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804 Kind Gaze

 Terror of unknown origin came and swallowed Zhu Long. His body felt hollowed out as he slowly sank into a dark abyss. He felt deserted ad trapped.

"Calm down!" Chen Ge shook Zhu Long's shoulders with great strength, and finally, the latter's dispersing gaze began to focus. "You're getting better. This time, you didn't faint or scream. So now, what else did you remember?"

"Nothing." Zhu Long was slowly getting used to this. His tone of speech was already different from before. The youthfulness and naivete of youth was disappearing, and in its place was something else. The young man was slowly changing, and he himself did not even realize it.

"Looks like there's not enough stimulus." Certain things could not be pushed. Considering Zhu Long's physical condition, Chen Ge did not pressure him further. "You should keep this pink phone; your memory is locked inside. Most of the content inside it is real, but you have merely forgotten all about it."

"But I don't even recognize the owner of this phone..."

"Then why would a girl's name appear in your mind after you took a look at the content?" Zhu Long had no answer. For a normal person, this was very scary. Zhu Long gripped his head tightly. This feeling of something being on the tip of his tongue was driving him insane.

"Sir, since we now know the owner's name is Gao Jie, why don't you use your power to get the staff to help us find this girl? Seeing her in person will perhaps explain everything!"

"Are you sure that this girl by the name of Gao Jie also studies here?" Chen Ge looked at Zhu Long. There was pity in his eyes. The world behind the door was weaved from the victims' despairing memories, but the person who caused their pain was not trapped behind the door. That was the ironic thing about this whole event. The victims were trapped behind the door, but the culprits kept on living in real life.

"If she is not a student here, then why would her phone appear in the autopsy room?" Zhu Long could not understand why Chen Ge did not understand such simple logic.

"Even if we manage to find her, what she tells us might not be the truth. You'll need to depend on yourself to regain the memory that you've lost." Chen Ge shoved the pink phone into Zhu Long's hand. "Keep this and use it to search for your lost memory. If you remember anything, tell me immediately."

"Mr. Bai, now that Zhu Long is fine, where are we supposed to go?" Zhu Long held the mirror frame that he had taken from the autopsy room and looked at Chen Ge with a glow in his eyes.

"It's about time we end the activity today, right? It's very late. If we linger outside any longer, we'll be locked out of the dormitory!" Zhou Tu sighed in relief when he saw that Zhu Long was more himself again.

"If you return to the dormitory now, you might forget everything that happened tonight. Of course, that is if you manage to survive to see the sun rise for another day." Chen Ge was definitely not speaking like a teacher should. Zhou Tu even started to be fearful of Chen Ge.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Just like how you cannot remember what happened during the summer holiday after your high school graduation, the few of us and the things that we have done tonight will disappear from your memory." Chen Ge looked around calmly. "Do you wish to forever relive this one day or place your trust in me? Together, we'll help find our own true selves."

"I'd rather the former." Zhou Tu did not want to take any risk. A recurring dream might be scary, but that was not as scary as spending more time with this strange, dangerous man.

"There is no hurry in answering. This world is slowly changing. Why don't you make a decision after Zhu Long regains more of his memory?" Chen Ge moved his gaze away from Zhou Tu to Zhang Ju. "You're a new student here, but you know surprising number of things."

"Perhaps I've also lost some memories." Zhang Ju attempted a smile, but as the muscles pulled on the scorched side of his face, it transformed into a rather ghastly expression. "This is such a coincidence. This school is so big, but the few of us who stand out happened to gather together."

"It is indeed quite a coincidence." Chen Ge did not sense any dangerous presence from Zhang Ju. "Later, you and Zhou Tu can follow me to the eastern campus. The memories that you've lost should be able to be found there."

"The eastern campus? I'm not sure that's such a good idea. When I first arrived at the school, the counsellor told us that entry to the eastern campus is strictly forbidden, and he also advised us against interacting with the students there." Zhang Ju touched the wound on his face. "He also said that once there were students who attempted to trespass into the eastern campus, and they are there to this day as punishment."

"That's right. I got the same warning from a senior on my first day here. That place is only filled with trash from the western campus. Stay there for too long and the stench will stick to you, and you can't ever return," Wang Yicheng said cowardly. Of all the members, he was tiniest and looked the weakest. "The western campus is an enclosed campus while the eastern campus has interactions with the rest of society, and because of that, the situation there is more than a bit chaotic. Fights and brawls are an everyday occurrence, and there have been reports of serious cases happening there."

"Looks like you have some misunderstanding about the eastern campus, but worry not, seeing is believing. Later, I'll take you there to see the truth with your own eyes." Chen Ge's lips curled upward. Those students seemed to have the wrong idea about the eastern campus; the misadventures there were more serious than mere fights and brawls. It was a hellish location where ghosts and specters roamed. A careless move could make one lose one's life.

"I also think that the counsellor was merely trying to scare us. Perhaps the students there are just slightly harder to educate." Zhu Long's face was the color of alabaster. He was holding Goa Jie's pink phone. His eyes were wet, but they were still bloodshot.

"Bro, even in this state, are you standing at Mr. Bai's side?" The way Zhou Tu looked at Zhu Long like how one would look at a mental patient.

"You don't understand that feeling. You cannot remember it even though you're sure it has happened before. Mr. Bai has helped edge the door open a little, so of course, I am in his debt."

"I don't understand? Well, in that case, I'm not going to stick around to try to understand either." Zhou Tu walked to Chen Ge. "Mr. Bai, I..."

"Haven't you been meaning to go to the art club?" Chen Ge asked with a smile. "I can take you there."

"Really?" There was an obvious change in Zhou Tu's tone. "Thank you, sir!"

"Don't thank me too soon. Do you know where the art club is situated?" Chen Ge leaned closer to Zhou Tu.

"Where?" Zhou Tu had a very bad feeling forming.

"The lab building in the eastern campus. The scenery from your dream can all be found in the eastern campus. Now, would you go there with me to take a look?" Chen Ge's question was like that of a demon. It caused Zhou Tu's hair to stand upright.

"I can tell you assuredly that your dream is real. Your unique condition is probably due to the fact that your forgotten memories are, in essence, different from those of the other kids. They are related to the foundation of this school, so that is why this is happening to you." Chen Ge leaned closer. "Well? Would you like to go? The truth is on the other side of this wall!"