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817 Faceless Boy

 Zhu Long held Zhou Tu, and the two looked behind them. There was only darkness. There was a faint echo of footsteps, but there were no living people to be seen.

"No one's there."

"I saw them when I bent down to pick up the blade earlier. They were all following behind us while moving upside down. It's like they're living in a world that's inverted to ours." Zhou Tu was shocked. "Those people kept staring at Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng. Should we go and tell this to Mr. Bai?"

"That's not a bad idea." Zhu Long looked behind them with confusion. Zhou Tu did not look like he was lying. Just as the two were discussing that, Chen Ge and Zhang Ju reached the middle of the corridor. The closer they got to the toilet, the more nervous they became.

"Mr. Bai, Zhou Tu saw people trailing behind us. They were all moving upside down. I don't know what to say. In any case, you'd better ask Zhou Tu for the details." Zhu Long dragged Zhou Tu to Chen Ge.

"When I bent down to pick up the blade earlier, I saw that there was a crowd of people behind us. Their heads were all looking down, and they floated in midair. No, it's more like they're walking on the ceiling. Those people should be attracted by Wang Yicheng and Zhang Ju. Those monsters kept their gazes on Zhang Ju and Wang Yicheng." Zhou Tu did not want to get too close to Zhang Ju; this was a natural reaction.

"Upside-down people?" Chen Ge had encountered them at the lab before. "We'll go take a look at the toilet first to see if the door is really there. If we find nothing, we'll leave immediately."

This school was too strange. Even with the protection from a Red Specter, Chen Ge did not feel safe. Moving faster, just as Chen Ge was several steps away from the toilet, a grip suddenly tightened around his neck. A pair of cold, thin arms locked around his neck. The person was slowly tightening his grip, and Chen Ge's breathing became more difficult.

"Wang Yicheng? You've woken up?" Chen Ge turned back to look. Wang Yicheng's head was lolled on his shoulder. His eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to be fighting something in his mind.

"Do not go in. They're inside."

Wang Yicheng's voice was different from how he usually sounded. It was thick with guilt. He sounded like a wounded stray dog, guarding his friend's body while fists and kicks rained down on him.

"They? Who are they?"

"The other students and seniors. Everyone who hates you is inside. Do not go in. I've already informed the teacher." Wang Yicheng wanted to force a smile, but he could not do it.

"Have you knocked the sense out of him? What's he mumbling about?" Zhu Long held the pink phone and silently moved to Chen Ge's side. This education block was too creepy, and he only felt relatively safer when he was next to Chen Ge.

"Wang Yicheng, have you remembered something?" Wang Yicheng's memory had loosened at the door of the western campus' toilet. At the time, Chen Ge had been afraid of being exposed, so he had knocked the boy out. Now, even though he had recovered, there still appeared to be some psychological issue remaining.

"They had me trick you into come here; I didn't agree, so they hit me. I was forced to climb the stairs with my limping leg. I heard everything. But they still didn't prepare to let you go. Remember, no matter who tells you to go to the toilet on the top floor of the education block, do not go there! Please do not go there!" Wang Yicheng's voice was weak like he was dying.

"Other than you, have they asked anyone else to trick Lin Sisi into coming here?"

"I don't know, but I have already informed the teacher about this. Why isn't he here yet‽" Wang Yicheng sounded anxious. His only hope was that teacher, but that teacher did not seem to have shown up. Perhaps that teacher hated Lin Sisi as well.

"It'll be fine. I'm just taking a look."

"No! Don't go in there!" Wang Yicheng treated Chen Ge as Lin Sisi. Those were his real thoughts. Guilt ravaged him, and he really wished to atone for his mistake. To have Chen Ge give up when they were literally at the door was impossible. Plus, with the aid of Zhang Ju, this Half Red Specter who was still strengthening, he was not that worried.

Wang Yicheng's arms tightened further until veins popped on them. This child used all of his strength to stop Chen Ge from entering the toilet, probably because he did not want to witness a repeat of the tragedy.

The toilet was at the very end of the corridor. There was a thick stench of disinfectant in the air. There were brown stains on the wall tiles and water stains on the ground. Other than that, there were plenty of footprints. They were all different, so they should belong to different people. The toilet door was locked. Chen Ge took out the tools to unlock it. When he pushed open the wooden door, Chen Ge took a step back and carefully peered into the room.

This toilet looked completely different from the one on the western campus. It was very dirty like it had been forgotten by the school. No one had entered this place, and it had obviously never been cleaned.

"Has this toilet been locked ever since the Lin Sisi incident?" Chen Ge turned back to ask Wang Yicheng. The child had lost the ability to speak. He was shaking like he was ill. Comparted to the western campus, this toilet felt more real to Chen Ge. He carried Wang Yicheng into it. Once they stepped into the toilet, Wang Yicheng closed his eyes. He did not dare look nor remember.

"This room gives me a different feeling compared to the other room." Zhang Ju looked around. Blood vessels climbed on the walls. They were like cracks that covered the whole room. The skull faces on the wall were already blurry like forgotten memories. The dried blood vessels covered all the painting on the walls like they did not wish for them to be seen. Walking to the first cubicle, Chen Ge took out Lin Sisi's phone and snapped a picture through the gap. There were several shadows that appeared on screen.

"Who's inside?" Chen Ge forced the door open, and what he saw was out of his expectation. There was a mannequin placed inside the first cubicle. He was wearing a pair of black leather shoes. He was about thirty to forty and looked similar to the Mr. Bai whom Chen Ge had encountered.

There was a pair of shoes placed in the western campus' toilet, and the first cubicle here contains a real mannequin. What's the reason behind this difference?

The mannequin inside the cubicle had his head lowered and his hands behind his head. He stood upright, his posture making him appear like he had made some mistake.

Chen Ge could not see any problem with his Yin Yang Vision. Lastly, he took out Lin Sisi's phone to aim at the first cubicle.

The mannequin that looked like Mr. Bai stood inside the cubicle, but the phone captured the image of a faceless boy. His hands were behind his back in the same posture as the mannequin.

Could this faceless boy be Lin Sisi? Did Mr. Bai once punish him in such a manner, so he's using the same method to punish Mr. Bai?