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802 Death Memory

 "What is going on in here‽" Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng, who had been guarding the door, burst into the autopsy room when they heard the commotion. Once they got in, they saw Zhu Long, who seemed to be possessed.

"Come and help!" With Zhang Ju's help, Chen Ge pressed Zhu Long to the ground. The young man was young, but he was quite powerful. He seemed to be in a lot of pain, and he resisted with all his might. They were being too loud, and the building manager would arrive soon enough.

"We will leave via the cargo lift and bring him to the medic room." Chen Ge had the limping Wang Yicheng lead the way while he, Zhou Tu, and Zhang Ju suppressed Zhu Long as they headed toward the lift.

"Sir, what happened to Zhu Long for him to become like this? Is there something wrong with him mentally?" Zhou Tu's reluctance to part way intensified. He felt uneasy being in their company.

"Move faster, don't let anyone see us." When Zhang Ju said that, his expression was strange. He had no idea why he would say something like that; it was as if something had triggered in his subconscious, something that he was fearful of. After leaving the autopsy room, Chen Ge clamped his hand over Zhu Long's mouth, and the group forced the young man into the cargo lift. At the same time, he heard rushing footsteps in the corridor. Someone was running up the stairs. He hit the button for the lift. Thankfully, no one was using the lift then, and the lift was still waiting on their floor.

"Quick! Get in!" The doors slowly closed as the footsteps approached. When the number on the panel changed, the footsteps stopped. The other party appeared to have stopped at the top of the stairs.

"Sir, weren't you guys checking for supernatural phenomenon? Why did Zhu Long suddenly go crazy? Did he get possessed?" Zhou Tu and Zhang Ju pressed Zhu Long against the lift's inner wall. The two's youngish faces still registered traces of fear.

"I also don't know what happened. The child has yet to tell us his full story." The lift slowly descended. Chen Ge took out the pink phone from his bag. The phone had originally been placed inside the operating table. When Zhu Long knocked the table over, the phone had fallen alongside the documents.

It's a girl's phone.

Chen Ge switched the phone on. The phone vibrated and opened normally.

The phone is fully charged. Either someone will come and charge this phone daily, or this is a sign that this place is forever frozen at a particular moment in time inside someone's memory.

There was no password, and the screensaver was that of a sweet-looking girl. She was of small stature and had that ability to arouse other people's need to protect her.

"Contact list, messages, history..." Chen Ge scanned through the content, but his attention was gradually captured by it. In contrast to the girl's sweet appearance, she seemed to possess a horrendous personality. She retained a sweet appearance, but the girl's phone was filled with many pictures of autopsied animals.

This is madness.

Cameras were not allowed inside the autopsy room, so obviously, the girl had violated the school rules. Looking through the photo album was a strange experience. The cute pretty selfies contrasted greatly with the macabre pictures of animal carcasses.

Appearances can be deceiving...

Chen Ge turned to glance at Zhu Long. Honestly, it did cross Chen Ge's mind that Zhu Long might have harmed the girl, but after looking through the phone, Chen Ge realized that might not be the case.

When Zhu Long saw those carvings, he kept screaming, "Let me go." There was no guilt or remorse in his voice. Instead, there was plenty of fear, so his fear of this girl should be authentic.

Zhu Long was 1.83 meters tall, even though he as on the lanky side, the young man packed a punch. Why would a person like that be afraid of a sweet-looking little girl?


The lift arrived at the first floor, and Chen Ge noticed that scent against. It seemed to come from the corner of the elevator.

"Come, let's leave this building for now." Chen Ge waited for the other students to leave before stepping out of the elevator. He sniffed at the corner of his shirt, and a scant scent of decay reached his nose.

The smell inside the elevator has stuck onto me? Perhaps this work outfit has been worn by a ghost before, and the smell has seeped into the outfit.

Chen Ge took one last glance into the lift, and his eyes caught the words on the doors-'Access only allowed for cargo, not for normal use.'

There's a cargo lift in the eastern campus' lab building as well. What kind of cargo are they being used to transport? Why would this strange smell be left behind?

Chen Ge had an answer in his heart, but he could not yet confirm it. Walking out of the building and as the wind outside caressed their faces, Zhu Long finally calmed down somewhat. He stopped bashing his head, but like a scared kitten, he refused to meet their eyes and wished to curl into a ball.

"Zhu Long, don't be afraid. I'm here now, so no one can hurt you." Chen Ge tried to console Zhu Long, but the latter's emotions were very unstable. The way he looked at Chen Ge aroused a sense of pity. "There's no need to panic."

After a long time, Zhu Long somewhat returned to normal. His clothes were soaked by cold sweat. Standing alone in the shadows, he sucked in the fresh air greedily.

"Tell me, why did you start to scream earlier? Are you hiding something from us?" Chen Ge knew that the lab was not safe, so he led the students nearer to the isolated wall.

"I also don't know why. My brain could not remember anything, but my body retained that instinct. I had to leave that room; I had to run away. It's a hard to describe feeling. It's like..." Zhu Long lifted his head to show his pale face. "It's like I once died in that room."

"You still cannot remember anything?" Chen Ge took out the pink phone. "I can help you jog your memory. If you remember anything, tell me instantly!"

"Okay." Zhu Long looked at Chen Ge nervously.

"Do you know this girl?" Chen Ge opened the phone's photo album and gave Zhu Long a glance of the picture inside. Zhu Long initially did not have any reaction, but after a while, he suddenly started to dry heave.

"What's wrong with you? A cute girl like this is making you want to vomit?" Zhou Tu patted Zhu Long's back lightly.

"When you're done, answer my question. Do you know her?" Chen Ge asked in a stern voice. He was a bit different from before. Zhu Long's face was as white as paper. It did not seem like he had any energy left to speak, so he just shook his head.

"You don't know her? Then how come her phone is filled with the chat history between you and her? Even inside the contact list, there is only your name and phone number." Chen Ge knew that this was the world behind the door, and most things were probably weaved from the victim's dying memory like this mobile phone. The mobile's real owner probably did not exist at this school, and the phone was probably created from Zhu Long's memory. That would explain why the phone only contained content related to Zhu Long.

"You knew her and probably even killed her?" Chen Ge narrowed his eyes, and his lips curled into an angle.

"I didn't kill her! It's her..." Veins burst on Zhu Long's face. He pressed down hard on his head and forced out those words between his clenched teeth. "She's the killer! She's the killer!"