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820 They've Arrived

 Information about the school's owner could be found in the data filing room, the mirror leading to the blood world might be found in the school's library, and the art room was where Chen Ge had promised to take Zhou Tu.

"Where should we go first?" Chen Ge turned to Zhou Tu. "I know the location of the art club and the scene from your dream. I can take you there now, but are you prepared to recover your memory?"

Zhou Tu had not communicated much with Chen Ge. The latter's sudden question stunned Zhou Tu. Before he recovered his memory, he wished to know what he had forgotten. But after seeing what had happened to Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng, he started to hesitate.

"Are you ready to face your past? With the memory still lost, you are just an unimportant student here; you can forget about all your troubles and live this repeated peaceful day again and again. Once the memory loosens, you will be targeted by the school administrators, and there is no way back," Chen Ge reminded Zhou Tu. He was testing the young man as well. Of all the club members, Zhou Tu was the most opinionated.

"I thought about it and believe it's better to have my memory recovered. Without a past, no matter how comfortable life is, it's just a self-made lie." Zhou Tu's eyes moved to Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng. "I wonder if my real self will scare me to death."

"I think you'd better give it more consideration," Zhang Ju said with a scorched voice. He turned his burned face around. "An uncomfortable feeling comes from you. The real you must be a very scary monster."

Zhou Tu did not know how to reply. His eyes wandered, and the hesitation returned.

"We'll go to the filing room first, so you will have more time to consider." Chen Ge patted Zhou Tu's shoulder. "Don't be pressured. No matter your decision, I'll respect it."

"Thank you."

Zhou Tu lowered his head to think. Zhang Ju nudged Chen Ge slightly. "His real self should be really scary. If he can recover his memory, no matter what you wish to do next, it will make things much simpler."

"Everyone has their own choice to make. I will not intervene."

"But aren't you helping us recover our pasts to gather energy so that we can help you complete your goal?" Zhang Ju was confused. He remembered what Chen Ge had said earlier. They were merely helping each other, or to put it more plainly, using each other.

"I once read the following from a book. Rose never asks why, and she never asks for a thank you. She blooms because she wishes to bloom. Even though I can't be that selfless, at least I've experienced the pain that you've experienced, and seeing you all reminds me of myself." Chen Ge turned to the other members seriously. "There is one more thing I wish to emphasize. Our relationship is not using each other; we're in a mutually beneficial relationship, and mutual respect is the foundation."

Hearing Chen Ge's voice, at that moment, all the Specters seemed to forget that this man before them was just a normal human being. But perhaps that was because he still had not recovered his memory.

Zhang Ju and Zhu Long nodded as they fell in line behind Chen Ge. Wang Yicheng opened his bloody eyes and gave Chen Ge an approving nod. Zhou Tu, who walked at the back, was lost in his thoughts, but determination started to fill his eyes. Returning to the corridor, before Chen Ge started to move, he felt that something was not right. There was a thick stench in the air, and he had smelled it in the lab before. A bad feeling rose in his heart. The more Chen Ge moved forward, the more pressured he felt. It was like he was wading into a lake, and a chill assaulted him from all sides.

"Have those upside-down monsters returned?"

Chen Ge did not lower his head to look. Things had already happened. Lowering his head would only confuse his mind. What he needed to do was leave the building as fast as possible. Standing next to Zhang Ju, Chen Ge narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice, "Do you see those monsters in the corridor?"

"Monsters?" Zhang Ju stared down the corridor. The blood on his body slid down his jacket. "There appears to be something there, but they don't seem like they can hurt us."

As he finished, Zhang Ju saw his hair float upward like there was an invisible baby on the ceiling pulling on his hair. Small wounds started to appear on the bodies of Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng. The monsters had been drawn there by the two of them.

"I can't see them, so how did they manage to hurt me?" The wounds on Zhang Ju's face kept bleeding. Blood vessels danced all over his body. Even though his memory had awakened, he had not mastered how to use his power.

"If you look upside down, you can see them, but I don't suggest you do so."

"Why not?"

"Because seeing them will only make your despair deepen."

Chen Ge signaled for the group to move down the stairs. It was hard to tell whether the monsters were attacking Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng out of natural instinct or because something was ordering them to do so. If it was the latter, things would be much more troublesome. The stench around them thickened, and more wounds appeared on Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng's bodies. It was worth noting that with every new wound, there would be a small black thread that dug into their bodies. The thing looked like a curse.

The group raced to the corner of the third floor, and Wang Yicheng started to weaken. His footsteps started to slow. "I can feel many things biting my body. The memory is becoming blurry again."

"Mr. Bai, things are not looking good. There may be more of them downstairs," Zhou Tu said softly. When they reached the third floor, the stench hit them like a wall, and the strange thing was that the stench seemed to originate from beside their bodies. Bending down, like when he was picking up the blade, Zhou Tu looked toward the spot where the stench came from.

In the empty space between him and Wang Yicheng, there was an inverted human face. The monster had no skin, so his flesh and muscles were stuck to his clothes. Blood pumped underneath his clothes, and the blood stuck to the fabric, dying the entire shirt red!

"Wang... Wang Yicheng, the thing is just in front of you!" Zhou Tu screamed. His memory had not awakened. Seeing a scene like that scared him so much that he almost fell down the stairs.

"Told you not to look, didn't I?" Chen Ge carried Wang Yicheng and stepped at the spot where the stench was the thickest and then flew down the stairs.

Zhou Tu held his chest. The spot that Chen Ge had stepped on was where the monster's head was. "Okay, I get it now."

When they reached the second floor, the noxious fumes filled the corridor. Zhu Long, whose memory had loosened, also became the monsters' target.

Zhang Ju could hold on but not Zhu Long and Wang Yicheng. They were moving because Zhou Tu and Chen Ge were dragging them.