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798 Upside Down Hourglass

 Zhu Long did not notice anything abnormal with himself at all. He did not say the name of the boy and girl, but he felt as though he had gone through a similar experience.

"Hey!" Wang Yicheng was timid. He saw that Zhu Long seemed possessed and just pushed him away.

The cluelessness in Zhu Long's eyes instantly disappeared, and he looked at the people around him before suddenly smiling. "Did I scare you guys? Did you know that the first time I heard this story, I was scared, too? There's actually another half to this story, and I have this impression of it in my brain, but I can't remember it no matter what."

"There's another half?"

"Yeah, but I forgot." Zhu Long laughed. "Why do you all look at him like this? This is just a story I saw somewhere. It's not a spooky story that happened in our school."

Zhu Long saw that everyone was still staring at him, and the smile from his face disappeared. "Don't you guys believe me? Our school isn't a medical university..."

"Our school is a mixed university. There are three medical degrees. Because the teaching resources are weak, there are few students. We usually can't see them at all, but they have three individual laboratories in their practical building." Everyone was a freshman, but Zhang Ju knew the school very well and knew a lot of information that others did not know.

"Our school has a dissection room?" Zhu Long was dumbfounded. "I was just casually speaking. Don't take it seriously."

"The purpose of our supernatural phenomenon observation club is to seek the truth. Whether it's real or fake, we will know once we go check it out." Chen Ge was also interested in Zhu Long's story. Zhu Long had been a hoodlum before and sent to juvenile detention center due to getting into trouble with city law enforcement. His past was very similar to that bad child. Coupled with his strange manners, it was hard for Chen Ge not to be suspicious of him.

Zhu Long doesn't remember the summer break after finishing high school. Something might have happened in that summer break. Chen Ge had found lots of clues from these children. Now, he just needed to verify them at the school.

"I'm very relieved that everyone is eager to participate. We'll go to the place you spoke of tonight," Chen Ge said to Zhang Ju. "Let's go to the forest you spoke off. You saw the retiring student with your own eyes. What happened on him might be real."

"Okay, follow me." Zhang Ju looked down. This seemed to be his walking habit in order to cover the scar on his face.

He was very familiar with this school. He did not seem like a new student at all. It was obvious that the familiarity was etched deep into his bones. It was as though he already belonged to the school.

There were few people in the small square now, and not many noticed them.

Even if someone saw them, they would not be suspicious. At most, they would be curious. After all, everyone in Chen Ge's club seemed rather unique.

The forest was quite far from the square. Chen Ge used this opportunity to familiarize himself with the landscape of the school.

The western part of the school was very large. They had been walking for more than ten minutes, and they still could not see the border.

"That's an artificial lake. The school forbids people getting close to it at night because someone drowned there in the past. We need to go around it." Zhang Ju pointed at the pitch black in the distance. If he had not said it, Chen Ge would not even have known that it was a lake.

The water was calm, and there was no light. Instead of a lake, it was more like a black hole that devoured everything.

After walking another few minutes, Zhang Ju stopped. "The girl's body was found in this forest."

The schoolyard at night was very scary. Luckily, there were lights on both sides of the road that made them feel a little more assured.

"There used to be no lights, but after the incident, the school installed the lights." Zhang Ju was the first to enter the forest, and Chen Ge followed close behind.

He was very close to Zhang Ju and could clearly feel that Zhang Ju seemed much more relaxed after entering the forest.

Perhaps it was because the trees could block the light, and no one could see his scarred face.

The group were scared when they first entered the forest, worrying that they might encounter that girl. However, after a while, they just felt bored. "There's nothing special here."

"Mr. Bai, that story must be fake. The forest looks normal. There aren't any traces of a murder here." Zhou Tu wanted to leave. He saw Chen Ge standing next to a tree hole, so he walked over in confusion "Mr. Bai, what are you looking at?"

Chen Ge ignored Zhou Tu and said without turning back, "Zhang Ju. Was the girl's head found in a tree hole?"

"Yeah." Zhang Ju was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, given that Chen Ge was a teacher, it was normal that he knew this.

"A human head was once hidden in this tree hole?" Wang Yicheng stumbled back a step. He was the most timid in the group.

"Don't run around. There's still hair of the deceased on the branch behind you." Zhang Ju held Wang Yicheng, preventing him from falling over.

"Don't scare him. Even if a murder happened here, it's not as strange as the spooky story makes out." Zhou Tu did not believe this and just wanted to leave.

"Little Zhou, the reality is much more terrifying than you imagine." Chen Ge decided not to tell them yet. He had seen a tree hole that was exactly the same on the eastern side of the school. A head had been hidden inside.

The western and eastern regions of the school are similar in some ways, but there's one thing that I don't understand. Why is the girl staying on the eastern side while the boy she liked is on the western side? What standard does the school separate the students on?

The difference between the female ghost in the tree hole and Zhang Ju was that one kept his sense of reason and looked like an ordinary person, but the other was twisted by hatred.

The mental states of the students of the eastern and western districts are completely different. The western students are livelier and have a lot of positive emotions. Meanwhile, the eastern students are plagued by negative emotions and appear half-human half-ghost.

After thinking for a while, Chen Ge thought of the oil painting.

If the despair and negative emotions in the door were removed, would it be possible for the door to return to normal?

The situations in the two halves of the school were very similar to the scene in the oil painting. The western region sent all the negative emotions through a waste disposal station to the eastern region.

The two school districts were like an hourglass. The trash disposal station was the small gap in the center of the hourglass.

I think I understand what the headmaster wants to do.

Chen Ge reached into the tree hole. The inside was cleansed. There was nothing left.