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799 Spot the Difference

 The tree hole of the eastern region hides the head of a female ghost that is covered in blood and grime. The tree hole in the western region is clean, without even a leaf.

The situations in the west and east school districts were complete opposites. An image gradually appeared in Chen Ge's head.

If one compared the world behind the door to a bottomless sea of blood, then this ghost school was an hourglass floating in the sea of blood.

The headmaster of the school made the glass shell to segregate the school from the blood world and then used some means to send the remnant despair in the western region to the eastern region, making the western school region more and more similar to the outside world.

The only connection between the eastern and western school regions was the trash disposal center. The eastern school region was the real testing grounds, while the western region was like a filter that sent out the negative emotions and despair.

Chen Ge had been inside the trash disposal center, and he had seen that trash.

Despair and hatred are sent away. This explains why the door that Chang Gu opened wasn't dyed red.

Normal doors were colored blood red, but this door was different.

The memories those children forgot might be related to despair and hatred. How did the headmaster of the school do all this? Is this the power above Red Specters?

Now more than ever, Chen Ge was more curious about the headmaster of the school.

If the headmaster just wants to clear out a place without despair behind the door, then why are the students fighting to leave here?

Chen Ge had long passed the age of using purely good and evil to judge a person. After receiving the black phone and encountering all those people and ghosts, those who could become top level Red Specters all had strong desires

Doctor Gao wanted to revive his wife. The shadow of Li Wan town wanted to become a human and turn Chen Ge into his shadow. Zhang Ya wanted revenge.

This meant that the headmaster of the ghost school had to have his own desire. His desire might be related to this school.

I feel there must be something more terrifying hidden in this school. I'm only performing a superficial investigation right now. I still haven't seen the true side of the school.

The new students knew very little. Chen Ge was thinking that once he had enough power, he could try abducting a teacher to help him.

Looking back at his shadow, he noticed that it had stopped squirming. The ghost hidden in his shadow seemed to have awoken.

"If I can take out the monster at the trash disposal, I pretty much have control of the entrance and can go between the two regions as I please."

Chen Ge had a plan, but it was very hard to put it into action.

"Mr. Bai, can we go now? This place looks scary, but there are no ghosts. It's all just rumors." Zhou Tu was getting impatient. He had joined the association to gain information about the arts society, not to feed the mosquitos.

"There's no problem here indeed, but I hope you can all remember the geology of this crime scene." Chen Ge got up and started walking out of the forest.


"You will know in the future." Chen Ge waved his hand. "Now, we will go to the next scene, the dissection room in the practical building. Zhang Ju, lead the way."

Hearing that Chen Ge was going another place, the students were dazed.

"Teach, it's so late already. Are we still going? Why not wait till tomorrow?" Wang Yicheng yelped.

"You guys probably won't be able to see me tomorrow. Even if I can last till tomorrow, you guys won't be in the same state as now." When the ghost in his shadow woke up, Chen Ge was much more confident.

"But... if we go to the practical building at night and get caught..." Zhou Tu did not want to keep doing this with Chen Ge. He felt like he had been abducted on a pirate ship. He thought about leaving, but he was still a child. Which new student dared to argue with a teacher on the second day?

"Don't worry, I'm here." Chen Ge showed a meaningful smile.

The group left the forest and walked along the lake for a while before seeing the practical building.

To be honest, Chen Ge had some mental trauma with the practical lab, but he still went in first.

"I wasn't scared when I was alone. Now that I have so many companions, there's even less reason to retreat."

The practical lab of the eastern region was much larger than that of the western region. There were two buildings, A and B, and each building had six levels.

It was very late now, but many rooms were still lit up, and figures sometimes flashed by the windows.

"Mr. Bai, we won't be stopped if we go in now, right?"

"You just need to lead the way."

Zhang Ju walked at the forefront while Chen Ge walked in the middle with his head down. He had thought of five excuses for different situations.

The door to building A was not locked, nor was there anyone guarding. Chen Ge and the students got inside easily.

"Glass doors, white paint, and the same flooring. The layout is very similar to the western region's lab building."

There was no guardroom on the first floor. Chen Ge and the others walked further down the corridor, and he finally found the difference.

The western region only had one cargo lift while the eastern region also had stairs.

"There are three labs of the medical department, one on floor two and the rest on floor six. I don't know if the dissection room is on floor two or floor six. Let's go to floor two first." Zhang Ju walked toward the stairs. He touched the scar on his face. Ever since leaving the forest, he had kept subconsciously touching the scar on his face.

"Wait, let's go to floor six first and then floor two. Chen Ge knew the guardroom was on floor two. He grabbed Zhang Ju's arm and said, "It's too troublesome to go up the stairs. Let's take the lift."

Chen Ge stopped at the door to the lift, completely ignoring the words 'For Cargo Only'.

The silver doors slowly opened. Chen Ge looked at the familiar scene and walked in decisively.

"Hurry up, don't waste time."

Taking the lift could avoid the guardroom. When all the students entered the lift, Chen Ge pressed the button toward floor six.

The doors slowly closed as Chen Ge stared closely at the control board. The button did not light up with his press.

His heart slowly rested, but just at that moment, a bad smell floated past.

Turning around, all the students were standing next to him.

"What's wrong teacher?"

"Do you guys smell a bad odor?" Chen Ge looked at the empty corner and thought of something bad.

"Bad smell?" Zhu Long glanced at everyone. "Someone farted in the lift?"

"Perhaps." Chen Ge took back his glance. He knew that it was an odor that only rotting corpses emitted.

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