the mirror showed the man himself! Doesn't he possess any sins inside his heart, or is his evil hidden so deep within his heart that it can't be reflected by the mirror at all?"

Chang Gu could not figure out the answer. He looked at his ugly reflection with confusion. His fingers reached toward the mirror and stopped before it.

"Everyone has a monster in their heart, an ugly, ruthless creature that cannot bear living under the sun..."


The thick stench of blood rushed into his nostrils, and a sticky feeling stuck to his skin. His eyelids fluttered as Chen Ge sucked in a deep breath. It felt as if he had just broken through the surface of water. Peeling open his eyes, the world that Chen Ge saw was one of red.

"This is the world behind the door. It feels suffocating, filled with anxiety and despair." Chen Ge stood where he was and carefully surveyed his surroundings. He was standing before a cracked mirror, and around him were bloody bookshelves, tables, and chairs.

"This is the second reading room. Now I've really entered the world behind the door." Chen Ge hurried to hide by a corner. His footsteps were light and did not make any noise. "Zhang Ju and Zhu Long came here earlier than I did. Where are they?"

To prevent everyone from getting lost, before entering the mirror, Chen Ge had even told them specifically to wait after going through the mirror.

"Have some accidents happened?"

Squatting down, Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision to look around. He did not see any signs of a fight or any footprints.

"Have Zhang Ju and the rest left, or was something guarding the other side of the mirror and they had to escape once they arrived?" Chen Ge was very careful. Before exploring a new environment, he had to ensure that he was safe.

Putting down Lin Sisi's backpack, Chen Ge pulled open the zipper of his own backpack. He could not wait to reunite with his own workers.

"Recorder, doll, comic... everything is here..." Chen Ge rummaged through the backpack, and his face slowly darkened. There was one thing in there that should not have been there and another that should have been there that was missing.

"The black phone is not here!" He looked through the backpack but still could not find the black phone. However, he found something new inside the layer where he normally kept important stuff. It was a bloody student ID. It had his name and his picture, but strangely enough, the picture was one of him when he was a child. Staring at the picture, Chen Ge was reminded of the shadow in Li Wan City and the ghost fetus behind it. "Was it Chang Wenyu who gave me this id? How does she know what I looked like when I was small?"

Putting the ID away, Chen Ge took out the recorder and pressed the start button. The sound of static was laced with screams and an undercurrent of a man's whispering. His lips curled upward. This scary sound was one hundred times more melodious than the most beautiful tune in the world.

"Xu Yin." Blood dripped, and the pale arms reached out from underneath the blood red shirt. Chen Ge did not turn around and placed the recorder back into the backpack.

"Even though I didn't wish for Chang Wenyu to become the new door-pusher, she did help me escape that conundrum. I'll have to repay her favor somehow. However, with what kind of method is still undecided." Chen Ge had never wanted to help Chang Wenyu become the new door pusher from the beginning. No matter who controlled this four-star scenario, it would not be good for him. He wished the place would maintain its chaotic nature until Zhang Ya became a Greater Red Specter, and then he would select a suitable door pusher from his employees.

"That is the perfect solution. This way, the painter won't need to fight with Chang Wenyu. Everyone can still be friends."

With his employees at his side, Chen Ge felt much better. He looked at the bloody surroundings and felt quite at home.

"Chang Wenyu is distracting the painter. The two scariest existences here are busy with each other, and no one has time to pay attention to me." Chen Ge revealed a sincere smile. "Chang Gu said that this place is about to turn upside down and told me to be careful. To see it from another perspective, since this place is going to get chaotic anyway, why don't I give it a push and get the chaos to come earlier?"

Looking at the information on the ID one last time, Chen Ge memorized his class and student number. He shoved the ID inside his pocket and placed it next to Mr. Bai's documentation. He held one bag in each hand. Listening to the static from the recorder, he strode confidently out of the reading room.