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810 They Forced Me to!

 The people that came from the lab had already entered the corridor. They seemed to have a specific goal in mind because they headed directly to the top floor without stopping at all.

"Quick!" Chen Ge carried Wang Yicheng on his back as the group rushed down the corridor to the other end. They hid inside the staircase, holding their breath.

"Sir, why are we stopping?"

"Keep an eye on the third floor; I'll keep watching the fourth floor's corridor. After they've all got up to the fourth floor, we'll start going down." Chen Ge was employing a very risky plan. He stood at the end of the corridor and looked down the long stretch using his Yin Yang Vision.


"Just do as I say." Chen Ge stayed at the mouth of the fourth-floor staircase alone, looking down the left side of the corridor. After about ten seconds, he could clearly hear footsteps echoing down the other end. Then, a few people in white outfits appeared on the fourth floor.

Why are they dressed so strangely? The whole outfit including the shoes are white.

Three people showed up in the corridor in total. Other than the white outfits, there was something else strange about them; their faces were all covered in scars. Not just one or two scars, but like Zhang Ju, a large portion of their faces were scorched.

Are they the school's admin staff? Chen Ge watched them enter the toilet and led the other students to run downstairs, perfectly avoiding their pursuers.

"Sir, where are we going next?"

"We'll find a chance to go the eastern campus?" Chen Ge said in a hurry. The people in the white clothes gave him plenty of pressure.

"No, but why are we acting so nervously? You're making it look like we're doing something illicit." Zhou Tu looked at Chen Ge and the other members who were acting nervously, and he was rather speechless. "We're students here, and Mr. Bai is a member of staff. Even if we are discovered, I'm sure we can explain our way out of it. At most, we'll just compensate them for the broken operating table in the autopsy room. I doubt it'll cost that much."

"Do you really think that's all the punishment we'll received once we're captured?" Chen Ge stared into Zhou Tu's eyes. The latter moved his head away, afraid to meet Chen Ge's gaze.

"You'll understand everything once we reach the eastern campus." Chen Ge led the students away from the education block. Using the isolated path, they slowly found their way to the sports equipment room close to the education block.

"Sir, aren't we going to the eastern campus? Why are we here?"

"To find some tools. Wang Yicheng, Zhou Tu, the two of you will be on the lookout. The rest of you, come in here with me. Look for things like ropes, and bring all of them with you." Chen Ge pried open the room's door and located some skipping ropes.

"Sir, those people seem to be heading our way!" Zhou Tu's voice came from outside the door. He saw several white shadows rush out from the education block heading their way.

"Huh? How do they know we're here? It's not surprising for them to go to the toilet at the top floor of the education block, but how did they know for sure we're in the sports equipment room?"

A bad feeling rose within Chen Ge. He pulled on the bag's zipper, but it couldn't close because it was too full, so he had to carry some of the things in his arms.

"The sport equipment room is very big; it'll take them some time to search through it. We'll retreat now." Chen Ge carried the bag with one hand and waved at Wang Yicheng. "Come, I'll carry you on my back."

Chen Ge was offering that out of kindness, but he was rejected by Wang Yicheng. The latter shook his head, his eyes bulging with fear like a child trapped in a nightmare. "Sir, I'm very afraid. I hear someone calling my name. Those people are here for me. I can hear their voices!"

"You can hear someone calling your name? When did that start?" Chen Ge did not give Wang Yicheng the chance to resist. They were pushed for time, so he forcibly pulled Wang Yicheng onto his back. "We'll talk while we move."

"Sir, those people are here for me! If you bring me with you, you'll only get dragged into it!" Wang Yicheng's face was twitching as his body shook.

"Stop this nonsense; you're my student. Just answer my question." Chen Ge quickened his steps, but he was curious about what Wang Yicheng had said.

"When you guys brought me to the education block's top floor, a bad feeling overwhelmed me. I felt like crying for some reason. The corridor felt too familiar, like something bad had happened there before." Wang Yicheng's eyes were puffy and red like a hooked fish. He had trouble breathing.

"Aren't you a new student? How could that corridor be familiar to you?"

"I have no idea. Sometimes, when we go to a new place, it feels like we've been there before. That is what I'm feeling now." Wang Yicheng's answer came intermittently. His face was frighteningly white.

"What about the voices? Did they appear suddenly? What are they telling you?" Chen Ge asked softly.

"When I saw the corridor, I started to feel uncomfortable. When I reached the door, an image flashed through my mind." Wang Yicheng took in in a deep breath and continued after a long pause. "It feels as if I've been to that toilet a long time ago. I was tasked with leading someone important into the toilet. His thin body was standing inside the toilet, and the toilet was filled with various monsters! It was because of that short memory that I tried to stop you entering the toilet!"

"Wait a minute!" Chen Ge very astutely noticed a detail in Wang Yicheng's words. "You were tasked with leading a very important people into the toilet?"

"Yes, that person, if I remember correctly, should be my best friend. I know that because there are not many who are willing to be my friend; he was the only exception." Wang Yicheng bashed on his head heavily. His memory was starting to loosen as well. "When we reached the toilet door, his voice appeared in my head. He was calling my name. I'm sure it's him! But I cannot recall who he is!"

"Is his name Lin Sisi?" When Chen Ge said the name Lin Sisi, Wang Yicheng's body started to shake uncontrollably. His arms that grabbed Chen Ge's neck started to increase in strength, crushing Chen Ge's windpipe.

"I didn't mean to do it; they forced me to! I'm so sorry! We're still best friends!" Wang Yicheng screamed with his eyes closed. His wail was harrowing like he had just woken up and seen a ghost standing above him.

"Calm down!" Wang Yicheng's sudden breakdown surprised everyone. This would only put more targets on their back. Chen Ge decidedly dropped the young man from his shoulders and gave him a powerful chop to the back of this neck.

"Mr. Bai?" The other students were shocked.

"Shut up! I'm trying to save him!" Chen Ge attempted a few times before finally knocking Wang Yicheng out. "Prolonged hallucinations will cause serious damage to his brain. The best temporary solution that I could think of is to make him stop thinking for now."